Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



6. I wont give up on her , I cant

Justin Bieber (POV)


Rubbing my temples I sat up in bed what the christ happened last night , fuck my head kills. Looking to the left of me I saw Shannon curled up under the quilt cover. Wait, what? I was with Brooklyn last night, how did i end up back here? With Shannon?!


Stumbling out of the bedroom, wanting to know answers, I walked towards Ryan's bedroom down the hall, with assitance from the wall that I was clinging onto for dear life may I add. Finally reaching Ryans room I kicked the door open to see him fast asleep with some brunette chick layed on his bare chest. Wait. Is that Jodie Mcdonald? The school slut? oh fuck it who cares!


Crawling upto Ryan's bed, I tapped his foot that was hanging out of the bed but I got no response. Ah for fucks sake Ryan. I tugged on the quilt that was covering both of them, causing them to wake up, sitting up so quick i'm sure they got a head rush.


''What the fuck are you playing at Justin?!'' Ryan snapped, snatching the quilt back.


''I need you to help me'' I slurred


''Justin go back to bed for fuck sake!'' Jodie spat before falling back, letting her head hit the pillow.


''What is it Justin?'' Ryan asked, giving me a look that could kill.


''I need to know.....''


'What?'' he asked rubbing his eyes.


"What the fuck happened last night?" 


''You and Shannon were caught fucking in the girls bathroom, so you got kicked out of school." Ryan shrugged. 


What else is new? 


"But i was with...." I stopped short, i didn't want to get Brooklyn in trouble by telling Ryan i got drunk with her in one of the classrooms, only having him blabbing it to the whole fucking school. I shook my head slowly trying to let the memories of last night surface, but nothing came to mind.


''C'mon buddy lets get you back to bed, your head must be banging right now.'' Ryan said, before slipping his jogging bottoms on and standing up.


Picking me up he threw my arm over his shoulder and held most of my weight while walking me back to my room.


''Hey, Ryan'' I slurred.


Ryan looked at me, waiting for me to continue.


 ''I want to shag Ms Pierce.'' I said randomley. 


"Cool story, bro." Ryan laughed, not taking me seriously because i was still pretty drunk. We got to my bedroom, Ryan placed me down on the bed. Watching as Ryan exited my room, I slowly closed my eyes, burying my head in my pillow. What else happened last night? Brooklyn...... those were my last thoughts before i drifted off into a deep sleep.


Brooklyn Pierce (POV) 


Waking up to the sound of clattering pots and pans coming from downstairs, I leaped out of bed. FUCKING HELL I'M BEING ROBBED! WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO? I thought. Grabbing my hair brush from the bedside cabinet. I ventured out into the landing making sure every direction that I could walk in was clear, making my way to the stairs.


Slowly stepping onto the first step, I raised my hair brush high above my head. Walking down another 3 or 4 steps I heard more rattling. This is how I'm going to die! Trying to fight off a burgalar with a fucking hairbrush! Reaching the bottom of the stairs, i crept into the kitchen. Sweat was literally dripping off my head as I saw a man coming towards me! OMG! 


Stepping into the kitchen I saw a man in the corner messing with pots and pans."What the...?" my voice less than a whisper.


''Morning baby.'' he smiled, a tall, dark, handsome man was walking towards me. Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?! I screamed in my head. 


Placing a soft kiss on my cheek before latching his lips onto mine, a small moan escaped his lips before i pushed him away.''Whats up?'' he questioned, looking confused.


"Who the fuck are you?" I asked looking more confused than him.


''You know who i am baby, we met last night." he laughed.


I set the hairbrush down on the kitchen table and turned to this handsome stranger. "I dont recall meeting you" I stated.


"We got talking, one thing led to another and.." he said, while looking me up and down with those big blue eyes.


"You saying we had sex?" I asked, not really wanting to know the answer but, i had to. 


"DUH! And it was amazing." he smirked, biting his bottom lip. He was about to lean in for another kiss when i put my hands out infront of me, stopping him.


"Oh my god." i shrieked, putting my head in my hands, wanting nothing more than to fall into a black hole and die.


"You loved it." he said winking at me. CAN YOU NOT?! "I gotta go, got loads of tests to grade. I made you breakfast, figured you'd need it to cure that hangover." he said grabbing his coat off the kitchen counter. "I'll see you at school tomorrow?" he asked smiling at me. 


"Wait! Oh god, you're not a student are you?" I asked looking mortified.


He let out a loud laugh. I'll take that as a no. "I'll take that as a compliment. I'm not a student, i'm an English teacher at the school." he said.


"You sure? I've never seen you before..."


"That's because i'm mostly stuck in the classroom grading papers." he said, slowly walking over to me. "Do i get a kiss goodbye?" he asked raising his eyebrow. 

Are you fucking kidding me?! I don't know you. Even though we did have sex but... 


"I'm gonna take a rain cheque." i said bluntley.


"Okay, well i had a great time last night. Maybe we can do it again sometime?" he asked. Maybe not?


"Just.. please go." I said, awkwardly looking down at the kitchen floor.


He nodded lightly, he knew he was making me uncomfortable. "Bye Brooklyn." he said, heading out the kitchen, towards the front door. Hearing the door slam shut, i put my head in my hands, my breathing started getting heavy, my heart was pounding. 


What the actual fucking fuck happened last night?! One minute i'm getting drunk in a classroom with Justin, the next, i'm finding a total stranger in my kitchen, claiming we've slept together! This makes no sense at all. I need to speak to Justin, maybe he know's wtf went wrong. 





Justin Bieber (POV) 


After what felt like a year of sleep, i slowly sat up in my bed, rubbing my face into the palm of my hands, groaning at the sharp pain that suddenly pulsed through my head, like a sharp knife digging into my skull  I WANT TO DIE. 


I heard my phone buzzing in my jean pockets. Oh, i passed out in my clothes. Nice... Pulling my iphone 5 out my pocket, i slid my finger across the screen, un-locking it. 


(1) new message


"I'm mr.popular today!" i said sarcastically to myself. I tapped on the screen and opened the message. 




Looking totally confused, i typed a message back. 




Who could this be? Wanting to speak with me now? 


2 minutes later i felt my phone buzz in my hand. Tapping on the screen, i opened the message. 




Mrs.Pierce? That just sounds weird to me. I typed in "Brooklyn" next to her number. 


Justin: Want me to call u or...? I tapped the send button. 


Why does she want to speak to me about last night? Does she remember what happened? Cause i sure as hell don't! Maybe she can shed some light on all of this. All i can remember is going into the classroom with her, having a giggle and drinking. 


My phone buzzed once again. I looked down at my phone Brooklyn Calling....


I couldn't help but grin a little as i tapped the 'Answer' button, putting the phone to my ear. Before i could speak, Brooklyn beat me to it. 


"Can you remember what happened last night?" she asked. 


"No. Can you?" I asked. 


"No. That's why i asked you!" she said, sounding a little annoyed.


"What's the big deal?" 


"... nothing.. it's nothing. Do not tell anyone about last night! Remember, you tell anyone, i'll get you suspended!" she threatend. This is turning me on to be honest.


I decided to change the subject, as she sounded ... off. 


"Wanna hang out?" i asked. 


"What? You serious? After what happened last night! I shouldn't have said yes to drink with you! it was a stupid mistake! Teachers don't 'hang out' with their students, it gets people gossiping." Brooklyn stated. 


"Let them gossip, it's not like anything's going on between us, is there?" i asked, hoping she would say there is but that was a long shot.


"No." well fuck. "Course not. Justin, you're my student, i'm your teacher, it's best if we just keep it that way." 


I bit down on my bottom lip, ouch. okay. I just thought we could atleast be friends but whatever... What was i thinking? I wanted to be more than friends! I wanted to hold her, to taste her sweet heart shaped lips, stupid of me to think anything could happen between us. Stupid me. 


"Fine. See you in class, i guess." and with that, i hung up. I don't know what she is doing to me! One minute she's flirting, saying yes to my offer of getting drunk and the next, she's saying it was all a mistake, why do girls have to be so complicated?! 





Brooklyn Pierce (POV) 


Sighing as i walked into the school entrance, feeling the cold air hit me, i shudderd. Thinking about the events that happened at the school dance on friday, what happened when i woke up on saturday morning, finding that tall handsome stranger in my kitchen, finding out i had sex with him! WHY ME? I'm not like this, i shouldn't be getting drunk with one of my students, i shouldn't be having a drunken fling with one of the teacher's at school, that's not me! 


Shaking the thoughts out of my mind, i headed into the school corridoor, seeing students arrive. I headed for my classroom when something caught my eye that made me stop in my tracks. I spotted Justin snogging his girlfriend, pushing her up against the lockers, looking like they were about to have sex right then and there. 


I hadn't realised i had been staring at them for a while until the head master broke me out of that trance. 


"Are you okay?" he asked, looking a little concerned.


"I'm fine. Just had a rough weekend." I said, faking a smile. 


He then looked towards Justin and Shannon having a hard core make-out session against the lockers. "Justin Bieber, Shannon Wilson, get to class now! Otherwise you'll both be spending lunch time in detention!" he boomed down the corridoor. Justin broke apart from Shannon's lips and looked over in our direction. His eyes fell on me, biting down on his bottom lip, he grabbed his books for his lesson and walked towards us. 


"Don't forget what happened at the school dance Mr.Bieber. I will not tolorate that behaviour in my school." the head master said then he turned on his heel and headed down the corridoor, towards his office, leaving me and Justin just standing there. 


"He needs to get laid." Justin said watching the head master walk into his office. You need to grow up! 


"Just get in the classroom please." i said pointing my finger towards the classroom door infront of me. 


Justin rolled his eyes a little, shaking his head he walked into the classroom. 


As crazy as it sounds, i was jealous. Jealous of seeing Justin kissing his girlfriend like that. I'm jealous of a teenager? Oh god. 



Justin Bieber (POV)


Sitting down at the desk i always sit at, i placed my books down, leaning back on my chair, i stared at Brooklyn as she entered the room, standing at the front of the class placing her work stuff down on her desk. 


I won't give up on her, i can't. I thought to myself. She will be mine. 


Snapping me out of my thoughts, Chaz came and sat next to me. Shuffling in his seat, he turned to me. 


"So, i heard you were a dirty dog at the school dance. Getting caught fucking in the bathroom. Nice bro, what's that, like the 3rd time you've been caught?" he asked, smirking. Feeling proud of his bestfriend... 


"I don't know man." i said, clentching my jaw a little. I didn't care about what Chaz was saying. My eyes were fixed on Brooklyn the whole time. She was now sat down at her desk, getting things ready for this lesson. She was wearing a tight, purple top, showing her clevage. WHY YOU DOING THIS TO ME? She drives me crazy, i just want to pounce on her. The way her long, brown locks shaped around her face and flowed down her shoulders made me grow hot. I won't give up on her, i can't. 





After the school bell rang, everybody got up from their desks, packing their stuff away, walking out the classroom while chatting away. 


I stayed behind, knowing i had to make my move now. I just want to kiss her so bad. Once the classroom was empty, leaving just me and Brooklyn, i made my way over to her. She was putting history books back on the brown wooden shelf next to the white board. 


Staring at her body when she wasn't looking, i scanned her knee-length, black pencil skirt. The way the skirt complimented her body. Oh good lord. She must have sensed me behind her because she quickly turned around looking a little startled. 


"Can you not do that? You scared me!" she said putting her hand to her chest. 




"What you still doing here?" she asked, scanning the room noticing the classroom was empty. 


"Why don't you just admit it?" 


"Admit what?" 


"That you like me." I said with a little hint of confidence in my voice.


I noticed Brooklyn opened her mouth to say something but closed it straight away, forming her lips into a straight line.


"I know you do, i can tell." 


"How can you 'tell'?" Brooklyn mimiked. 


"Whenever i'm around you, i make you nervous." i said, slowly moving towards her. 


She gulped down hard, slowly moving backwards. "Justin.. this isn't funny. Just go please." she said, her voice cracking a little. I noticed her eyes trail down to my lips and then back up into my eyes. Hell yeah, i got her nervous now. 


"Like i told you over the weekend, you're my student, i'm your teacher! This is wrong, and what you're doing now, it could get you in trouble." 


I got closer to her. "It's not gonna make me stop." i whispered. Our body's were almost touching, i could feel her body heat. She kept moving back but stopped once the back of her legs bumped into her desk. I had her backed up against her desk, all nervous, no one around to witness us. The perfect time to make my move. I thought to myself as i slowly looked down at her heart shaped pink lips. I noticed her looking down at my lips. We both wanted this. 


"Justin...." Brooklyn said, putting her hand on my chest, ready to push me away. I grabbed her wrist gently and moved my face so close to hers that our noses were almost touching. 


"Just tell me to stop and i will.." i whispered. 


I waited for her to say the words, if she tells me to stop, i don't know how i would react to that. I don't want to stop, i want to go all the way. I've craved the taste of her lips, to feel her body against mine. 


My lips just inches away from hers, I knew this was going to happen because she didn't say a word. And with that, i smashed my lips against hers. Fireworks were going off around us, i could feel the butterflies in my stomach, my heart feeling like it  was ready to leap out of my chest. This feels so right. 


Placing my hands on the side of her neck, the kiss grew hot. I could feel Brooklyn's hands making their way into my hair, running her fingers through, she tugged at the ends, making me moan into the kiss. Damn, she's a great fucking kisser! 



Brooklyn Pierce (POV) 


"Just tell me to stop and i will.." 


Why is he doing this to me? He was coming towards me, my body was growing hot, my palms were sweaty, my heart was racing. 


This was it, i'm actually going to let this happen. I'm going to let him kiss me. Why can't i speak? SPEAK! TELL HIM TO STOP! SAY SOMETHING! YOU KNOW THIS IS WRONG! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! YOU CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN! 


I tried to speak, but i couldn't! Nothing was coming out. He was standing right infront of me, our bodys just inches apart, his lips so close. None of this is me though! Ever since i came to this school, everything has just been crazy! And now i'm going to let a 16 year old student kiss me! Who are you? What have you done with sweet, innocent Brooklyn? 


Before i knew it, our lips smashed together, our lips moving perfectly together. My heart was racing, i thought i was going to die. i felt weak at the knees! He placed his hand on the side of my neck, kissing me so softly. Jesus, he's a good kisser! 


My hands found their way into his hair. His hair was so soft, tugging at the ends, i heard him moan into the kiss. I didn't want this moment to end, but it had too.

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