Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



11. Today Has Been A Crazy Day



Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


He was literally begging me not to break up with him, does he really care about me that much? I don't want to hurt him, but i can't risk people finding out. Sam already knows, how long till someone else finds out? 


"Justin, don't make this harder than it already is.." i trailed off leaning my head back against the wall as i pulled my knees to my chest. 


"We'll be more careful! W- we won't sneak around at school anymore! We'll meet up a- at secret locations or something.. I'll.... talk to Mr.Shore, i'll make sure he doesn't say anything." Justin stuttered.


"What make's you think he's going to listen to you? You're just a kid, i know he think's i'm taking advantage of you. I told him you had a stupid crush on me, that after we kissed, i slapped you around the face. I dunno if he'll buy that bullshit.." 


"Just give me a chance to put things right. If i can't get Mr.Shore to keep his mouth shut then you can dump me, i won't put up a fight." Justin said confident in his words. 


I scanned his face, he looked so sure this was going to work out. "One chance. If you can't get him to not say anything to the principal then... " i trailed off. 


I could see Justin biting down on his bottom lip and nodding his head a little, letting me know he understood what i was saying. 


"This will all be sorted tomorrow, i promise." he said staring at the tiled floor. 





Walking into the school entrance, i could hear the sound of someone yelling "GET OFF HIM!" Snapping my head down the corridoor, i saw Justin gripping Sam by his shirt slamming him up against the lockers! 2 other teachers were trying to pry him off. 


Rushing towards them, i grabbed Justin's arm yanking him away from Sam. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" i yelled. 


Justin clenched his jaw, shooting daggers at Sam. Dragging Justin into my classroom i slammed the door shut behind me. "What the fuck just happened?!" i snapped.


Justin Bieber (POV) 

*5 minutes earlier*


Roaming the corridoor, i was in search for Mr.Shore. I had to keep him quite about me and Brooklyn. I warned him not to say anything to her and he completley ignored me and told her anyway. He's not going to fucking get away with that! He could ruin everything for me and Brooklyn.


I stood by the lockers, hoping he would walk by and to my luck he did. I stood infront of him stopping him in his tracks. "I think me and you need to talk." 


Sam shook his head slowly looking annoyed. "If this is about you and Brooklyn, forget it. I'm telling the principal. You know just as well as i do that this is wrong!" 


"I told you not to tell her..." i said slowly. "I told you to keep your mouth shut otherwise you'd regret it."


Sam chuckled a little before brushing past me. Now you're really pissing me off! Grabbing him by his collar, i pinned him up against the lockers as he winced in pain. "Didn't i tell you you'd regret telling her? You know what i could do to you! You've seen my bad side, you know how violent i can get" i gritted through my teeth. 


"What you gonna do? Put me in hospital again?" he asked before laughing in my face. 


"I can do much more than that! You know i'm capable of more than a few punches Sam, you learned that when you dated my mom. Remember?" 


"You're sick! Going after a 24 year old teacher. That's low, even for you."


"You're just jealous cause she likes me and not you."


"Oh really? Then why did she fuck me 2 days after she started teaching here?" 


I immediatley froze. Scanning Sam's face hoping he was lying. "I've hit a nerve haven't i?" he asked smirking. "She was amazing by the way." 


THAT'S IT! Slamming Sam's back against the lockers i raised my balled up fist. "Your lying!" i snapped. Students walking the corridoor stopped and stared at us looking gob smacked. One of them rushed off, most probably getting a teacher but i didn't care, i was to angry to care. 


"Go on then hit me! See how far that get's you!" Sam snapped. 


Pulling my arm back, i was ready to strike him in the face when i felt someone tugging on my arm. 


"GET OFF HIM!" one of the teacher's shouted as another teacher came rushing over. 


"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" I immediately snapped my head towards Brooklyn who was standing there totally shocked.


Staring back at Sam, i clenched my jaw wanting nothing more than to kill him. I felt someone grab my arm, knowing it was Brooklyn i let her drag me away into her classroom as she slammed the door shut behind her. 


"What the fuck just happened?!" she snapped.


Leaning my hands against the wall, i closed my eyes trying to calm myself from all the anger that was built up in me. Breathing in and out slowly, i turned to Brooklyn. She had her arms folded across her chest waiting for me to answer her. 


"Is it true?"


"Is what true?" she asked knitting her eyebrows together. 


"That you fucked Sam?!" i spat. 


Biting down on her bottom lip, her eyes trailed down to the carpet. "Yeah it's true. I was drunk though, i don't remember it. It was the night me and you got drunk, the next day i woke up to find him in my kitchen telling me we had slept together. it happened before me and you even got together so what's the problem?"


"So you fuck him and then me? Wow. That say's alot about you." I immediately regretted what i said before i could stop myself it was to late.


Brooklyn's face dropped as she looked at me with hurt in her eyes. "I can't believe you just said that." 


"I didn't mean-" 


"Just get out!" she snapped. 


"Brooklyn wait-" 


"No! I am sick of guys thinking the worst of me! For some stupid reason i thought you were different but obviously not! So get the fuck outta my classroom!" pointing her finger towards the door. 


Fuck! Why did i have to go and say that?! I didn't mean it! I don't think the worst of her, i'm just angry. As i walked towards the door, i could feel my heart sink. Why do i always fuck things up?! Putting my hand on the door handle, i squeezed my eyes shut. "I'm sorry" 





Sitting outside the principal's office wasn't a surpirse. I'm mostly here more than i'm in classes. After i left Brooklyn's classroom, i got stares from students. Obivously they had seen my little outburst with Sam. Heading for the school exit, i just wanted to get out, wanting to get away from everyone before i do something i know i will regret but the principal had spotted me and told me to wait outside his office. 


Putting my head into my hands i ran my fingers through my hair tugging on the ends. If Brooklyn wasn't a teacher, if she was just a few years younger this wouldn't even be a problem! Man i sure can pick them. My thoughts were stopped when the principal came walking out his office. Taking off his glasses and sticking them in his suit pocket, he signalled me to follow him into the room



"So, Mr.Bieber. You going to tell me what happened earlier between you and Mr.Shore?" he asked sitting down at his desk, lacing his fingers together waiting for me to answer.



"It was nothing. Just a misunderstanding, it won't happen again." I lied.


"If it was nothing then why did it take 2 teachers to try and pry you off him? You assaulted a teacher, Justin. You could be in serious trouble for this."


"I'm sick of all you teachers picking on me! Like i'm the only trouble maker in the school! I've seen other students who have done alot worse than pin a teacher against the lockers! Now, are you going to kick me out of school or not?" i snapped.


"No. But this is your last warning, Justin. Step out of line again and you will be expelled." the principal stated. 


"Can i go now?" i asked rising from my seat. 


"I want you to apologise to Mr.Shore." 


"What?! No way!" i spat. 


"You either apologise or i'll expel you right now. Your choice."


"Fine!" i gritted through my teeth. Gripping the door handle i made my way out the office, down the corridoor and into Sam's classroom only to find Brooklyn in there. She was standing near Sam's desk looking a little scared about something. I noticed that Sam had his hand gripped around her wrist and looking pretty angry.


"What the fuck is going on?!" i spat. 



Brooklyn Pierce (POV) 

*5 minutes earlier*


After Justin had pretty much called me a slut i wasn't in the mood to teach or do anything for that matter. How could he say that to me? I know he's angry but that's no excuse. I didn't mean for me and Sam to sleep together, it just happened. And why Justin's getting so worked up about it i'll never know. I knew i had to go speak to Sam about all this, i can't have people knowing about me and Justin. 


After wiping the tears that rolled down my cheeks, i left my classroom and headed for Sam's. Knocking on the door, i waited for him to answer. 


"I'm not in the mood to talk, Brooklyn." he moaned as he opened the door. 


"Well i'm not leaving until we sort this out!" i said as i brushed past him. Turning towards him, i noticed he was gritting his teeth. He's pissed. "I'm surprised you haven't told the prinicpal yet." 


"Oh don't worry i'm going too."


"You can't do this to me, Sam! I could loose everything!" 


"You should have thought of that before you started fooling around with a student!" he spat. 


"I'm not fooling around with him. I told you, he just has a stupid crush on me." i lied. 


"Don't give me that bullshit, Brooklyn! It's pretty obvious you have feelings for Justin and it's sick. I thought you were smarter than that."


I know dating Justin is wrong, he doesn't have to tell me that. But i can't help my feelings for him, i wish i could stop but i can't. I don't want to loose Justin but i have to put my career first and after what he said to me back in my classroom, well, i'm still angry about that.


Snapping me out of my thoughts, Sam spoke up. "I don't have to tell the principal y'know. I can make this go away." 


Knitting my eyebrows together i knew there was a catch to this. He slowly moved towards me as i slowly moved back towards his desk. "How?" i managed to ask.


"I can make life easier for you." he said as he brushed his thumb gently against my cheek. I stared at him as his face grew closer to mine, i could feel his hot breath growing closer to my lips. 


"Sam, don't.." i whispered but he ignored me and smashed his lips to mine, i Immediately broke apart from him. Raising my hand, i slapped him across the face so hard that he stumbled back a little. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" i snapped. 


Taking me by surprise, Sam grabbed my wrist and squeezed it real hard as i winced in pain. "Big mistake." he said shooting daggers into my eyes. 


"What the fuck is going on?!" snapping my head towards the door, i saw Justin stood there with venom in his eyes. Oh shit. 


"Get your fucking hands off her!" he spat as he came towards us. I yanked my wrist away from Sam, stopping Justin just in time. "Don't do something you'll regret!" i said as i dragged him out the classroom into the corridoor. 


"I won't regret knocking his teeth out!" 


I wasn't in the mood for his silly little tantrums. "Just go cool off.... i haven't got time for this, i've got a class to teach in 5 minutes." 


"I don't give a fuck! What the hell happened in there?! He grabbed you!" 


"It was nothing, okay?" I knew if i told him the thruth he would turn into the incredible hulk! "I stumbled, he grabbed me making sure i didn't fall on my face." i lied.




"Just stop! I'm fine, everything is fine! You're the one whose not fine! Get your shit together Justin!" i spat before turning on my heels heading to my classroom.





I haven't spoken to Justin since our little argument. Today has been such a crazy day, i don't know what Sam has planned but he hasn't told the principal about me and Justin yet. My life has been nothing but crazy ever since i started teaching here. I miss New York. I miss my old friends. I had a great job there. I was a dance teacher for 5 years but decided it was time to move on to something else i loved. Who knew all this drama would come with it? Why can't i have a simple life? After my split with my ex boyfriend, Tyler. I promised myself that i wouldn't get invovled with another guy for as long as i lived. Well, that didn't work out. 


Walking towards the school car park, i grabbed my car keys from my bag but froze when i saw Sam leaning on my car bonnet. I had to be nice to him no matter how much he annoys me. I didn't want to risk him telling the principal about me and Justin. Walking over to him, his eyes trailed down my body hungrily. "What you doing?" i asked.


"I just wanted to apologise for grabbing you earlier. We were both angry and i'm sorry." Is he bipolar or..? 


"It's fine. I just wanna forget about it." i said giving him a fake smile. 


"Do you wanna hang out tonight?" Is he serious? After all that went on today he want's to hang out? He threatend to tell the principal about me and Justin and he grabbed my wrist and yet he wants to hang out?!


"Erm, i'm busy tonight. I have a load of papers to grade..." i lied.


"Oh okay. Maybe another time?" he smiled. Maybe not? 


"Sure.." i lied once more. 


"See you tomorrow." Sam said as he walked towards his car on the other side of the car park. Weird. 


I was just about to get into my car when i felt my phone buzz in my bag. Pulling it out i saw Justin's name flash on the screen which made me roll my eyes. Tapping the answer button, i put the phone to my ear. "What do you want, Justin?" 


"We need to talk." he said over the phone, his voice on edge. 


"No we don't. I'm done talking. Today has been a nightmare, i just want to go home and forget about it." i said as i climbed into the driving seat. 


"Sam's not going to tell the principal though is he?" 


"I don't know. I don't think so..." i said knitting my eyebrows together. 


"It's sorted then. I promised you i'd make things better." Justin beamed. 


"Are you serious? You made thing's worse! You did nothing to help with this situation you just let your anger take over! I'm pretty sure Sam is going to tell the principal i just don't know when! There's more to life than threatening people! The sooner you realise that, the better." and with that i hung up. Stuffing my phone back into my bag


What have you got yourself into? I'm pretty sure Justin has anger issue's! Sam is starting to creep me out. Those were some of the many thoughts that were swimming around in my mind right now. Concentrating on the road was a little hard, i was angry, confused and upset all at the same time. That'll teach you not to go after school boy's! You should be ashamed of yourself! My thoughts were stopped short once i heard the screeching wheels of a car. Snapping my head to the left all i saw out the car window was another car coming towards me. I froze knowing what was gonna happen next wasn't going to be pretty. 





Fluttering my eyes open, i felt a sharp pain pulsing through head. I don't remember falling asleep. OW my head! What the hell..? Scanning the room, i found myself in a room i didn't reconise. Knitting my eyebrows together i looked up and saw a nurse next to me. "Welcome back Miss.Pierce." she smiled.


How does she know my name? What is happening? "Wha... what happened? Where am i?" i asked. 


"You're in the hospital. You were in a car accident. You have a few cuts and bruses." she said. You should've been paying more attention to the road than your thoughts. I slowly sat up feeling the sharp pain in my head again. "You had a nasty cut on your forehead, which invovled you having 6 stitches. Don't worry, it's a small cut." the nurse said as she took out a clipboard that was hanging on the end of the bed. Like that's suppose to make me fucking feel better! Scanning the chart she ticked things off with her pen and wrote things down. She then looked up at me. "You and your baby are very lucky." 


WOAH! HOLD UP! Is this nurse drunk or...?  "What?" Seeing the shocked and confused looked on my face, the nurse knew she had put her foot in it. 


"You didn't know you're pregnant?" 


Obviously fucking not! My breathing sped up, my heart was thumping so hard in my chest. This can't be right! I can't be pregnant! "Pregnant? I can't be .. pregnant. No. There's gotta be some kinda mistake..." 


"We did tests while you were unconsious. You're pregnant Miss.Pierce. Congradulations." she said giving me a warm smile before leaving the room, leaving me to deal with the fact that i'm pregnant!


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