louis tomlinson, my husband

hello, my name is lois, i'm 20 years old, and i'm married.. yes i do, and i know i'm young.. but you wanna know why i'm so young and married? and another important question: who is my husband? wel.., keep reading, and you'll find it out..


1. best friend

louis POV: 'harry, where are my carkeys? i shouted to above.

'they are in the kitchen!' he shouted back.

'okay thanks hazz! i go now, alright?' i shouted again.

*he runs downstairs*'where?' he asked, a little bit breathless

to my friend, remember? i asked

euhm, nooo, not really, honestly.. I'm sorry.

o, come on harold!  of course you remember her! that beautyful girl, with that blond hair

aah! yes! that pretty girl, but that is  your girlfriend isn't she? he asked with a smile on his face.

no not yet, harry, not yet.' *i smiled to him* but now i gotta go lois wait..

aah yes, that was her name.. lois and louis.. well that sound great*he laughs*

yeah, sure! bye hazz*i kissed him on the cheek*

*laughs* bye boobear.*he kissed me back on the cheek*

i walked out of our shared flat, and stepped in my car. i thought of lois and harry, they are both my best friend, but then totally difrend.. harry, well where do i begin? he is my best friend since the X-factor.. i share everything with him: my house, my bed, my secrets.. well everything.. we're very close,, so close that almost everybody thinks we're gay.. especially the fans.. but we're not! totally not.. i'm not gay at all. honestly, i'm badly in love with lois bikker. she is amazing, she is difrend than other girls, with her, i can be myself. she don't love me because i'm famous, no, she loves my because of me, who i am. but unfortunately, i think she loves my as a friend, and not more.. well i deal with it..


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