Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



19. I dont expect you to tell me everything.

Brooklyns POV.


Holding my breath I looked Justin whp was stood at my side then Stefan who was just stood still on the stairs and then to tyler who had dropped his hand to his side.  WELL FUCK

My breathing had sped up and no-one had spoke in like 10 minutes , Jusyin had wrapped my hand in his which I was sure that everyone had noticed

"Uhmmm". I stuttered unsure what to say

I watched as everyones eyes landed on me all wanting explaination I felt Justins grip tighten on my hand to the point he'd stop the blood flowing freely.

Clearing my throat I got ready to explain but just ended up with a no use of my tongue I just couldnt speak.

Hearing Justin sigh I felt his grip loosen before he'd totally let go off my hand.

"See you later Brook" He scoffed barging past tyler making sure he brushed his shoulder .

'What his problem?" Tyler asked folding his arms at his chest.

"Dont start.. why are you here anyway.. wasnt me slamming the door in your face a little too suttle" I snapped..

"Aye Brook babygirl calm down we dont wanna be stress put the baby.. give the poot kid a chance in life"  Stefan cooed walking down the stairs to comfort me.

"Your pregnant" Tyler chocked on his own spit.

"Whats it too you" I snapped back

"Well is it mine " he questioned

"No its not yours why would you even think that .. After I caught you with my sleezy sister I didnt even want to see you again never mind touch you".

Sighing I looked down at my belly before looking back up at Stefan who had the "Oh no you didnt look across his face".

Sarcastically waving to Tyler I slammed the door in his face yet again.Brushing past Stefan I ran upstairs to get ready for work this is all I need.

Justins POV

Opening the front door I walked in tbrew my keys on sofa before closing the door behind me.Chaz and Ryan were no doubt still asleep and that didnt bother me they were the last people I wanted to see or talk to.

Falling backwards onto the sofa I sighed I dont even know what to make of what just happened.

I wasnt mad at Brook because I know how fucked up her life is at the moment and I dont expect her to tell me everything because its probably best I dont know everything so I dont go beat the shit of everyone that every hurt her.

Last night had been amazing it wasnt like the first time we had sex that was drunken sex...well it was on my part but lasy night it was pure love it was about pleasing each other as cheesy as it sounds it was and it was the best sex I've ever experienced and probably ever will..

Letting my eyes droop I let darkness take over.. FUCK SCHOOL..


I woke up to Ryan snogging some girls face off right in front of me and Chaz slapping the side of my head

"Chaz what the fuck bro" I yelled

"Oh good your up some girls been calling you" he smiled as if he hadnt been bitching slapping for the past 15 minutes.

"What.. who?" I asked not completely woken up .

"Some Brook girl" .


"Pass me the phone" I snapped at Chaz
"Jeez bro calm down its only a phone call".
"Just pass me the damn phone Chaz for fuck sakes".

Sighing Chaz passed me the phone and I began to diall Brooklyns number after a few rings she picked up.

"Hey" I quickly said
"Hey" she replied
"Whats up.. everything okay?" I questioned not just fearing for her but for my unborn child.

Damn Justin you need to stop automactically thinking this child is yours

Sighing I waited for Brooklyns answer

"Ju--stin" she stuttered
"Brook you dont have to explain you dont have to tell me everything I dont need to know everything". I told her hopefully putting her at ease.

"No its not that.. I'm in the hospital" she chocked out
"What" my words laced with worry
"I fell in work today and I thought nothing of it and then later on I went to the toilet and I'd had a bleed and just I'm sorry--"
"Brook which hospital" I asked holding back the tears.
"Justin I wont let you see like this" she cleared her throat
"Brook I'll go to every damn hospital there is if I have to" I ordered.
"Justin just ... " and with that the phone line died


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