Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



21. Where Is He?

Justin Bieber (POV)


I zoomed down the street like a scene out The fast and the furious movie. I dodged past cars, ran red lights, i didn't care if the police pulled me over for speeding, i was to pissed off. My hands were gripping the steering wheel so tight i swear i was going to snap it right off the dash board. I didn't care about anything right now, my head was swimming with all kinds of thoughts that i couldn't block out. 


I entered Sam's street and skidded the car to a hault once i reached outside his house. I yanked my keys out the ignition and stuffed them into my jacket pocket. I was just about to get out the car when i felt my phone buzz in my jean pocket. 


Groaning to myself, i took my phone out and saw BROOKLYN flashing on the screen. I immediatley answered. 


I pressed the phone to my ear. "Hey. You okay? Has something happened?" All the anger had disappeared as soon as i heard Brooklyn's voice.


"I'm fine. Where are you?" She asked down the phone. 


"At home." I lied. 


She sounded angry. "Don't lie to me! Tyler told me he told you about Sam! So, i'm gonna ask you again. Where are you?" 


Fuck you, Tyler! My anger soon returned. "Where do'u think i am?" I snapped. 


"Justin, beating Sam up isn't going to solve anything! You're on enough warnings with the police, you could go to jail. Just think about this."  She's trying to talk me out of this but my mind was set. 


"Can't go to jail if i don't get caught. I know what i'm doing." And with that i hung up the phone and stuffed it back in my pocket. 


I know she want's me to just let it go, but i can't. Sam has fucked my life up over the years, i can't take it anymore. Me and Brooklyn could have a happy life together if he was out of the picture. 


I climbed out of the car and made my way towards the front door of Sam's house. All my anger went into the door as i pounded my fist into it. 


"Open the fucking door Sam!" I spat. I didn't care who heard me. 


I'm a pretty impatient person, so after 2 minutes of pounding on the door with no answer, i decided to break in. 


I raised my foot in front of me and kicked the door with every strength and anger i had in my body. With just one kick, it flew open. All the lights were off in the hallway, i guess Sam must be out. 


"Fuck!" I snapped. 


I switched on the lights and made my way into the living room. There was pictures of his family hanging on the walls, he had black leather sofa's, a flat screen TV, a big fire place. Fucking rich people. I scanned the room, looking at all the nice things in his living room. The coffee table, the little glass statue's above the fire place. A wicked grin then formed on my face. I'm gonna send this fucker a message. 


I went over to the fire place and grabbed one of the glass statue's then i turned, facing the coffee table. I slammed the statue down onto the coffee table and watched it break in half, glass flying everywhere with a loud crash. I laughed to myself and then grabbed another statue and chucked it across the room. It smashed against the wall opposite me and broke into little pieces. 



Brooklyn Pierce (POV) 


I haven't heard from Justin since last night when we talked on the phone. He's done something stupid i just know it. I don't want him going to jail for something he know's he will regret. I tried calling him all night, but he never answered. I couldn't sleep. I need him, now is not the time for him to fly off the handle again. 


Laying on the hospital bed, i stared out the 3 big windows, looking at the view of down town L.A, the way the sunlight bounced off the buildings was beautiful. I had a thousand thoughts rushing through my mind, i just wanted to turn them off. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping this was all just a dream. That i wasn't laying in a hospital bed, that Justin wasn't god knows where, doing god knows what to Sam. Sam will get what's coming to him, Justin just isn't thinking, he's letting his anger get the best of him and it scares me. He told me he was going to change for me and the baby. I guess i was stupid to think he could change. 


I wanted to get out of this place. Nurse's have been coming and going all night, checking up on me, running more tests. I need to get out of here and find Justin. 


I slowly sat up and grabbed the bag that Tyler had bought me last night filled with my clothes. I pulled the white bed cover off me and swung my legs over the side of the bed. My body ached so bad, but i ignored it and slowly stood up. My knees were shaking, they felt like jelly. I held onto the bed keeping my balance so i wouldn't risk falling flat on my face. I pulled out a white tank top, denim shorts and my white trainers and headed for the bathroom just opposite the room. 


After getting changed, i tied my hair into a messy bun and then washed my face. I stared at myself in the mirror, checking out the bruse on my forehead and left cheek. I had bruses all over my body, those steps are leathal. After i was done in the bathroom i walked back into the room and grabbed my phone from the side cabinet and checked to see if Justin had been trying to call me while i was getting changed, but nothing. I grabbed my bag of clothes and headed for the door. 


I managed to make it home, i walked all the way. My house isn't far from the hospital, just 10 minutes down the road. My body still ached and i could feel sharp pains shooting up and down my back. I needed to get my car, would be faster to find Justin in than walking. As i walked towards the front door, i noticed a car parked on the driveay that i didn't reconise. Who the hell is in my house? 


I turned the door knob and walked in, i dropped my bag of clothes on the floor and made my way upstairs. 


"Stefan?" i called out, but there was no reply.


I got to the hallway and walked towards Stefan's room. I was just about to open the door when i heard grunting noises coming from the other side. Oh god! Someone's killing Stefan! I swung open the door and immediatley froze as to what i was seeing. My eyes widened and my eyebrows shot up. Am i actually seeing this? Or dreaming? Please let me be dreaming. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. Stefan ontop of Ryan! Ryan had his back to Stefan while Stefan was holding onto Ryan's hips and plowing into his ass. 


"Sweet jesus!" I exclaimed as i pressed my hand to my heart in shock. 


Stefan and Ryan froze once they heard my voice and they both snapped their heads towards me. 


Stefan looked confused. "What are you doing back? You should be at the hospital resting." He was being so calm at the fact that i just caught him having sex with one of my students. 


Ryan looked mortified as he pushed Stefan off him and covered his naked body with the bed cover. "Hi... Miss.Pierce." He awkwardly said. 


"Wait, you two know each other?" Stefan asked as he turned his attention between me and Ryan. 


"He's my student." I said awkwardly looking away. 


"Student?! You never told me you were a student!" Stefan exlaimed as he jumped off the bed and grabbed his boxer shorts. 


I looked at Ryan who was still looking mortified. "You're gay?" I asked. 


Ryan just shrugged his shoulders and looked away. He couldn't look me in the eye. I don't think i will ever get the image of them two out of my head. I'm scarred for life. 


Stefan however was pacing up and down the room, biting his perfectly clipped nails. "Oh my god, i'm gonna go to jail for this, i just know it! I'm gonna become somebody's bitch, i'll get raped by a fat mexican guy! I'll get swapped for a packet of cigarettes!" He yelled. 


I don't have time for this! I stood infront of Stefan and slapped him hard round the face, causing him to press his hand to his cheek in shock. "Get a grip! You didn't know he was a student and it's not like he's going to be telling anyone is he?" I turned my attention to Ryan as he shook his head quickly. 


I looked back at Stefan. "Me and you are gonna talk about this later! Right now, i got things to do!" 


I left the bedroom and closed the door behind me. I leaned my back against it and let out a much needed breath. I stared at the floor in shock. What the fuck did i just witness?! Ryan's gay? What the fuck is going on?! I shook my head from these thoughts and concentrated on why i came here. To get my car keys and find Justin. But what the fuck?! Stefan and Ryan?! Lord jesus. Anymore surprises?! I can't judge Stefan, i mean, i've been having sex with a student and could be carrying his baby so... 


Once i grabbed my car keys, i rushed out the door and over to my car. I climbed in the drivers seat and stuck the key in the ignition and sped off down the street in search for Justin. I decided to go to Sam's house, i know he probably won't be there now, but i need to check if Sam is okay or if Justin has killed him.


I pulled up outside Sam's house and my heart started to race when i saw a police car parked on his driveway. Oh my god! Justin has killed him! Was my first thought. But then i thought What do i care? That fucker almost made me loose my baby. Curiosity took over as i stepped out of my car, ignoring the ache in my body, i rushed towards the house and was about to knock when a police officer opened the door, another policemen was stood behind him. They both smiled a little and gave me a little nod as they walked past me towards their car. 


I rushed into the house and saw that the place had been totally spashed to pieces. Broken glass was scattered in the hallway, pictures were thrown across the room, clothes were sprawled on the stairs. I stood there totally gob smacked.What the fuck happened here? I asked myself. Sam then came walking out the living room. 


"What are you doing here?" He asked as he stuffed his hands in his jean pockets.


I knitted my eyebrows together. "What happened?" 


"Justin. That's what happened. He trashed my house. I stayed at my sister's last night and came back to this." Sam said as he gestured towards the mess Justin had left. "He's in big trouble. The police are already out looking for him." 


God damn it, Justin! I knew i had to save his ass. I don't want him going to prison. I had to do whatever it takes to get him out of this mess. "What make's you so sure it was Justin?" I asked as i folded my arms across my chest. 


"Doesn't take a genius to work it out, Brooklyn. Obviously he heard what happened between us at school. Who else would have done this?" 


"He wouldn't do this. He's got a lot to loose, why would he throw that away just to trash your house?" I was asking myself that question more than i was asking Sam. 


Sam scoffed. "He's a sycopath, Brooklyn! I accidentally hurt you and now he want's revenge." 


"Accidentally?!" I exclaimed. "You caused me to fall down the stairs because you wouldn't let go of me! You must've seen it coming! I could've lost my baby!" I snapped. 


Sam winced a little. "I didn't mean for you to fall down the stairs." His eyes trailed down my body. "You okay? Is the baby okay?" 


"Still breathing ain't i? The baby is fine, no thanks to you." I huffed. I need to find Justin! "I gotta go." I said as i darted out the door. What i really wanted to do is go back into the house and push Sam down the stairs, see how he likes it. 


I got back into my car and sat there thinking about Justin, wondering if he's okay, if he's hurt, scared. Scared? Justin? Forget that last part. Fuck sake, Justin! What have you gotten yourself into! I spat to myself. Sam caused me to fall down a flight of stairs and Justin's the one getting chased by police? Really?! 


I searched all day for Justin, i even went to his house, but he wasn't there. No one had seen him since last night. I was getting really worried. He just trashed Sam's house, it's not like he killed him for god sake! Can't the police ever just give him a break? It was no dark out, the L.A lights were filling the night sky. I didn't want to give up looking for Justin, but my body was aching so much, i knew i needed to rest. 


I made it home and dragged my feet on the concrete as i made my way to the front door. I opened the door and pocked my head through. 


"Is it okay to come in?" I was refuring to Stefan, i didn't want a repeat of what happened earlier. I still had the mental image of him ontop of Ryan glued in my head. 


"Yeah, come in." Stefan answered from the kitchen. 


I nodded my head slowly and made my way into the kitchen. I leaned on the door frame and folded my arms across my chest. Stefan was sat on the counter, texting on his phone. 


"Sorry about earlier. I didn't think you'd walk in on us, you're suppose to be at the hospital, missy." He said with his eyes still glued to his phone. 


"I got sick of just laying in that bed doing nothing. Don't try and change the subject. I still can't get my head around it. You and Ryan? Since when was he gay?" 


Stefan looked at me and raised his eyebrow. "Oh sweetie, i knew he was gay the moment i laid eyes on him. Sorry i've scarred you for life. I really like him, he seems to like me. Although, he did rush outta the house after you left. I don't think he want's people knowing the real him just yet." He shrugged. 


"He'll come round. I'm still trying to come to terms with it." I said shaking my head slowly. 


"Where've you been all day anyways?" 


I looked away and bit down on my bottom lip. "Looking for Justin." I felt like i wanted to break down and cry. I have no idea where he is, he could be hurt for all i know. 


"Why?... wait, so are you two dating or?" Stefan curiously asked.


I looked at him but then quickly looked away again. I might aswell tattoo "GUILTY" on my forehead. 


"You and Justin?!" Stefan asked as he slapped his hand over his heart in shock. "He's a student like Ryan! Oh my god girl, twinzies!" Twinzies? His eyes then trailed down to my stomach and it's like he got slapped in the face with a reality stick. "Hold up! Are you carrying his baby?" 


"I don't know." I whispered, but i guess he heard me because he had a confused expression plastered on his face. "I slept with Sam and Justin... i don't know who the father is. Please don't start judging me."


"Sam? The guy who pushed you down the stairs? That bitch could be the father?! Shit. And i thought my life was fucked." He said as he jumped off the counter. "Oh sweetie, come here." He pulled me into his body and gave me a comforting hug that i really needed right now.


That was all it took for me to break down and cry. I sobbed into Stefan's chest. "I don't know where Justin is..." I whispered. Why is he doing this to me? Why can't he just answer my calls and tell me he's okay? God damn it, Justin! Where are you?! 



Justin Bieber (POV)


After i had completley trashed Sam's house, i got in my car and sped off down the street. I still plan on killing Sam, trashing his house is just sending him a message that he doesn't fuck with my girl. I took most of my anger out on his house, so i was feeling a little better, but i would feel even better after i've drained the life out of him.


I winced in pain as i looked down at my hand, my knuckles and fingers were cut up from the broken glass. Blood was slowly dripping down my arm. "Fuck." 


I had been driving all day, coming up with a plan on how to kill Sam nice and slowly. He need's to pay for what he's put me through over the years, in a way, i guess he reminds me of my dad. 


Brooklyn had been calling me every 5 minutes, i know she's worried about me, but she's got enough on her plate, it's best if i don't bring her into the mess. I just need time to clear my head. I need to talk to someone, someone i can trust.


I turned the corner to my street but immediatly hit the breaks. I had to think about this. Sam will know it was me who trashed his house, he'll call the police and i'll have them on my ass once again. I can't go home, that's the first place they will look. I can't go to Brooklyn's, she's still at the hospital and i don't wanna freak Stefan out, or have him ass rape me in my sleep. 


I reversed out the street and continued down the road towards the motorway. I switched my phone off, i couldn't have Brooklyn constantly calling me asking me where i am. I just need time to breathe, think about what i'm going to do. After 30 minutes of driving, i turned into a street i haven't seen for a while. All the memories came flooding back. Good and bad memories, where it all started. I pulled up outside a house i was all to familiar with. 


I got out my car and looked up at the night sky. It was a beautiful night. My attention then turned towards the house. This is where it all started, where everything turned to shit. I took a deep breath and made my way up the concrete path. I reached the door and hesitated for a while. Is she going to want to see me? What if she wants nothing to do with me and slams the door in my face? 


I got up the courage to knock on the door, i waited for a good minute. My breathing hitched as i heard faint footsteps behind the other side of the door and then it swung open. 


"Hey mum..."


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