Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



12. Morning Sickness

Brooklyns POV.

Swallowing my toast I sighed this was the only morning I'd been able to keep anything down. I'd asked both Justin and Sam to stay away while I sorted this whole thing out. I hadnt bothered to tell them I was pregnant and that one pf them was the father because well I'm not even sure who the father is *Fucking hell I'm one of those sluts.. I'd worked so damn hard not to end up like one of them... But then again in my defense the sexual activites were quite close together so I'm not the biggest slut ever...right?*

Breathing heavily I picked up my bags that were sat at my feet and stood up ready to drive to work when I felt a buzz in my pocket.

"Dammit Jusyin can you not just stay away for a week" I hissed pulling my phone out of my pocket.

Sighing I opened the text not even checking who it was since I was so convinced it was Justin. Reading halfway through I realised it wasnt Justin...well not unless he was now a nurse and had text me to let me know when I had my first unltrasound scan on the 5th of July.

*Shit thats tomorrow...I'll have to clear that with *.........**

Sighing heavily I shuffed my phone back into my coat pocket *Well lets start this 30 minute journey to babysit Satans love childs*

Justins POV.

After knuckle punching Ryan I headed to Brooklyns lesson she'd told me to stay away over the holidays and I wanted to now why.

Strolling into her classroom 15 minutes late I heard a tut from her perfectly heart shaped lips.

"Justin" She questioned forcing me to turn around and face her

"Yes Ms Pierce" I answered with the same tone she gave me

"Your Late" She muttered her arms crossing over her perfect chest

"I can tell the time" I spat as I heard ohh's and arhh's from the class.

"No need for the attitude Mr Bieber" she cocked her head staring deeply into my eyes

"Jeez I was 15 minutes late.. Its not as if the worlds coming to an end" I humphed pulling my bag further up my arm before twisting on my heels and heading out.

"Have you got that assignment I set you 6 weeks ago" She raised her voice stopping me inmy tracks.

"I have better things to do with my time than your shitty homework.. I do have a life unlike some" I spat before strolling off down the corridoor

Brooklyns POV.

After Justin had been a total prick to me I decided to go look for him leaving the class with a support I went to the first place he hides out the boys toilets.

Knocking quietly on the bathroom door I opened it to find no-one in there apart from a used cubicle *Aha I've got you you little shit*.

Knocking on the door I waited for it open , slowky the door cracked open to reveal Sam smiling at me.

"Uhmm I'm sorry I didnt mean to disturb you" I chocked out backing up to the wall.

"Its fine Brooklyn I wasnt doing anything I just come in here for a timeout sometimes" He Laughed patting my arm

*Timeout in the fucking toilets what kind of freak was he*

"What are doing in here anyway" he questioned walking over to the sinks

"Looking for a student. He said he felt ill and that he was gonna go to the toilet so I came to check if he was okay!". I stuttered

"Well no-ones come in here..trust me on that one' He laughed

Flashing him a smile I walked towards the door.

"who was this student Brooklyn?" he asked ovbsiously thinking it was Justin.

"Uhm Ryan Butler" I stuttered hoping he'd buy it.

"Oh well I'll track him down and have a word" He smiled drying his hands under the dryer

"No thats fine... Really he's in detetion with me tonight" I lied

*You are such a horrible bitch Brook*.

"Well I guess I'll see you round this hellhole" he laughed walking out onto corridoor

"Not if I can help it' I muttered undermy breath following him.

Walking past my classroom I signalled to the support I'd be another 10 minutes I had another place to search before I totally gave up. Pushing the main doors open I looked out onto the car park to see Justin leaning against his car with his back to me.

Walking down to him I sighed a wave of morning sickness floating over me *not now please not fucking now*.

Walking closer to Justin I felt the need to be sick get stronger , finally giving in the fight I doubled over and threw up watchig Justin jump in surprise

"Fucking hell Brook you just nearly spewed on my nikes ... Do you know how much they cost" he bellowed wiping dirt of his shoes.

"Will you please shut the fuck up" I yelled looking up at him feeling another wave of sickness come over me.

Vomiting once more I felt Justins warm hand stroke my back.

"Hey. You okay" he questioned
"Do I fucking look okay" I answeres giving him the shit that he gave me only 10 minutes ago.

"I'm only asking" He grunted removing his hand from my back and resting it in his pocket

Sighing I looked up at him

"Have you got a bottle of water or anything" I asked wipinh my mouth with the back of my hand.

Routing through his bag he handed me a bottle . Taking a quick sip I spat it straight back out.

"Justin..This ia pure fucking vodka" I yelled pushing the bottle into his chest

"Since when did you care.. You drank a full bottle with me at the school dance" He tutted

"Yeah well things change" I muttered spitting out anymore vodka

"Like what .. You pregnant" he joked

My head darted up to look at him.

"Who told you" I bellowed.

"what?" he questioned taking back by surprise

"How the hell did you find out" I questioned

" I was joking Brook... Your not actually pregnant are you?" he asked his face full of shock.

"Yeah Justin I am.." I sighed . *great so he knows*.

"Well is it mine?"

"What are you trying to say exactley... i arent no slut".

"I know that but is the baby mine Brook" he said raising his voice.

"I dont know" I muttered

"What do mean you dont know its not hard" he shouted.

"I mean I dont know..I had sex with sam unprotected I think and then we had sex in my classroom unprotected so I really dont fucking know" I screamed

"So you are a slut then" He muttered before barging past me.


Justins POV.

Storming off from Brook I filled with anger how the fuck could she do this to me . As if she's even considering that Sam could be the father of her child I fucking hate her so much right now.

Storming into school I saw Sam talking to Busty storming past both of them I heard Sam chirp up.

"Whats up bieber , someone stole your dummy" he laughed

Without thinking I turned on my heels and punched him straight in the face knocking him out instantley.

"Fucking bastard" I yelled

I looked up to see Brook stood staring at me.

"What" I screamed staring at her.

Turning on my heels I ran down the hall I needed to get out of this shithole and fast before I did some serouis damage to the people I really didnt want to


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