Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



22. Past is the Past.

Justins Pov.


"Hey" I whispered holding back the tears reaslising just how much I missed her.

"What are you doing here" her voice more ragid

"I need somewhere to kip tonight" I lied

"What sort of trouble are you in?" She asked her arms folding across her chest

"None why?" I joked hoping she'd believe me

"Justin... you start talking or you arent stepping a foot in this house and thats a promise" she warned

"Okay okay.." I gave in "The police may be looking for me"

"Justin I thought you gave up playing cat and mouse with them years ago"

"I know but please mum I really need you right now and I am still your son remember"

"Yeah I remember worst 14 hours of my life thank you very much"

"Yeah but you got me in the end"

"I'm still debating if thats a good or bad thing Justin... I kicked you out for a reason because you were forever in trouble and look at you now come running back home because your in trouble Again."

"Please mum just let me stay the night I'll tell you everything and I'll be out of your hair before 6 the next morning.".

Sighing she looked me up and down before opening the door fully and letting me in.

Walking past her I smiled but didnt get one in return

"Have you been eating .. you look thin" she chirped up shutting the door behind me

"No not really lost my appetite" I answered truthfully

"Well what do you want.. I'll cook you something" she trailed off into the kitchen

"Nothing I'm not hungry " I shouted to her sitting down on the sofa.

"So hows life been" I shouted to her

"Not too great what about yours" she called back

"Cant say its been the best few years of my life" I answered truthfully

"You do know I love you and I miss you like crazy Justin dont you" She asked walking into the living room and sitting beside me.

"But you've always told me that you dont care and you want nothing to do with me" I answered face screwed up like you wouldnt believe

"And I wish I could take it back every single word of it... I never meant it I just hoped that if I was horrible to you you'd get the message and want to try and sort your life out".

"Mum" I spat out after chewing on my tongue for a while

"Yeah?" She questioned looking right at me.

"Did you know about dad" I asked chocking up at the thought.

"Yes sweetie I did" her face crumpled as she fought to hold back the tears.

"Then why didnt you stop him..why did you let him do that why mum why?" I asked face serouis than ever before

"I was young Justin I was terrified of my own shadow and your father was so much more bigger than me... and I tried I promised you I tried.. I let him beat me to the point where I was inches from death just so he wouldnt hurt you" .

"You tried mum you didnt stop him . "

"Justin do you remember all those times you spent the night at grandma's and grandads" she asked

"Yeah but hardly"

"Well those were the nights when you father beat me so bad that I couldnt bare for you too see me".

"Mum I'm sorry I didnt know " I stuttered as I watched tears roll down her pink cheeks

"Its all my fault Justin" she sobbed looking up at me

"What is?" I questioned

"The way you turned out its my fault I pushed you away instead of been there for you I just couldnt stand how much you reminded me of your dad and I put my feelings before my own son"

"No its not your fault at all I should of stopped using my fists to resolve things dont ever blame yourself .. you had enpugh on your plate without some troublesome kid to deal with"

"Thats the thing about parenting no matter how much you have piled n your plate your still there for you children and I wasnt there for you " she sobbed once again.

"Mum" I stuttered holding my arms out for her .

"And then Sam came along and I pushed you out for him... I pushed my own son out for a women beater that makes me feel so sick"

"You werent to know mum just stop blaming yourself"

"How can I not the shit I've put you through and you still love me"…

Wow did my mum just swear...well fuck

"No if anything I should blame myself for everything ... the shit I put you through mum ... the constant fights ... bailing me put of prison time after time... the drug abuse.. I hate myself for what I've put you through mum".

"You should never blame yourself for any of that .. thats what happens when you have a shit upbringing when the people you need arent here for you".

"Mum just stop.. you've gone through enough without blaming yourself for the past.. the past is the past".

"I'm sorry Justin I really am".

"I'm sorry too mum..I've messed up both of our lives something really bad as happened"

"What do you mean?"…

"I might have got a girl pregnant".

"Oh no please Justin.. who is she"

"Uhmm her name's Brook and she's a teacher at my school" I whispered

"Oh god Justin...".

"I'm sorry mum it wasnt meant to end like this it was never my intention to get her pregnant but theres another little glitch"


"She slept with Sam".

"Sam ..... Shore"


"Oh Justin... does she know who the father is".

"No.. and then yesterday Sam got into an arguement with her and pushed her down the school stairs and Brook ended up in hospital".

"And the baby?" My mum inquired

"The babys fine but Sam wont be when I get a hold of him".

"Justin dont...you have a reason to be good again this baby.. if your the father you need to be a  inspiration "

"I dont know that though do I?.. until I knpw definatley Sam is going to pay and this time I wont make the mistake of keeping him alive

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