Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



24. Stay With Me.

Justin Bieber (POV)


I paced up and down my old bedroom, biting my bottom lip, wondering what had just happened. I tried calling Brooklyn back but she wasn't answering. I don't know if she hung up on me or someone cut us off. One thing i do know, i have to go to her. 


I changed back into my skinny red jeans, my black v-neck top, black supra's and black leather jacket. I rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mum was sat at the kitchen table drinking a mug of coffee. 


"I've gotta go." I said before kissing her cheek. 


"So soon?" She asked looking at me. 


I was on edge, but i didn't want my mum to worry. I faked a smile. "Something's come up, i really have to go. I'll call you later." Before she could say anything, i bolted out the kitchen and out the front door. The cold air hit me making me shiver but i ignored it and got into my car. I stuck the key in the ignition and backed out of the driveway and sped off down the street. 


I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach, a bad feeling. 




30 minutes later, i arrived at Brooklyn's house, i stamped on the breaks and skidded the car to a hault once i saw an ambulance outside and the front door was wide open. My eyes widended, my heart started to pace rapidly. 


I didn't bother turning the engine off, i swung open the car door and ran towards the house and stopped once i saw two paremedic guys coming out of the house, both holding onto a stretcher, guiding it down the path towards the ambulance. I rushed over, praying to god it wasn't Brooklyn laying on that stretcher. 


I felt an ounce of relief once i realised it was Stefan. His eyes were closed and he had an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, his head bandaged up. My eyes then snapped towards the house, i was just about to sprint in there when Tyler came walking out. He stopped at the door frame and let out a deep breath.


"What happened to Stefan? Where's Brooklyn?" My breathing sped up, i felt like i was going to pass out. 


Tyler looked at me. "I-i don't know." He stuttered. "I came here to see her, the door was opened a little and when i walked in i saw Stefan on the floor, she's nowhere to be seen." His voice racked with worry. 


I squeezed my eyes shut knowing something bad has happened to her, but what? Who would do this? 


My eyes then snapped open. Sam. Could it be possible that he hurt Stefan? Could he have Brooklyn? A voice in the back of my head was telling me to go to his house, so i listened to it and rushed towards my car. 


"Wait!" Tyler called out. I turned to see him jogging over to me. "Where you going? The hospital?" 


"No. Just.. go to the hospital with Stefan, i gotta find Brooklyn." And with that i left Tyler stood there worried and scared. 


I sped off down the street, turning every corner with a screech of the car wheels. 



Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


I groaned as a ray of light seeped through my eyelids. I slowly fluttered my eyes open and winced as i felt a sharp pain bolt through my head. I adjusted my eyes to the brightness in the room as i slowly sat up but was immediatley pulled back down when i realised that i was laying on a bed with both my hands tied to a headboard with rope. My eyes trailed down to my white tank top which was now stained with my blood. I could feel the blood dripping down the back of my neck and the front. Sam got me good. 


I only had on my white, correction, my blood stained tank top and pink pj shorts, i felt the coldness of the room hit my skin and i shivered. I scanned the room, i was in a bedroom, a nice bedroom, surprisingly. I lay on a king size bed, opposite me was the bedroom door and a flat screen TV which was hanging on the wall, to my right was another door, i'm guessing it was the bathroom or a walk in closet.


My body froze when i heard footsteps outside the bedroom door and then it swung open. Sam stood there staring at me with a smirk on his face, his hands were down by his sides, balled up into fists. 


"Oh good, you're awake." He smiled a little. 


I pulled on the rope that was tied around my wrists, trying to get myself free but the rope was to tight and i was only causing damage to my skin. I huffed in annoyance and looked at Sam. "Why are you doing this?" 


Sam let out an evil chuckle which gave me goosebumps. He slowly walked towards the bed and leaned over me. "Like i said earlier, revenge." He sneered. 


"Revenge for what?!" I shrieked. 


"For all the shit Justin has put me through!" He spat which caused me to jump a little as his voice got louder. "For the years he's been making my life hell, all cause i hit his mum." He rolled his eyes like it was no big deal. "He needs to learn that women need to be punished." His face then relaxed as he stared into my eyes. "Then i met you." He said softly as he sat down beside me and ran his fingers through my messy bun hair. "I thought i could make you mine, i was so nice to you." His face hardened again. "But you treated me like shit! I even tried to make Justin look bad, but you still chose him didn't you?" His voice was barley a whisper which made me shiver. 


I gulped down hard. 


"Now," He whispered as a smirk forms on his lips. "Let's call your boyfriend shall we? I'm sure he's worried about you." He said as he pulled his blackberry out his pocket. 


I stared at him as he dialed a number on his phone and then pressed the phone to his ear. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to hold back the tears that were forming. 



Justin Bieber (POV) 


I skidded into Sam's street and then hit the breaks when my phone started buzzing and Brooklyn's name flashed on the screen. I immediatley pressd answer and pressed the phone to my ear. 


"Brook-" I got cut off when a voice rung through my ears, the voice that get's my blood boiling. 


"Hello, Justin." He spoke in a low tone. 


I clenched my jaw. "Sam. You piece of shit! What have you done with her?!" I spat. 


"Oh, are you refuring to Brooklyn? She's right here." He says as a light chuckle escapes his lips. 


"Don't fucking touch me!" I heard Brooklyn spit in the background. 


I clenched and unclenched my free hand on the streering wheel. "You keep your fucking hands off her! I swear to god!" I spat.


Sam chuckled again. "Or what?" He challenged. "What are you going to do?" 


I evily smirked as my eyes snap towards Sam's house, he has no idea i'm right outside. "You'll see." I whisper and with that, i hung up. 


I turned off the ignition and stepped out the car, scanning the street making sure no one was around to hear Sam's screams once i get my hands on him. 


I ignored the cold breeze which hit my body as soon as i stepped out the car, the sun was slowly setting turning the sky a light orange and pink colour. 


I walked to the back of my car and popped open the boot. I stared at the baseball bat laying there infront of me. It's been there ever since Ryan and Chaz borrowed my car to go play baseball with some friends on the weekends. I guess i'll have to thank the boys later.


I picked it up and gripped the wooden bat in my hand, slamming the car boot shut with my other hand. This shit end's today! I thought to myself as i made my way towards the house. The anger inside me was building quickly with each step i took towards the front door. My face was hard, my jaw was clenched, my breathing was uneasy, i was ready to do some serious damage. 


I decided not to bang on the door, i don't want Sam knowing i'm right outside his house. I want to catch him off guard, that way he won't have time to retaliate. 


I didn't fancy climbing through any windows, so i was relieved when i turned the door knob and it opened. I peeked my head through and scanned the hallway. The mess that i had caused in their just yesterday was gone. The broken glass, the pictures, his clothes, it was all gone. I guess Sam done a little spring cleaning. 


I slowly stepped inside the house and closed the door shut quitley behind me. I held the wooden baseball down by my side as i scanned the living room. That was all cleaned up to. I did the same with the kitchen then my eyes snapped towards the stairs as i heard Brooklyn's voice. 


"You won't get away with this!" She snapped.


I made my way over to the bottom of the stairs as i clenched the bat tighter in my hand. I could hear Brooklyn and Sam's voices grow closer as i quitley took each step towards the top hallway. As i reached the last step, i scanned the doors either side of me. There was 2 on the left and 1 on the right. I decided to take the 2nd one on the left as that's where i could hear voices. 


Inching my way closer to the door, i heard Sam yell, "You bitch!" 


That's my cue to step in and fuck up his plans. I gripped the door handle, swinging it open, making it bang against the wall behind it. I saw Brooklyn tied down to a bed, her hands tied onto the head board with rope like she was some wild animal and Sam hovering over her with his fist in the air ready to strike her. That was all it took for me to lunge towards Sam.


"You mother fucker!" I spat as i swung the baseball bat towards his face. 


Sam turned towards me and dodged the bat just as it missed the side of his face and smacked onto the bed, just missing Brooklyn's leg. I let go of the bat, and took the oppitunitey to jab my elbow into his nose. I smirk slightly in satisfaction as i hear his nose pop. Sam quickly placed his hand over his nose as blood began to gush out, his eyes started to water from the pain and he cussed..... a lot. 


Grabbing a fist full of his shirt, i slammed him up against the wall behind me, causing him to wince in pain. His face was red, his eyes were now slits. He was a totally different person, but i had met this person years back when he beat my mum. Finally, Brooklyn now knows what a sycopathic bastard he really is. Brooklyn! I snapped out of my rage and looked over at Brooklyn laying on the bed, trying to free herself from the rope around her wrists with a scared look on her face. I slowly turned my head back to Sam.


I leaned my face in close to his. "I'll deal with you in a minute." I whispered then my knee came in contact with his stomach and he fell to the floor, coughing up blood and clutching his stomach. 


I figured that gave me time so i rushed over to Brooklyn as she sighed in relief. I saw the dry blood on the side of her face, my heart sunk a little. I caused this. 


I brushed my hand slowly down her cheek as i give her a sympathetic look. "You okay?" I ask softly. 


She nods her head slowly. "Am i glad to see you." She breathed out. Her body relaxed and she let her head fall back against the pillow. 


I took Brooklyn's hand and untied the rope from her wrist, i was just about to do the same with her other wrist until Brooklyn's body tensed up and her eyes widened. 


"JUSTIN!" She screamed. 


I quickly turned around and my whole body tensed up as i felt a sharp pain pulse through my stomach.



Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


"JUSTIN!" I screamed as Sam rose from the ground and creeped up behind him. Justin turned but it was to late. He had a blade in his hand, i watched in horror as he plunged it into Justin's stomach and quickly yanked it out causing Justin to drop to his knees. 


"NO!" I screamed as tears poured down my cheeks. 


Sam let out a loud chuckle. "You're pathetic, Justin. You're weak! Just like your mum! All the shit you put me through over the years! Putting me in hospital, having me arrested, making my life hell in school, don't tell me you didn't see this coming." 


His attention then turned towards me. "And you." He spits, pointing his fingers at me. "Little miss perfect." His voice turning a child-like tone. "I was good to you! I actually loved you! You threw everything back in my face like i was nothing! All for him?!" He spat as he pointed his finger towards Justin. 


I looked down at Justin, he was still on his knees clutching his stomach as blood seeped through his hand. His breathing began to slow down. 


I knew i had to do something, and fast. "All the shit he caused you was because you deserved it and you know it." My voice began to crack. "You beat up his mum, what did you expect him to do? Sit back and let you carry on?! You make people's lives miserable, Sam because you can't stand to see others happy when you ain't." Little did Sam know that while i was giving him a reality check, i was also un-tying my other hand from the rope without him noticing, he was to caught up in anger. 


"Your the pathetic one! Your the weak one! Not Justin, you!" I knew how to push Sam's buttons and i was doing a pretty good job of it. 


Sam clenched his fists at his sides as his chest heaved up and down at a rapid pace. He walked past Justin and over to me. "Is that so?" He whispers as he bows his head down coming eye-level with me.


My other hand was finally free. My face hardened, "Yeah." I whispered, with that i grabbed the lamp off the bed side cabinet beside me and smashed it over Sam's head, causing him to stumble backwards. Justin clenched through his teeth as he rose to his feet. He was huntched over, still clutching his stomach. As Sam fell to the floor, Justin grabbed the blade out of his hand and plunged it into his chest. 


Justin collapsed beside Sam on the floor as he tried to catch his breath. 


Rushing over to Justin, i dropped to my knees beside him. Blood was seeping through his top and hand, his face turned pale, his lips turning blue. 


"Ugh god, this sucks." He groaned as he squeezed his eyes shut. 


"It's okay..." I tried to remain calm, i couldn't freak out, not now, not when Justin needs me the most. "You're going to be okay. Just hang in there." My breathing hitched, tears continued to stream down my face like a water fall  


I turned my attention to Sam, i had to check if he was still alive. I slowly crawled over to him. His eyes were closed, the blade was still sticking out of his chest as blood gushed out around it. I slowly reached out my shaking, sweaty hand and pressed my index and middle finger to his wrist, i could feel no pulse. I quickly pulled my hand away and squeezed my eyes shut. He's dead! Justin killed him! Justin could die! What do i do?! Why did this have to happen to us?! I thought to myself. I snapped my eyes open and reached into Sam's jean pocket and pulled out his blackberry. 


"Brook.... lyn..." Justin croaked. 


"I'm calling for help. You're gonna be fine." My voice barley a whisper. I punched in the 3 digit number onto the keypad and placed the phone to my ear as i crawled back over to Justin. 


His eyes glued to mine, as tears were threatening to fall from them. 


"Just stay with me." I said. "Please stay with me." I whisper to myself. My eyes pleading to him more than anything. 


"I.....love...you..." Justin whispered as his eyes slowly fluttered to a close. 


"Justin?" No response. "Justin?! No no no no!!! Stay with me!"  I shrieked. I dropped the blackberry on the floor causing the back case to pop off the phone. 


I placed both my hands on either side of Justin's shoulders and shook him with force hoping he would wake up, but he didn't.


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