Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



8. Todays Gonna Be A Good Day

Brooklyn Pierce (POV)

I waved Sam off as i walked up to my front door, he had walked me home after i decided to go home early. I had seen Justin in the club with Ryan and i was soon out of the party mood.

I got in the house and pulled my arms out my jacket, throwing it onto the coat hanger in the corner. Tonight wasn't a good night for me, i didn't even get drunk! I made my way upstairs, in need of a nice hot bath. I headed into the bathroom, switching on the light. I twisted the hot and cold taps, letting the water run into the tub.

I then turned towards the mirror, staring at my reflection. You need to stop this. Stop thinking about him! Sam is a nice guy, you could start something with him. He's handsome, funny and older! But he's not Justin..... I thought to myself. I squeezed my eyes shut, wanting this to all go away.

By the time the tub filled with water, i stripped out of my clothes and underwear, dipping my feet into the warm water. I felt my muscles relax. Leaning my back against the tub, i leaned my head back, shutting my eyes and all i could picture was Justin.

Was it so bad that i actually have strong feelings for him? You can't help who you fall for, right? I know i told Justin nothing could happen between us but, what if it did? I haven't known the kid long but he seems so sweet towards me. Well, when he wants to be.

My thoughts got cut short by a banging noise at the front door. Wondering who the fuck was at my door at this time of night. I climbed out of the bath tub, wrapping a towel around my wet, naked body. I headed downstairs and looked through the peep hole in the door and i saw Justin....

Opening the door, Justin was clearly drunk. He was leaning against the doorframe, making sure he didn't fall flat on his face. His eyes then trailed down my body. Your stood in-front of him in just a towel... oh god!

"What you doing here Justin? It's late." i said, folding my arms across my chest.

"I wanna know something..." he slurred.

Really? At this time of night? Couldn't this have waited till the morning?!

"You and Mr.Shore. You 2 a couple or...?"

"How is that any of your buisness?" i asked, knitting my eyebrows together.

"Just tell me.... Are you and Mr.Shore dating?"

No. "So what if i am? It's nothing to do with you!" i said, getting annoyed.

"But it is though! Why didn't you tell me you we're dating him before you kissed me?" He asked, moving closer to me but still keeping his balance on the doorframe.

"Why you doing this? Why can't you just forget about what you think we have? Move on! Why do you feel the need to fight for something we don't have?"

"Something we don't have?" he repeated. "Oh, we have something. I can tell."

"I'm done with this conversation. Just go home, sober up." I said, as i was closing the door, Justin put his foot in the way, stopping me from shutting it. I rolled my eyes.

I was not in the mood for this shit, i'm tired, it's late, i have to get up early and he's acting like a little kid! 

Justin Bieber (POV)

"Why you doing this? Why can't you forget what you think we have? Move on! Why do you feel the need to fight for something we don't have?"

Why is she still doing this? Trying to convince me there's nothing going on between us when there clearly is!

"Something we don't have? Oh, we have something. I can tell."

She needs to stop fighting these feelings she has for me and just give in! I'm not giving up on her.

"I'm done with this conversation. Just go home, sober up."

You ain't getting rid of me that easily. I was getting totally fed up now.

I pushed the door fully open, making it slam agaisnt the hallway wall. Brooklyn stepped back.

"Get out!" she yelled.

"Make me." i said, walking towards her.

She raised her hand, ready to slap me across the face but i grabbed her, stopping her. Her hand just inches from my face. She was breathing heavily, her chest moving up and down at a fast pace.

"Just stop fighting it." i said as i looked deep into her eyes.

"You're drunk! You need to go..." she said, her voice cracking a little.

"Stop making excuses! Admit it! Admit that you have feelings for me for fuck sake Brooklyn! I'm sick of this bullshit!" I spat, forcing her up against the wall. I was at boiling point.


FINALLY! Only took her a fucking week! 

"That's all i needed to hear." i said and with that i smashed my lips against hers. At first she didn't kiss me back but eventually she did.

I ran my fingers through her wet hair, our lips were meshing together. My heart was pumping so fast, the butterflies in my stomach were building, almost like a sick feeling, but a good sick feeling. I've been wanting to kiss her everyday, knowing i couldn't killed me. Finally, it's happening again.

Running her fingers through my hair, pulling at the ends, i groaned into the kiss. I moved my hands over her body, feeling the soft cotton from the towel wrapped around her. I slowly moved my hands down to her ass, giving it a squeeze, i felt her smile into the kiss, making me smile. Picking her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist, i made my way into her kitchen, after looking for it first.

Heading over to the kitchen table, i sat Brooklyn down, pushing all objects off, making them crash to the floor. As we continued to kiss, it got heated. Our tongues tangling together as i placed my hand on the back of her head. I could feel her hands slowly making their way up my body and onto my shoulders. We then broke apart, both out of breath. I stared into her big, blue eyes. Biting down on my bottom lip, i placed my hand on her cheek. Neither of us spoke, we just continued to stare at each other. I then felt her hands slide down my body, tugging on the end of my shirt. I smirked a little, knowing what was going to happen next.

Putting my arms in the air, i allowed Brooklyn to pull my shirt off over my head, throwing it on the kitchen floor. I caught her eyes trailing down my perfectly shaped body. I couldn't take it anymore, i wanted her and i wanted her now. I leaned down, softly leaving trails of kisses on her neck. She slowly leaned her head back, giving me more room. I started biting down on her soft skin. My hand found its way onto the other side of her neck. I began sucking on her skin, making her moan. I slowly trailed my other hand slowly up her thigh, tugging on the end of her towel. 

Brooklyn Pierce (POV)

I could feel his hand slowly making it's way up to my thigh and then slowly backing away. He was teasing and he was doing a pretty damn good job. This is wrong, but it feels so right. I couldn't take it anymore, i wanted him just as much as he wanted me.

My hands started to trail down his bare stomach, stopping at his jean buttons. Un-butting them, i pulled down the zipper, letting them fall down around his ankles, exposing his bright blue boxers to me. I then wrapped my hand around the back of his neck, pulling him towards me, we smashed our lips together. Justin's hand was once again on my thigh and this time, he didn't back away. He tugged on the bottom of my towel, i figured i'd help him out a little so i yanked the towel from my body, throwing it onto the kitchen floor, landing next to his shirt. My naked body was exposed to him and he was staring at me hungrily. His eyes trailing down my body, he bit down on his bottom lip.

I then tugged on his boxers, letting him know that i wanted them off! He caught my drift once he started pulling them down, slipping off his jeans from his ankles and then slipping off his boxers, he exposed his dick to me. I bit down on my bottom lip, wanting him inside me. He then picked me up, causing me to wrap my legs around his bare hips, we headed out the kitchen as we continued to have a hard core make-out session. Walking into the living room, he laid me down on the sofa hovering ontop of me.

Looking up into my eyes, he licked his lips and then slowly entered me. A moan escaped my lips as he began to grind inside me. He put his hands on my bare hips and started grinding faster as he dug his nails into my flesh. The feeling that was building in my body was sensational. I arched my back in pleasure, letting more moans escape from my lips. "Justin.." 

He pecked my lips while staring into my eyes. "You're so beautiful." he whispered.

I couldn't help but smile a little, wanting him even more. We then switched positions so now i was ontop of him, straddling him. His hands still gripped to my hips. It was my turn to do the grinding. Leaning down, placing soft kisses on his lips, i grinded.

"Fuck..." Justin rasped into my lips. "Go faster."

I did what he said and went faster. Thrusting our hips together, i could feel myself growing closer and closer, the pleasure building up inside me.

"Uh god" i managed to mumble into Justin's lips.

A few more hard hip thrusts and i climaxed. Collapsing beside Justin on the sofa, our breathing was heavy. Our bodys were hot and sweaty.

Justin turned his body, facing me. He looked down into my eyes.

Justins POV.

Brushing back Brookyns hair I stared at her beautiful feautures as her head rested on my chest , her head moving in rythem with my my breathing. Nothing was been said , we were just enjoying being with eachother.

Cuddling her closer and pressing my lips down on her head I listened as her stereo started to play Ed Sheeran 'This'

Lifting her chin so her lips were inches away from mine I let the sog speak for me.

*This is the start of something beautiful*

*This is the start of something new*

*You are the one who makes me loose it all*

*You are the start of something new Ohh-ohh*.


Stroking her bottom lip with my thumb I took all of her beauty in.

Smiling back up at me her hand caressed my cheek before tracing my lips.

Feeling a sudden hunger for the taste of her lips I leaned over and pecked softly at her lips I felt her smile underneath my lips before slamming my lips onto hers once more.

A small moan left her lips before her hands got lost in my hair. In a brief second I'd flipped her over and I was hovering over her just staring her eyes are her hands massaged my hair.

Breathing heavily I knew I had let this go too far I'd only just got my energy back from our last sexy session and didnt have it in me for another one as much as I wanted too.

Caressing her cheek with my thumb I locked lips with her.

"Justin its okay" she broke off from the kiss 

'What?" I asked a smile forming in my confusion

"Not everything has to be about sex , we can just kiss

She smiled while staring into my eyes.

"I know but its just so tempting have you seen what I've under me'' I laughed.

"Have you seen what I have on top of me" She smirked

Latching my lips onto hers once again I smiled. Damn, i finally got her.

Pulling away from the kiss she smirked before placing a small kiss on my nose.

"Thankyou you baby" I smiled kissing and sucking her neck causing her to moan

God how I loved that moan of hers and that I was the one making her moan damn Bieber you've hit the jackpot

Finally reaching her ears I sucked on her earlobe but the repsonse I got wasnt what I expected inside of a moan it was a shriek of laughter.

"Whats wrong" I laughed staring into her eyes. 

"It tickles"She smiled 

"Well what about this" I questioned before slamming my lips onto hers and slipping my tongue into her mouth to play with hers

Playing along our tongues fought for dominance before she quickly pulled away

"No , Justin that turns me on...Extremley" she winked before grabbing my hand in hers and twidling her fingers with mine

Watching as her jawline became more prominant as she smiled I leaned inand placed several small kisses trailing down , feeling her blush underneath me I sighed. 
"You dont have to be embarassed you know , this is how its gonna be from now on". I whispered into her ear

" I know its gonna take a while to get used to it".




Justins POV.

With brooklyns head resting on my chest I watched as her eyes fluttered a little before they clamped shut. Smiling to myself I brushed her cheek before placing a small kiss on the top of her head and closing my eyes too.

Brooklyns POV.

Waking up to the shrieking of the alarm on my iphone I nudged Justin.

"Justin wake up" I groaned letting my eyes adjust to the bright light of the sun that was beaming through my window.

A small groan emitted from Justins mouth but his eyes were locked shut.

"Serouisly Justin get up we'll  be late". I moaned shaking hia body.

Turning my back on him to turn my alarm off I felt 2 big strong arms wrap around my stomach before pulling me down and laying me back on his chest.

A small cocky smile plastered his face as I lay there watching as his eyes twitched underneath his eye lids I knew he was awake.

Placing a small kiss on his bare chest I watched as his eyes fluttered open to look at me.

"Morning Beautiful" he groaned sounding grogging .

Smiling at him I kissed his perfect lips. Smiling back at me he wound his fingers in my notty hair from lasts nights activites.

"Your so god damn beautiful" Justin muttered paddig his thumb over my cheek.

Blushing I hid my face in his chest.

"C'mon baby your still tired get some more sleep".

Closing my eyes once more I sighed and cuddled up to Justin

Waking up in complete shock I grabbed my iphone 10:56.

"SHIT" I muttered to myself leaping from the sofa and trampling Justin in process.

"Fucking hell Brooks" Justin hissed cupping his dick.

"Awh shit sorry I didnt mean to .. I'm trying to get ready for work" I rushed picking up Justins clothes and throwing them at him.

"Fuck fuckety fuck fuck" I screamed

"Brooklyn" Justin asked

"Brooklyn" Justin shouted

"What" I raised my voice still not looking at him.

"Come here".

Following orders I walked over to Justin , letting him stroke my cheeks with his thumbs I felt his lips on mine , kissing back his hands moved to support my head as relaxation took over and I found my body going limp.

Stop this now Brook , Stop it for fucks sake , you know where it'll end up.

Ignoring my brain I clambered onto Justin , loosing my fingers in his chocolate hair. Slipping his tongue into my mouth I moaned softly

Damn Bieber

Going with the whole tongue thing I carried on kissing him and massaging his scalp. His hands dropped from my head to my baxk rubbing in all sorts of directions.

Pullig away briefly I smiled at him.

"Fuck school" I smiled before latching his lips with mine

Oh yeah todays gonna be a good day


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