Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



5. School Dance


Brooklyn Pierce (POV)

Scanning around the classroom, noticing all eyes were on me. Oh shit.Okay, you can do this. I know it's your first day but act like you've done this a million times. I thought to myself. Biting down on my bottom lip, i cleared my throat and spoke up.

"Good morning class, i'm Miss.Pierce, your new history teacher."

Students were turning to each other, the guys smirking and whispering things to each other.

I didn't want to be one of those teachers that could bore you to death, not having the students pay attention while you're trying to teach. No, i'm 24 years old, I wanted to be a fun teacher that students would love and could come to me for advice.

"Does anyone have any questions before we start the lesson?" i asked, looking around at the student's faces, then I heard one guy speak up.

"Are you single?"

Giggles from the students filled the room.

Where have i heard that voice before? I followed the voice to the back of the room and there he was, bad boy i thought but quickly shaking my head, trying to get that out of my brain. He was staring at me with a little grin on his face, his hazel brown eyes staring into mine.

"I don't think that's any of your buisness." I said raising an eyebrow.

I am single, i just don't want him knowing that. I've been single for almost 2 years, i got out of a very bad relationship and haven't been with anyone since.

"Oh c'mon, it's just a simple question." he said, still staring at me with those gorgeous brown eyes. OMG STOP. I shook my head once again, trying to get that out of my mind. What is wrong with me? I shouldn't be saying that about a student!

I itched the back of my neck, feeling a little awkward. I cleared my throat "Okay, let's get on with today's lesson..."


Justin Bieber (POV)

Normally hearing the school bell ringing made me jump for joy! But today, it was diffrerent, i didn't jump for joy, i was pissed off to be honest. I didn't want this history lesson to end all because of her. All these years i've been wishing for a sexy teacher to come along and BOOM, she's right infront of me.

As everyone was making their way out the classroom, i stayed behind, grabbing my history book off my desk, i walked towards the front of class and stopped infront of Miss.Pierce. She was sat at her desk, looking down, she seemed to be writing something down on paper. I didn't care enough to look.

"So, you gonna answer my question?" i asked her.

She looked up at me with her big, warm blue eyes. I could feel butterflies forming in my stomach. What is this shit? She licked her lips what a turn on.

"What question would that be?" she questioned.

"Are you single?" I asked, looking curious.

"As i told you earlier Justin, that's none of your buisness." she said looking a little annoyed.

"Playing hard to get now huh?"I asked grinning a little.

"I'm not playing anything."

"Sure. So, calling me a bad boy yesterday was just your way of saying hi?"

"Can't teenagers take a joke these days? Now, if you don't mind. I'm busy." she said, her eyes traveling down to her desk.

"Can I atleast know your first name?" I asked.

But she didn't answer me. Turning on my heels, i was about to head for the door then i froze, hearing her call out my name.

''Justin'' I Turned so that i was facing her.


''Brooklyn. My name is Brooklyn.''

''See that wasnt that hard was it?'' I winked.

''Now go.'' She smiled, returning to her work.

''But what if I dont want to?'' I smirked.

''Well that would be a 30 minute detention'' she laughed. I wouldn't mind spending detention with you. I thought.

''Well then I'm in detention'' I smiled.

''Just go.''

Sighing I gave in , turning on my heels once more and heading for the corridoor. Damn that women was a piece of work.

Walking into the car park I saw Shannon leaning against my car with her arms crossed at her chest. Here it comes....

''Where have you been?!'' She snapped.

''I got talking to someone'' I groaned.

''Well you should of text me or something I've been waiting here for ages'' she moaned.

''I'd hardly call 15 minutes ages..'' I stated, wanting nothing more than for her to shut her fucking mouth!

"Are you coming with me to the school dance tomorrow?" she asked.

"Do i have a choice?" i asked sighing.

"Nope." she said with that annoying grin on her face.

Brooklyns POV

After Justin had left I got up from my desk and walked over to my window which looks out onto the car park. I watched him as he greeted a blonde girl at his car. God why is he so beautiful? NO STOP! Don't think of him like that!

Watching as he chatted away to the blonde girl. I caught myself in some sort of daydream.

I don't like where this is going...



Justin Bieber (POV)

Flicking through the channels on TV, i sighed to myself. I'm sat here waiting for my 2 bestfriends to hurry the fuck up so we can get this irrelevant school dance other with.

Switching off the TV, i stood up and walked over to the mirror hanging on the wall infront of me. Looking myself up and down, i was wearing skinny black jeans, grey v-neck t-shirt, red supra's and a red cap.

I look hot. Vain bastard remember? Staring at myself in the mirror i then got to thinking about Brooklyn. Just saying her name made my body grow hot. Will she be there tonight? Helping out with the other teachers? As teacher's do at school dances to keep an eye on students who might be sneaking in alcahol or couples having a hardcore make-out session in the toilets. Can't tell you how many times i've been caught doing both those things.

Shaking my head, wiping away my thoughts, i got frustrated. I headed to the bottom of the stairs. "WILL YOU GIRLS HURRY THE FUCK UP?!....WHAT YOU DOING?! SHAVING YOUR LEGS?! " i shouted.

"Chill out bro, we're coming." Chaz yelled from upstairs.

Shoving my hands into my jean pockets, pulling out my iphone 5, i slid my finger across the screen, unlocking it. Scanning down my contacts list, i tapped on Shannon's name and pressed "Call"

"Hey baby!" She beamed from the other end.

"You ready? I aint waiting around for you, it's bad enough waiting for Ryan and Chaz." I said, sounding totally annoyed.

"I'm ready. Just waiting for you." She said. By the tone in her voice, i could tell she had that stupid grin on her face.

"Wait outside your house, i'll be there soon." And with that, i hung up. Stuffing my phone back into my jean pocket.

I hate school dances, they're cheesy, with cheesy decorations. No matter how many streamers and banners you hang up, it still looks cheesy. I only agreed to go cause well, i had no choice really. Shannon wanted me to go with her and i knew if i said no she'd start moaning like a 4 year old and i couldn't be dealing with that irrelevant shit. The only thing i was looking forward to about this dance was hopefully seeing her.


Pulling up to the school car park, pulling into a space, i shut off the engine. Chaz and Ryan were finally ready after an hour! I live with girls, i swear. Both of them sat in the back seat, talking about how they're gonna get these 2 specific girls drunk and try to fuck them. As you do....

Shannon was in the passenger seat, wearing a short, strapless, flowy pink dress, making her boobs pop out, but of course, me being a guy, i wasn't complaning. On her feet she had strappy silver high heels. Her hair was tied into a neat pony tail and she had so much make-up on, it looked like 4 year olds went all crayola on her face.

We stepped out the car, walking towards the school entrance where other students were heading, looking excited. It's a school dance, what's there to get excited about? We made our way down the corridoor. I could hear the music from here, i could feel the vibrations under my feet. Heading towards the school gym.

Chaz opened the double doors and i almost got blinded by the flashing lights that were smashing onto my face. There was green lights, pink lights, purple, blue... Wtf? Our school dances are never like this! It looked like a rave more than a dance! Is that a stage? Where did that disco ball come from? IS THAT MRS. CROOKS DANCING?! Wtf is happening?

Our school dances are always boring, a few lights, a few banners, a few cheesy streamers, but this one... I mean, there's a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, the first time i've actually seen one in the school gym. Whoever put this together did pretty good i guess.

Chaz and Ryan walked in, pushing past students who were bumping and grinding against one another. Shannon stayed by my side, looking around the gym, totally amazed. I scanned my eyes around the gym, seeing guys from my Math's class pouring a bottle of vodka into the red punch bowl that was sat on a table.

Shannon then spotted her friends and rushed over to them, screaming and hugging. CAN YOU NOT? I groaned in frustration. I aint standing around with her and those annoying bithces. fuck that. I turned on my heel and headed towards the empty classroom across the corridoor. I stopped short in my tracks when i bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going!" I snapped. Looking up, i was met with two warm blue eyes which caused a grin to appear on my face. 

Brooklyn Pierce (POV)

Arriving at the school car park, i stepped out my mini cooper, straightening my knee length purple dress. I made my way to the entrance, opening the door, i headed down the corridoor with the sound of my heels clicking against the floor. I looked down at my black heels, making sure the strap hadn't come un-done on them, which they just love to randomly do.

Before i got the chance to look up to see where i was going, i felt someone's body crash into me and i stopped in my tracks.

"Watch where you're going!" That voice. I know you.

I looked up to see Justin, he was looking down at the floor. I guess he wasn't looking where he was going either.

"That was rude." I said.

"Sorry.. " Justin said grinning. I then caught him looking me up and down. Is he checking me out?

"You look.... wow." He said staring back into my eyes. I couldn't help but smile a little.

"Thanks i guess. You enjoying yourself?" i asked as i took a cheeky look at what he was wearing. HOTTIE. NO! WHAT?! STOP!

"I am now."

"I mean the dance."

"I only just got here." Justin said.

"Okay, well have fun." i said as i headed towards the gym.


I stopped and turned towards Justin, he was holding up a little bottle of vodka!

"Wanna join me?" he asked smirking.

"You bought vodka with you? And you're asking me, a teacher, to join you?!" I asked looking shocked.

"Pretty much...."

Is he dumb or is he dumb? "You know i have to report you to the head master, right?" i questioned.

"Do whatever you want. I'm gonna go drink this in that empty classroom." Justin said pointing his finger infront of him towards the classroom.

What is he doing? Offering vodka to a teacher? Does he do this with all the teachers? Is it so bad that i want to drink with him? No one would have to know. Everyone's enjoying the dance, the other teacher's wont notice i'm not there with them. Plus, i really need a strong drink, 2 days at this school and i'm already stressed.

It's wrong but, it feels right....

"Okay, fine. I will join you. I could really do with a strong drink right now, you kids are already driving me crazy and it's only been 2 days. BUT, tell the head master or any other member of staff, i'll have you suspended for drinking on school grounds, got it?" i said walking towards Justin, snatching the bottle of vodka out his hand, and seeing his face exspression. He looked pretty taken back as to what i just said and did.

Walking towards the classroom door, i opened it, switched on the light then i turned to him.

"You coming in or what?" i asked, raising an eyebrow.

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