Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



14. Remembering

Patties POV.

(Going back 4 years).

Sat in front of my mirror I inspected the bruise dabbing it softly I winced hearing the key in the door knowing it was Justin returning from school I squirted foundation onto my hand before vigorouisly rubbing it over the bruise no matter how much it hurt I couldnt let Justin see me like this.

Forcing a smile I ran downstairs to greet him.

"Hey Justin" I beamed as he turn around after he'd hung up his coat.

"Hey mum" He smiled wrapping his arms around my waist and placing a little kiss on my cheek

"What do you want to eat" I asked stroking his cut on his cheek from the fight he'd had with a kid from his school a few days ago.

"Cheese and Ham Sandwhich please" he smirked before jolting upstairs to go on his xbox.

Quickly checking in the mirror to make sure my bruise was still covered I sighed and headed to the kitchen to make Justins sandwhich.

Lately Justins been acting out qnd rebeling against school and I know exactly why I'd been single for all his life because I never had time to date with Justin been so demanding of my time not that it bothered me I was happy with my life , just me and my little man anyway about 6 months ago I had to go to a parents evening thing and thats when I met him Sam Shore Justins French Teacher.

And 6 months on me and Sam are dating and Justin is rebeling in hope that it'll end and he'll have be all to himself once again buy I'd made of tougher stuff Bieber.

Pulling out of my track of thought I carried on making the finishing touches to Justins sandwhich before shouting him down for it.

Leaning against the counter I waited for Justin to take a seat at the table.

"How was school?" I questioned inching near my bruise and wincing

'Okay I suppose" He muttered taking another bite of his sandwhich

"You didnt end up in trouble did you?" I questioned begging to the lord that the answer would be a NO since the principle had put Justin on a "Code RED" with his recent behavouir.

"Depends what you'd class as trouble" he smirked sharing a laugh with himself.

"JUSTIN DREW BIEBER" I bellowed startiling him "Now school might take your crap but as your mother I certainly wont" I continued

"Fine nothing" He sighed pushing his empty plate towards me.

"Is Mr DoucheBag coming over tonight" He tutted

"For the last time Justin his name is Sam" I said taking his plate and resting it in the sink.

"Yeah whatever he's still a douchebag" he muttered locking his fingers together.

"Justin when are you gonna grow the hell up and realise that he makes you happy"

"Oh yeah thats why you cry yourself to sleep ... The walls are thin mum I can hear you and I'm fed up with how he's treating you". He yelled slamming his fist down on the table.

"Justin this has got nothing to do with you" I shrieked tugging at my hair.

"Well I'm making it my busisness now"He yelled balling his fists and bolting for the front door.

"Justin" I screamed gripping onto the kitchen side for dear life incase I passed out.

Justins POV.
(Back in the school office ).

"Why are you dragging my mum into this.. She has nothing to do with his" I spat ballig my fists at the though of what Sam did to her.

"I need to find out why you and Mr Shore have such a problem".

"I dont have a problem with Mr Bieber sir" Sam butted in.

"Oh shut up" I muttered

"JUSTIN" the principal yelled

"What?" I sighed

"Right I'm calling your mother and then maybe we'll get to the bottom of this". He tutted turning to his phone.

Sighing I shoved my hands into my pockets I wouldnt let him call her and put her through it all again. I wont let her have to sit in a room with a woman beater and I certainly wont let my girlfriend and unborn child go through this even though I didnt know if the child was mine

"Fine I'll tell you" I sighed.

"Well look who's seen sense" the principal joked.

*haha not fucking funny*.

"Sam was in a relationship with my mum and he beat her quite badly so badly that I put him in hospital for 6 months". I sighed fighting the urge to cry as the memorys of what he did to my mum flooded my brain.

"Wow Justin I'm flattered that you hate me so much to make up such a story" Sam sneered

Balling my fists I was ready to knock this son of bitces reeth right out but something stopped me as I felt Brooks hand rub my back I wanted to shrugg her off but then I realised that she believed me and was reassurring me.

"I have prove" I blurted out

"And whats that" the ptincipal questioned darting his eyes at Sam.

"Call officer Burke abd officer Lee ask them they know the truth"

"Okay"..Reaching for his phone he dialled in the number pressed loud speaker and waited for an answer.

"Hello Officer Burke"
"Hello its the principal at the temps valley high school I'm calling for confirmation on something".
"Okay fire away whats up".
"I have a student in my office .. Justin Bieber you may know him"
"Yeah I know him why whats he done?"
"He's made an aligation that Sam Shore beat his mother 4 years ago and that is why he punched Sam or its the main reason behind it all is that true?" he questioned tapping his desk with his pen.
There was a small silence as we waited for Officer Burke to reply

"Yes that it true.. Sam beat Justins mother Pattie to the point that you couldnt recognise her under her cuts and bruises."

"Uhm thank you Officer Burke". The principal chocked out.

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