Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



26. Kiss Me Justin

Justins Pov.

I was sat twiddling my fingers hoping Brook would comie running back in but she didnt instead I had like 6 nurses in the space of 5 minutes all invading my personal space which I did not care for may I add.

Ryan and Chaz had pulled a face at me as they left and then I was left all alone , all alone with my thoughts which I can tell you from past experiences isnt fun.

Looking up I saw Shannon stood at the door sipping away at a coffee she must of bought moments earlier.

Sighing I smiled at her. Yes I hated her guts but she was the only person I had after Brook fucked off.

"Hey" she whispered taking a seat at the end if the bed being careful not to sit on my feet.

"Hey" I smiled back hating the awkardness about us

"Justin.. Where did it all go wrong for us" she asked sipping loudly at her coffee to fill the silence

"I dunno I guess we just grew up and wanted different things...it happens theres no point forcing something that wont work.". I swallowed

"I miss you" she stuttered

Another silence overcame us and filled the gap of my reply.

"I know how you feel Justin I know that your over me but I really miss you through everything our arguements , the ups and downs you still managed to make me smile and I miss that".

"Shannon" I stopped her knowing what was coming next

"Did I do something" she croaked out holding back the tears

"No you didnt it was just me been a jerk" I replied not wanting her to feel guilty as well as heart broken

"Well I'm going I have to be places". She sobbed wiping away the few tears she had

"No stay with me...please" I begged I didnt wanna be left alone with my thoughts I wouldnt be able to cope.

"And do what Justin?".

"I dont know... Laugh about shit thats happened I cant be left alone tonight not with all the stuff I have to think about". I pleaded hoping she'd say yes

Smiling she sat back down on the bed and prodded my foot. Thankfuck she's staying.

"Do you remember the time Chaz spewed all over Ryan when you got them completely arseholed" she laughed throwing her head back.

"Oh yeah and Ryan went off on one only to throw up on his like an hour later...that was a funny night" I smirked

"For you maybe I had to clean up the piles of sick everywhere"

"I told you to make them too clean it up"I smiled

"They didnt get up for a good 4 days.. I had to clean it up because you wouldnt"

"Wasnt my sick to clean up" I giggled clutching my stomach as I remembered the sight of Shannon on her hands and knees retching for dear life as she cleaned it all up.

"Aye" she said slapping me a small smile plastering her face "it wasnt funny I was nearly sick like a million times" she continued

"I'm sorry" I broke the laughter

"For what?" she questioned gulping down her coffee

"Fucking up your life and your heart you didnt deserve it and I didnt care.. I thought I could have and there you were innocent little Shannon and I just fucked you all up". I answered staring into her blue orbs

"Justin.. It was bound to happen like you said you cant force something that wont work" she stuttered

"Thats the thing it could of worked but I just gave up everytime it got hard" I gulped. Christ was I actaully saying this

"What are trying to say Justin" she questioned her voice croaking

"I guess I just wanna apolagise for all the shit I've done and put you through because I want us to be friends not arch enemies" I spluttered out

"Justin I could never hate you .. No matter how hard I tried your my first love and always will be" she smiled before leaning in for a hug which I gladly accepted.

"This feels nice" she muffled into my shoulder

"I know I cant remember the last time I hugged you" I answered her hair flying through the air as I spoke into it.

"Justin....I love you" she murmered buring her head deeper into my shoulder

"I love you too" I sighed feeling my body go limp from all the shit that was resting on my shoulders as it just floated away.

Gripping onto her tightly I realized something.. Shannon had always beeb there for me even when I told her to fuck off and almost punched her , when things got difficult instead of running she'd nail her feet to the ground because she wasnt going anywhere where as Brook runs the second it gets hard and just gives up she's not a fighter like Shannon , she's just not Shannon

"Justin" she murmered lifting her head to look at me

"Yeah?" I questioned stroking her cheek

"Kiss me" she pleaded

"What?"I asked a little taken back

"You could be gone for upto 3 years leave me with a little something"

"How the hell did you kn--"

Before I even had the chance to finish what I was saying Shannons lips came crashing down on top off mine and all I could do is continue the kiss. Her hands tugged at my hair as the kiss deepened and my hands felt out for her ass.

Brooklyns Pov.

After I'd realised how much of a cock I had been to Justin I headed back I mean I'd been going on at him to do the right thing and then when he does I get all selfish and run off.

He doesnt need this he has enough on his plate. Reaching the front desk I signed in and nodded at the nurse who was filling out forms

"Oh miss Pierce" she shouted stopping me in my tracks

"Yeah?" I asked turning to face her.

"Mr Bieber already has a visitor and we dont allow two people at one time its too keep his stress levels down and the last thing Mr Bieber needs is too be stressed"

"Well I look in I wont go in I just make sure he's okay thats all and to say sorry" I murmered

"Fine okay but please dont stress him its crucial that he stays calm" she looked worried.

"I cross my and hope to die" I smiled before heading to the lift to Justins room

Finally reaching Justins room I sat on the desk just outside his room I could see Justin smiling and the back of someone that I couldnt make out who it was.

I watched as they got closer and closer. Sighing I was racking my brain to who it could be and then it clicked. It was Shannon.

I watched for another 5 minutes and saw everything that was right with them too.. She never ran away like I did.. She stays with him through his shit and she's his age and thats enough reasons for me to know that they belong together and me and Justin are just some massive mistake.

Looking up from my feet I saw something I never wanted to see I saw Justins hands on Shannons ass and his lips twisted up with hers.

Gasping I covered my mouth with my hands so I couldnt scream or make any noise.

Feeling my heart blow up in a million and one pieces I jumped off the desk took one more look at the both of them before racing down the hall with tears streaming down my cheeks.

This was it
It was over
For Good.

Clutching my stomach I ran past the nurse at the front desk

"Mrs Pierce is everything okay?.. Is Mr Bieber okay" she asked worry filling her face

"Mr Bieber is fine" I sobbed clutching on the desk for dear life in fear that the ground would swallow me whole

"Well whats wrong?"

"Nothing I'm fine.. Just hormones I guess" I sobbed

"Well let me get you a cab home I dont want you driving in your state"

"No I'm fine" and with that darkness took over and my body went crashing to the floor.


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