Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



4. The sexy chick with the rocking body

Justin Bieber (POV)


Pulling up to my driveway, hitting the breaks and switching off the engine. 


I looked at my 3 bedroom house which i share with my 2 bestfriends, Ryan and Chaz. We've lived together for over a year, since my mom kicked me out of her house for my bad behaviour and other things i regret. 


So many thoughts were running through my mind but only one was screaming out to me.. The sexy chick with the rocking body. 

Biting down on my lip, i tried shaking her from my mind thinking about other things, but she kept creeping back. What is it with that girl? Why can't i stop thinking about her? 

My thoughts were stopped short when i was interupted by a banging noise on my car window. Turning and seeing Shannon slamming her hand against the glass, mouthing for me to get out the car. Bitch, break my car window and i'll break your tits! Clenching my jaw, i rolled my eyes and stepped out of the car. 

Shannon flung her arms around me but i quickly moved them from my body. 

"What the fuck you doing banging on my car window like that?" i asked, totally annoyed. 

"Sorry baby, you were just staring into space.. Everything okay?" Shannon asked, looking up at me with a smile on her face. 

"Everything's fine! What you doing here?" i questioned. 

"Well, you weren't in class today..and plus i did text you saying i was gonna spend the night... I just missed you and wanted to see you" She moaned. 

Rolling my eyes i walked towards the house, Shannon following behind me like a lost fucking puppy. 

Opening the front door, i walked through the hallway and into the kitchen where Ryan and Chaz were sat at the kitchen table munching on a bag of crisps.

"Wassup bro? Where did you disapear to earlier?" Chaz asked while stuffing his face. 

"Who are you? The FBI? I didn't feel like going to class today. No biggy" I shrugged, planting my ass down next to Chaz on a black stool. 

Shannon stood next to me, leaning on the table infront of her sticking her ass out as far as it could possibly go. Bitch, please!

"You should've been there though, we got this new teacher, she's smoking hot!" Ryan said while having a pedo smile on his face. 

I bet she's a munter. I thought to myself, not really interested in the "smoking hot teacher" subject. "Whatever bro." i stood up, walking out the kitchen making my way towards the stairs. 

I got to my bedroom, opening the door, i walked over to my bed and collapsed ontop of it, burrying my head in my pillow, still thinking about the sexy chick with the rocking body. 

"What is with you? You seem.. distant?" i looked up, seeing Shannon stood in the doorway looking a little upset, playing with her fingers.

"I'm fine! Just stop asking questions!" i spat. 


i couldn't take it anymore, i did what i knew would shut her up. I got up from my bed, walked towards her, smashing my lips against hers. She immediatley kissed back, slowly moving her hands up my body until they were in my hair tugging on the ends. A little moan escaped from my mouth. 

I pulled her body towards the bed and laid her down, hovering ontop of her with my hands either side of her face, i pressed my lips to hers once again staring into her icey blue eyes. All i could picture was the sexy chick with the rocking body and to me, right now, that was a good thing. I wouldn't mind doing kinky things to her, so i kept her face in my mind and leaned down and kissed Shannon, thinking of her heart shaped pink lips.

Shannon then pulled away, staring up at me. "I love you." she said with a little smile on her face. And i love..... to fuck you. Not wanting her to say another word, i ran my fingers through her long blonde hair, staring at her boring lips, i made my way down to her neck leaving trails of kisses and moving onto the other side of her neck, letting another moan escape from my mouth. 

She bagan to tug on my white v-neck t-shirt, with both her hands, she pulled it off over my head and chucked it across the room, landing on the floor. Staring at my perfectly shaped muscles, yeah, i can be a vain bastard. she bit down on her bottom lip, leaning on her elbows, she started kissing my chest. Can we just get on with the fucking please?! I hated it when she teased, it's not sexy, it's annoying.

I tugged on the bottom of her black tank top pulling it over her head, i chucked it across the room, landing next to my t-shirt. Staring at her purple laced bra, i leaned down kissing her hungrily, i could feel her hands running down my body, stopping at my skinny jeans, un-buckling my belt, i slid my jeans off, hovering over her with just my boxers on. 


Sitting up, so now she was straddling me, she slid her short denim shorts off showing me her underwear. Moving my hand around her back, i un-did her bra  letting the straps fall loose on her shoulders, she slid it off her chest exposing her naked boobs to me.  I cupped them in my hands are massaged them as we kissed. 


I wasn't enjoying this as much as i use to, having sex with Shannon just became boring after each time we did it. It's time for something new, i'm pretty sure the sexy chick with the rocking body could show me a thing or two. Smiling at my own thoughts, not really paying attention to what Shannon had been doing. I realised she was completley naked! Her underwear thrown on the floor next to our t-shirts. 


She was laid down, ready for me to enter her with that stupid grin on her face. I slipped my boxers off throwing them with the rest of our clothes piled on the floor. I laid down ontop of her, not caring if i was crushing her with my body weight as i entered her, grabbing hold of her hips and digging my nails in, which made her moan my name while biting on her bottom lip. 



I woke up to the sound of Chaz shaking my shoulder and yelling at me to get up. I swear to god, if you don't shut the fuck up and let me sleep, i will punch you so hard in your balls. I thought to myself.


"Justin, wake up man, we're late for school!" Chaz yelled. 


My eyes slowly fluttered open, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, i slowly sat up, having the sun light streaming through my window hit me in the face. 


I looked over to see, Shannon had gone.  


"Where'd she go?" I asked, looking at Chaz who knew who i was talking about.


"She went to school already, which is where our asses should be! Now c'mon!" Chaz said as he walked out my bedroom. 




Arriving in school, walking towards my locker, still tired after last night, i slowly turned the dial on my locker, twisting in the combination, when Chaz and Ryan walked over to me, slapping each other in the face because they're "normal"

"You heard bout this school dance happening tomorrow night?" Ryan asked leaning against the lockers. 

"No, should i?" I questioned, taking my history book out my locker.

"I'm only going so i can spike the drinks with vodka, people need to let loose round here, espeshally the girls." Chaz said, smirking. 

"You're gonna try and rape the girls at this school, how sweet." I said sarcastically.

"Not rape them, just get them drunk enough to want to fuck me." Chaz said as he turned on his heel, heading towards the classroom. 

"Dude, no girl is gonna wanna fuck you, sober or drunk." i heard Ryan say as they both walked off down the corridoor. 

Why am i friends with these pervs? i thought.

Someone then caught the corner of my eye, turning to see who it was....

it was her, the sexy chick with the rocking body, walking down the corridoor and i soon perked up. I noticed she was walking towards the classroom i had to be in. placing my history book in my arm, slamming my locker shut, i headed in her direction walking into the classroom. I couldn't help but smirk at her as i walked past, remembering what she said yesterday "bad boy" The way she said it was just too sexy, i wanted her. 

Sitting down where i normally sit, at the back next to Ryan and Chaz.


The sexy chick with the rocking body was stood at the front of the classroom, setting down some books and her laptop on the desk. Students poured in, taking their seats and soon the room was silent as she spoke up. 


"Good morning class, i'm Miss.Pierce, your new history teacher."


Well fuck....

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