Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



7. This Aint No Crush

Justin Bieber (POV)


It's been 2 days since me and Brooklyn kissed and it's all i could think about. The way she made me feel when our lips touched, when our body's were touching. I can't concentrate when i'm around her, i feel like when i look at her, the whole world disapears and it's just me and her. 


But after our kiss, she's been acting weird towards me. She ignores me when we're in class, she can't even look at me. We kissed, what's the big deal? Nobody saw us, nobody has to know. I called her a few times, wanting to know if she was okay but she ignores me everytime. 

I wanted to know what's bothering her......


Walking down the school corridoor towards her classroom, i bit down on my bottom lip, worried about what she's going to say. Why kiss me if you're going to act weird about it? 


"Justin!" i heard Shannon yell from the other end of the corridoor. Fuck sake! 


I turned as she came towards me. 


"What?" i asked, gritting through my teeth.


"Where you going? You don't have history today." Shannon said looking confused. 


"I need to talk to Miss.Pierce about the homework she set for me." I lied. 


"Well, i'll come with you" she said smiling. 


"No! Just leave me alone for 5 minutes will you? Why do you always have to be so clingey?!" I snapped. To harsh? I don't care! She has been really pissing me off these past couple of days, wanting to know where i am, what i'm doing, who i'm with. 


"What is with you? You've been off with me for days now..." she said looking confused.


I wasn't in the mood for an argument with her because it would never end. 


"Just wait for me at my locker, i wont be a minute." i said as i turned on my heel and headed for Brooklyn's classroom. 


Opening the door, i saw her sat at her desk, typing on her laptop. She stopped once she saw me. She was looking a little embarrased. She cleared her throat a little and then stood up, leaning against her desk. 


"We need to talk..." she said. 


Well that can't be good. I knew it. She's gonna say it was a mistake, great. 


I leaned my head back, totally annoyed. "I knew you'd do this."


"Do what?"


"This! The 'we need to talk' speech!" 


"It shouldn't have happened. I don't know why i let it happen! Heat of the moment i guess. You're my student and it wont happen again" she said looking into my eyes. 


I clenched my jaw, breathing in and out slowly, trying not to let the anger that's building inside of me burst out. 


"You didn't just kiss me cause it was in the heat of the moment. You kissed me cause you like me. I gave you the option to stop me, but you didn't. Why can't you just fucking admit that you have feelings for me?" I asked, getting annoyed. 


"Why do you want me to admit it? It's not like this would work out! You really think people are gonna except our relationship? I'll loose my job and most probably go to jail and you could probably get kicked out of school! You really want that?" she asked, folding her arms across her chest. 


"No one has to know about us. We'll just continue to sneak around." 


I didn't want to sneak around with her, i wanted to let people know she's mine but i didn't want to risk her loosing her job and probably go to jail. I didn't care what would happen to me, but i care what would happen to her. Sneaking around is a good option but i don't think she's going to agree with me. 


"I'm dating someone..." she blurted out. 


I could feel the anger pulsing through me. I clenched my jaw once again and balled up my fists. She's dating someone?! When she kissed me?! She's fucking with my feelings and i won't stand for that! Well, i can't really say much, i'm doing the same to Shannon but i don't care for her the way i care for Brooklyn. Why the hell am i still with Shannon...? 


"Who?" i managed to ask, before counting to 10, breathing slowly, trying to calm myself down. 


"Does it matter?"


Does it matter? Is she serious?! 


"Course it matters! You we're kissing me while you're seeing another guy?! You're fucking with my feelings!" i snapped. I couldn't take it anymore, i was angry and i was gonna show it!



Brooklyn Pierce (POV) 


"I'm dating someone...." I blurted out. 


Oh god, why did i just say that? I'm not dating anyone, i just needed him to think that i was so he'll leave me alone. I don't want to hurt him, that's the last thing i wanted to do, but i had to, to protect him, to protect myself. I care about him, i just couldn't show it. 


"Who?" he asked. 


"Does it matter?" i mangaged to say. 


I could see he was getting angry, that's what i wanted. I want him to be angry with me because it would make this so much easier. On the inside, it's killing me. 


"Course it fucking matters! You we're kissing me while you're seeing another guy?! You're fucking with my feelings!" 


I didn't mean to. I thought to myself. 


I gazed down at the dark green carpet beneath my feet, knowing i was hurting him. 


"Justin, you know aswell as i do that we can't do this. It wouldn't work out. You're dating Shannon, i can't do that to her! It's not fair on her!" i said, my eyes trailing up into his eyes. 


"I don't give a fuck about Shannon! And you shouldn't either! I don't even know why i'm still with her! My feelings for her are well gone! I like you!" he yelled, throwing his arms in the air. "I.... really like you..." he said softly. 


I could feel the ache in my chest, knowing what i was about to say would really hurt him. 


"I don't like you in that way! I never have! You we're the one that came onto me! Us kissing was in the heat of the moment and i can assure you it will never happen again! I'm happy in my relationship and i don't want it ruined cause a kid has a crush on me!" i snapped.


I could feel the tears building in my eyes, but i didn't want to show any emotion, cause he would know i was lying. I'm sorry. Those words were swimming around in my head. I'm sorry i'm doing this to you, but you have to understand it could never work. I didn't want him to see me cry, i could feel the tears falling.


"Just get out!" i said before turning towards my desk, my back facing him. 


"Is that what you think? That this is just some stupid crush? You don't know what i'm feeling!" he snapped. 


"No, i don't and i don't care! Now will you leave please!" i said. 


I could feel his eyes burning into my back, he was trying to save this... relationship. If you even want to call it that. I then heard the door slam shut, turning around i saw he had gone. I sat down at my desk, putting my head in my hands, the tears were flowing and i didn't care. He was hurt and so was i. 


I'm crying over a 16 year old kid? What is this? Could i be falling for him?! OH NO! NO! This cannot happen! What is wrong with me?! I should be out looking for guys my own age, not teenagers! You barley know him, you need to stop these feelings! But how can i? I can't just turn my feelings on and off, i'm not a light switch! I thought to myself. 


I turned towards the door, after hearing it open. I thought it was Justin coming back to have another go at me. 


I glanced at the clock, noticing it was 9am. Students were pouring in, taking their seats, chatting to each other, the boffins waiting for the class to start. I quickly wiped the tears from my cheeks and took a deep breath. I didn't want the students catching me crying and asking me what's wrong. 



Justin Bieber (POV) 


I slammed the classroom door shut behind me, wanting nothing more than to put my fist through a wall. I was pulsing with rage. How could she do this to me?! Kiss me and then say i mean nothing to her! Ain't guys suppose to say that to girls? WHY ME? FUCK HER! FUCK EVERYONE! I screamed in my head. 


I made my way over to my locker, seeing Shannon leaning against it. She had been waiting for me like i told her. 


"You okay? You look.. -"

 I cut her off by smashing my fist against the lockers, making a loud noise boom through the corridoor. Students who were at their lockers stopped and turned towards me, some of them whispering to the other, but i didn't care. I wanted to punch everything in site!


Shannon stared at me, looking shocked and a little scared. She didn't say anything, knowing i didn't want to talk right now. Smart thinking, Shannon. 


I then made my way down the corridoor, pushing past anyone who got in my way, including the teachers who were stood around talking about what they're teaching in class today. Boring fucks! I spat in my mind. I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, let alone go to class. 


I headed for the exit, slamming the double doors open, i stormed over to my car and then stopped. I breathed in and out slowly, trying to calm myself down, but it wasn't working. I snapped once again and kicked my car tires, over and over. How could i be so stupid?! 


Getting into my car, i turned on the engine and sped off out the school car park, heading for the road. Gripping the steering wheel, i tried to get Brooklyn out of my mind, but i couldn't. I have never gotten so worked up about a girl before, when she said i was just some kid with a crush, i literally wanted to slap her. What the fuck? This isn't no crush! I knew what this was. Everyday i look forward to seeing her, i look forward to my history lessons, knowing she's the one teaching me. I barley know this girl and look what she's doing to me!




I was sat in my kitchen, at the kitchen table, holding a bottle of vodka. When a girl drives you to drink, you know you've got problems. Pouring the clear liquid into a shot glass for the 5th time, i got to thinking about the first time i saw her. When i first laid eyes on her, i knew i wanted her and i always get what i want. I guess that's part of the reason why i snapped, knowing i can't have her. If i was older, this wouldn't even be an issue. 


As i was pouring the liquid down my throat, giving me a burning sensation, i heard the front door open and shut. 


"Justin, you here?" i heard Ryan ask from the hallway. 


"In here." 


He walked in and faced me. leaning against the counter, he knitted his eyebrows together. "Well...?" 




"Shannon told me you got into a fight with the school lockers. What was that about?" 


I rolled my eyes. "Nothing." i said as i poured another shot. 


"Really? You don't punch lockers for no reason. You skipped classes aswell and now you're drinking. So obviously something's wrong." 


Why can't you just mind your own god damn buisness?! I snapped in my head.


I just wanted to blurt out what was going on in my head to him. Here's the thing Ryan, i kissed our History teacher, then she changed her mind about me and told me it's never going to happen between us. But, telling him would just make things worse.


"I'm fine man, just stressed about things you don't need to worry about." i said downing the shot. 


He knew me well enough to know when i want to be left alone. So he walked out the kitchen without saying another word. Good thinking, Ryan. Because if he kept grilling me on what was wrong, i know i would have ended up punching him in the face. I have anger issue's, like you haven't already guessed. 


Sighing to myself, i put the shot glass down. I need a stronger drink. I thought to myself as i stood up and walked into the living room where Ryan was sat on the sofa, flicking through the TV channels. 


"I'm hitting the club tonight, you in?" i asked leaning against the door frame. 


Ryan looked at me. "Sure." 


I plan on getting totally hammered tonight. Anything to get my mind off Brooklyn. 



Brooklyn Pierce (POV) 


The school bell rang through the classroom, students got up from their seats, making their way out the door. It was the end of school and i was glad. All day i had been thinking about Justin, going over what i said to him, how hurt he looked. 


As the classroom emptied, i stood up from my desk, smoothing out the wrinkles in my purple knee-length dress. Grabbing some paper work and my laptop, i headed out the classroom and down the corridoor. I just want to go home and drown my sorrows in a bottle of Jack Daniel's. 


I noticed Justin hadn't been to any of his lessons because the teacher's were talking about it in the staff room at lunch time. He must really hate me. That's a good thing. He needs to hate you. I thought to myself. 


I was just about to walk out the exit door when i was stopped by the handsome teacher i had slept with. Oh god. Not now. I'm not in the mood to talk. 


"Hey!" he said standing in-front of me, smiling. 


"Hi." i mumbled.


"Everything alright?" 


No. "Yeah." 


"I was wondering if you wanted to go get a drink with me? I know things have been awkward between us because of what happened between us, but i'd really like it if we we're friends." 


"I don't know..." i trailed off, not really in the mood for company. 


He smiled a little. "Oh c'mon. I promise i won't try get you drunk and have sex with you..." 


I let out a little giggle. Okay so that was pretty funny. Well, i do need a drink and he's being really nice, i don't want to sound like a bitch and say no. 


"Okay, fine." 


"Great! I'll meet you at the Remedies club? Say about 7?" he beamed.


"Isn't that where teenagers go?" i asked, raising an eyebrow. 


"We can be teenagers for the night." he winked. 


I smiled a little and nodded. "See you there." i said as i made my way out the double doors, heading towards my mini cooper.




This is stupid! Going to a club where teenagers go! Like i need that right now. But i needed to get out, have some fun. It's not always great living on your own, no one to talk to, just sitting in your pj's, eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's while staring at the TV. 


I stared at myself in the mirror, admiring what i was wearing. Skinny, denim jeans, grey ugg boots, a long flowly white tank top and my hair flowing down my shoulders, behind my back in loose curls. 


I grabbed my bag and phone, making my way out my bedroom door. I felt my phone buzz in my hand. 


(1) new message


There was a part of me that wanted it to be Justin but that was a long shot. I'm sure he's still pretty pissed. 


Sam: I'm standing outside the club. Just waiting for your beauty ;)


I had to laugh at how corny he was being. I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door towards my car on the driveway. I stepped in and switched on the engine, making my way out my driveway and down the road. 


A good night out is what i need, i plan on getting hammered tonight. 


Justin Bieber (POV) 


Arriving at the club, i saw my English teacher, Mr.Shore standing outside, his hands in his pockets, looking like he was waiting for someone. What the hell is he doing here? Stupid question, it's a club, so obviously he's here to get pissed and grind up on girls.


Shrugging to myself, i made my way into the club with Ryan, pushing past people. We made our way to the bar. Me and Ryan have had fake id's since we were 13 so if anyone ask's, we're 21.;) 


The music was booming through the speakers, i could feel the vibrations on the floor. Girls were grinding on guys on the dance floor, some couples having a hot make-out session in the corner. Which just made me think about Brooklyn and our make-out session. NO! STOP! YOU CAME HERE TO FORGET ABOUT HER! YOU CAN PINE OVER HER TOMORROW WHEN YOU'RE HUNGOVER! I yelled in my head.


"You okay man?" Ryan had noticed i was gazing into space. 


I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him with a fake smile on my face. 


"I'm fine." i shrugged. 


"Okay... Let's get pissed!" Ryan said handing me a shot of tachila. Now that's what i call strong. 


I tilted my head back and let the liquid burn down my throat. I scanned the club, looking at random, horny teenagers grinding upon other horny teenagers. 


"Is that Miss.Pierce with Mr.Shore?" i heard Ryan ask.


My head immediatley snapped towards him, following to where he was staring. Yeah, that is Brooklyn with Mr fucking Shore! So that's who she's been seeing. I wanted to get away for the night, not to have to think about her and here she is, in the same club as me! FUCK! 


I turned towards Ryan, not making it seem like i was staring at them for too long, making it obvious something was going on. 


"I need a lot more tachila." i said. Yeah, cause that wasn't obvious I spat sarcastically in my head.




Stumbling out the club, i was pretty drunk. Ryan was also drunk and had been in the toilets most of the night, puking his guts up. I had lost him by the 9th tachila shot. He had passed out on the bar, the barman called a cab for him so he went home, leaving me all on my own. Cause that's not sad is it?... 


I hadn't seen Brooklyn since earlier, she had disapeared in the crowd of teenagers with Mr.Shore. Why the fuck she dating that asshole? He's always hated me, he doesn't know it but dating Brooklyn was his way of giving me a kick in the balls! 


I felt my phone buzz in my jean pocket, reaching in, pulling it out, i slid my finger across the screen unlocking it. 


Shannon: Where r u? r u okai? CALL ME! 


HOW ABOUT NO?! God, does this girl ever stop? I don't have to tell you where i am every god damn second of the day, bitch! 


Rolling my eyes, i stuffed my phone back into my pocket and made my way towards home. But then i stopped in my tracks. Did she know i was gonna be there tonight? Did she want me to see her with Mr.Shore? What if she isn't dating him, what if she just wanted me to think that so i'd back off? I don't know what i was thinking, it wasn't making any sense, but i had to know. I figured Brooklyn had gone home by now because we got school in the morning. Turning on my heel, i headed in the other direction, towards her house.


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