Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



9. No-one is going to fuck up our relationship no-one

Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


Standing in the teacher's longue, holding a mug of tea, I got to thinking about Justin. 3 weeks ago i first had sex with him! A 16 year old student! Since then we've been sneaking around together, making out in my classroom when no one was around. Risky, i know, but that's what make's it exciting. I know it's wrong and i could loose everything if anyone found out but i can't help myself. He make's me laugh and smile and my feelings for him get stronger everyday. 


"Are you okay?" 


Snapping out of my daydream, i noticed Ms.Smith staring at. She's in her 30's, Math's teacher, nice girl to talk to. She's become a close friend of mine, i feel like i can tell her anything. Well, almost everything. 


"I'm fine."


"You don't look so good. You look a little pale. Are you feeling okay?" she asked, knitting her eyebrows together. 


"I'm feeling a little woozy, probably because i skipped breakfast." i said, settling down my mug of tea on the table, i gave her a little smile and headed out the room. 


Walking down the corridoor, making my way past students i noticed Shannon stood at her locker with tears in her eyes. I was curious to know what was bothering her. Has she found out about me and Justin? Did they have an argument? Did he break up with her like he said he was going to do? 


"Shannon, you okay?" i asked stopping infront of her. 


She quickly wiped away her tears and gave me a fake smile. "I'm fine."


"No you're not. C'mon, you can talk to me" I gave her a reasuring smile. 


Her eyes trailed down to the floor. "I think Justin is cheating on me." she mumbled. 


My heart started beating faster than it should, i felt my palms getting sweaty. I had to keep a straight face, i couldn't show any emotion. Clearing my throat, i folded my arms across my chest. "What make's you say that?"


"He's out all the time, when i call him sometimes he answers, most of the time i'm talking to his voicemail. I know he's annoyed with me calling him all the time but i get worried. You don't know what he was like. What he use to be like.... " she trailed off. 


My eyebrows knitted together. What he use to be like? I thought to myself. 


"I overheard him talking to some girl on the phone the other day. I think he met up with her that night." 


Oh god! She overheard mine and Justin's conversation! Shit. 


"Erm, do you know who the girl is?" i asked, my voice started to crack.


"No.. but just wait till i do." Shannon said, clentching her jaw.


I need to find Justin! 



Justin Bieber (POV)


As i walked into the school entrance, Chaz and Ryan were slapping each other in the face, like they always do. I've been in a good mood latley, knowing that Brooklyn is all mine. She brings out the good in me, she makes me smile and laugh. Chaz and Ryan have noticed a change in my attitude but they think it's because of Shannon. Is it fuck! I'm still meaning to break up with her! 


My thoughts were stopped short when someone called out my name. Turning around, i saw Brooklyn walking towards me wearing skinny denim jeans, silver heels and a strappy black top. God she look's beautiful! 


"Alright Miss.Pierce." Chaz said, trailing his eyes up and down her body. 


"Don't you two have classes to get to?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. 


"Yeah.." Ryan said. 


"Then get to it!" 


Chaz and Ryan walked off down the corridoor, continuing to slap each other... 


"What's up?" i asked. 


Brooklyn bit down on her bottom lip, looking on edge. She then grabbed my arm and led me to her empty classroom. She shut the door behind her and paced up and down the room. 


"What's wrong?" i asked, knitting my eyebrows together. 


"She know's! Shannon know's you're cheating on her! She overheard our conversation on the phone." 


"Does she know it's you?"


"No, but how long will it be until she does find out? I can't risk that..." she said biting down on her nail. 


I walked over to her, stopping her in her tracks. I laid my hands on her shoulders. "Will you calm the fuck down. I'll have a word with Shannon, don't worry" 


"I have to worry, Justin! Because you don't! You don't care if we get caught but i do cause i could loose everything!" Brooklyn snapped.


"Then why sneak around with me in the first place?" i asked, pulling my hands away from her shoulders.


"Because i have feelings for you, obviously."


I slowly walked towards her and cupped her cheeks in my hand, while looking into her eyes. "Then let me worry about Shannon." and with that, i softly kissed her perfect heart shaped lips. 





Walking down the corridoor, i hadn't seen Shannon all day, i guess she was avoiding me. I needed to speak to her though. I then stopped in my tracks when i spotted her walking towards a classroom. Rushing over to her, i felt anger. 


"Shannon!" i yelled as she quickly snapped her head towards me, looking like she wanted to get away from me as fast as possible. 


Grabbing her arm, i dragged her into an empty part of the corridoor. 


"What the hell do'u think you're doing talking to Brooklyn about our problems?"


Shannon then knitted her eyebrows together. She doesn't know Brooklyn's her name. Oh. 


"I mean Miss.Pierce!" i snapped.


"I was upset, she came over and asked me what's wrong. It just came out..." 


"You can never keep that big mouth of yours shut!" 


Shannon's face then filled with anger. "So what if i talked to her about it?! You're cheating on me, right?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Yeah. Y'know what, i am! Actually, i wouldn't call it cheating as we are no longer together! It's over between us, it has been for a while and you know it." I yelled as she jumped a little from my sudden outburst.


Shannon's anger drained from her face as it turned to sadness. "What went wrong with us? Why are you treating me like this? Like i mean nothing to you? I've tried being the perfect girlfriend but there's just no pleasing you is there?"


Holding back the urge to roll my eyes, i turned on my heels "We're over, Shannon." I headed down the corridoor. 


"Whose the girl?" i heard her ask. 


Stuffing my hands in my jean pockets, a little grin formed on my face. "Like i'm going to tell you." i laughed. 



Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


All day all i could think about was Shannon. What if she finds out it's me Justin's been cheating on her with? Will he sort things out? What the hell am i getting myself into?




I hadn't realised that i was stood in the middle of the corridoor staring into space. I shook my head from all the thoughts and turned towards Sam who had a concerned look on his face. 


"Oh hi..." 


"Are you okay?" 


I really do wish peope would stop asking me that! 


"Yeah. Just thinking..." i trailed off.


Our conversation was stopped short when we heard the sound of a locker being beaten up down the corridoor. My eyes followed to where the sound was coming from. I had spotted Shannon slamming her fist into one paticular locker....Justin's.


Rushing towards her, a thousand thoughts were rushing through my mind at this point. What has Justin said to her? Has she found out? 


Pulling Shannon away from Justin's locker, i spun her around to me. "Stop! What's going on?" her eyes were red from all the crying and the anger look on her face, she was about ready to kill someone. 



"Is everything okay here?" Sam asked as he walked over. 


"Does everything look okay to you?!" Shannon snapped.


I gave Sam a reasuring smile "It's fine, i can handle her."


With that, he nodded a little and headed off down the corridoor. 


"You do not speak to a teacher like that! I know you're mad right now but don't take it out on other people!" 


I let Shannon calm down before continuing to speak to her. 


"What's happened?" i gently asked.


"Well, he admitted to me that he's been cheating on me and then he dumped me!" she spat. Okay, so she hasn't calmed down. 


"What did he say..?" 


"Just that we've basically been over for a while now. Which is true i guess...just wait till i find out who the bitch is!" 




"The bitch he's been cheating on me with! I'm gonna find out who she is and then kick her ass!" she said clenching her jaw. 


Biting the inside of my cheek, i started to panic on the inside. Not panaking at the thought of Shannon kicking my ass but at the thought of her finding out it's me Justin's been sneaking around with. I should've known that me and Justin can't sneak around for ever and that someone will eventually find out about us. I can't let her find out, i need to stop this! I know what i have to do. 





Justin Bieber (POV)


Finally! School's over for the day! I thought as i headed towards my locker. The corridoor was pretty much empty, just a few students hanging around at their lockers. As i turned the dial on my locker, clicking in the combination i got to thinking how free i was. Free of Shannon, free of her always calling and texting me, free of her annoying attitude. I have the perfect girl in my life now and i won't mess it up. Stuffing my books into my locker, i slammed the little metal door shut and turned to walk out the school entrance when Brooklyn stopped me in my tracks with a serious look on her face. 


"We need to talk.."


Great. The last time she said 'We need to talk' that ended up with me having a fist fight with the lockers. 


I followed her as she walked into her emtpy classroom, shutting the door behind me, i watched as she sat on one of the desks. Fiddling with her fingers and staring down at the carpet, i knew something seriously was wrong. 


"I spoke to Shannon earlier, she was pretty angry. She's gonna find out about us..." she trailed off. 


"No she won't! You must have known this would happen? She's gonna have her suspicions but she won't know it's you. We just gotta be careful." i shrugged.


Her eyes then snapped up towards me. "How can you be so calm about this?! She could find out anytime and you're just stood there like you haven't got a care in the world! This is not some silly game, Justin! This is serious!" 


Sitting down on the desk opposite Brooklyn, i stared at her. She had a worried look on her face, i knew this was scaring her, but she needed to know that everything is going to be okay and that i won't let Shannon find out about us. I'm not about to loose the girl i really care about cause my ex-girlfriend think's she knows shit. 


"We can't do this anymore..." she said as her eyes filled with sadness. 


OH HELL NO! She is not doing this to me, not again! "No! We are not going through this again! Shannon think's she knows shit when really, she's as dumb as a door knob! Trust me when i say that she won't find out about us! I am not loosing you because of that bitch!" i spat. 


I coud feel Brooklyn's eyes burning a hole in me as i stared down at the carpet, feeling the urge to rip Shannon's head off. Running my fingers through my hair, i took a deep breathe calming myself down. Don't do something you know you're going to regret. I thought as i slowly looked up at Brooklyn. Making my way over to her, i took her hand in mine and she stood up. "I'm not loosing you." 


Brooklyn leaned her forehead against mine as she squeezed her eyes shut. "Just trust me." i whispered. Placing my hand on her cheek, she opened her eyes and stared into mine. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she pulled me in and kissed me softly as i kissed her back. I never wanted to let her go. She's mine now and always will be and i'll be damned if anyone get in the way of that. 


After a little make-out session with Brooklyn, i left her classroom with a smile on my face. Heading out the exit door i was stopped short when Mr.Shore called out my name. Turning my head towards him with a very annoyed look on my face. He spoke up... 


"We need to have a little talk about what just happened in there." he said as he folded his arms across his chest. 


Knitting my eyebrows together i turned so that my body was facing him. "What you on about?" 


"Don't play dumb with me, Bieber. I wonder what's going to happen to Brooklyn once the principal finds out she's been dating a student." 


My body froze, my heart started to race, i felt like someone just slapped me around the face. Shit. Shit. SHIT! I couldn't show any emotion to Mr.Shore. I wanted him to know that he can't scare me. "You saw us?" i questioned. 


"Oh yes, i saw you. I knew something was bothering Brooklyn, she's been acting weird these past couple of weeks and now i know why. She's got herself a toy boy."


Toy boy? I like the sound of that. "I can tell your jealous." i said as a grin formed on my lips. 


Mr.Shore's lips formed into a thin line. "Jealous? I'm disgusted and i will report this to the principal!" 


Heading towards the principals office, i knew i had to stop him. If he tells the principal, Brooklyn will be fired, maybe even go to jail! And she would never speak to me again! I can't let this happen! Grabbing Mr.Shore's arm, i slammed his body up against the lockers, he winced in pain as his back hit the metal. My body was just inches from his, his chest was heaving up and down. 


Looking him straight in the eyes, he knew he had pissed me off. "If you tell the principal or anyone about what you saw in there, i'll make you regret it." i gritted through my teeth. "And i think you know more than anybody what i'm capable of." Clenching my jaw, my body grew hot, filling with anger. I balled my hands up into fists. 



"You got that?" i asked slowly. Nodding his head quickly, Mr.Shore gulped down the ball of spit in his mouth. "Good. And if you mention any of this to Brooklyn, you'll regret that too. Don't get on my bad side cause you know what that leads too." and with that, i made my way out the school exit. 


no one is going to fuck up our relationship! No one.

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