Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



27. Hello Justin.


Justin Bieber (POV)


I couldn't stop myself, my lips were on Shannon's lips and i liked it. I love her? I love her. But not as much as i love Brooklyn. She tends to run away from her feelings and when things get difficult, but she's always come's back. I don't know why i'm kissing Shannon, maybe because i need someone. Brooklyn has walked away from me, i just need to know that someone cares. 


"Justin-" I pulled away from Shannon and focused my attention on the door, Chaz was stood there with a shocked look on his face like he had just seen a ghost. 


"What the fuck you doin man?" He gritted through his teeth. 


"I'm... gonna go." Shannon said as she got up from the bed and headed for the door with an awkward look on her face. 


Chaz gave her a dirty look as she walked past him. He then turned his attention back to me. 


"What just happened? The fuck you doing kissing her?! You're suppose to be with Brooklyn!" He snapped. 


I sighed. "She walked out on me, she gave up on us. I needed someone, Shannon was there." I shrugged. 


"She collapsed." 




"Brooklyn. She collapsed, the nurses are checking her over now." 


I tugged the tubes out of my arm and flung the boring white bed cover off of my body. I ignored the sound of the heart monitor beeping out of control. 


"Woah! What you doing?!" Chaz paniked as he rushed towards me. 


"I need to see if she's okay." I rushed through my words as i tried standing up, but quickly sat back down as i felt a sharp pain pulse through my stomach. Stupid stiches.


Chaz rested his hand on my shoulder. "Dude, you can't get worked up. Just calm down, she's gonna be fine, she just fainted i think. Probably from all that she's been through. She's in the best place just calm down." He soothed. 


My breathing hitched as i pictured her collapsing. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to shut it out. 


"And plus, you can't exactly go anywhere, they're cops stood outside the door making sure you don't do a runner." He added.


I brushed his hand off my shoulder and licked my lips. "Why did she collapse? She was fine, the doctor had checked her over when we first came here!" My voice was shakey and racked with worry. 


Chaz gave me a sympathetic look. "I don't know. Just stay here and i'll go find out what's happening. Just stay calm." He said before leaving the room. 


Stay calm? Is he fucking serious? My girl is laying in a hospital bed after collapsing, not knowing if she or the baby is okay and he's telling me to stay calm? I wanted to go find her, but didn't want the cops thinking i was escaping. I have no choice but to fucking sit here and wait for Chaz to come back. 


My heart skipped a beat when the door opened and i thought it was Chaz, i quickly relaxed when a nurse walked in. 


"Mr.Bieber, did you pull these out?" She asked refuring to the tubes scattered on the bed. 


I sighed to myself and laid back down. Please be okay, please be okay. I thought to myself as i took a few deep breaths. 





Chaz had come back to my room 10 minutes later and told me that Brooklyn and the baby are doing fine and that she fainted due to stress. I'm the reason she is stressed, this is all to much for her. I constantly asked the nurse if i could go see her but she told me that wasn't an option as i had to rest. Resting was the last thing on my mind, i'm about to get sent to prison and i won't see her for years. We need to have a serious talk, she can't walk away from me, not now, not after everything we have been through. 


I laid in the hospital bed staring up at the white ceiling. I was going crazy just laying here doing nothing, i was aching to see Brooklyn. I looked over at the door when i heard it open. Ryan peeked his head through the door and smiled a little. 


"Hey man." 




"You okay?" He asked as he walked over to me with his hands in his pockets looking a little nervous.


My eyes trailed back up to the ceiling as i leaned my head back on the pillow. "I'm fine." I sighed. 


"Just been to see Miss.Pierce. She's doing okay." 


"Did she ask about me?" 


"Why would she?" Ryan asked in curiousity. 


I shook my head slowly letting him know it doesn't matter. 


The room fell awkward and silent. I looked over at Ryan who was sat down beside the bed staring at his fingers as he fiddled with them. I knew something was wrong, he always plays with his fingers when he's nervous. 


"What's going on?" I asked. 


Ryan snapped his head up to me. "Nothing." 


He might aswell write LIAR on his forehead. "Dude, i can tell when you're lying. C'mon, what's wrong?"


"Okay." He sighed. "This isn't going to be easy and i don't know how you're going to react, but i think you outta know." 


I knitted my eyebrows together. "What?" 


His eyes met mine and he bit down on his bottom lip looking like he was about to throw up. What is with this guy?


"As you know, i've been spending alot of time in Stefan's room, as he recovers." 




He awkwardly coughed and broke eye contact with me. "And you know the night's i go out and come back early in the morning's?" 


I rolled my eyes, i was getting bored. "Ryan, are you going anywhere with this?" I huffed. 


"I go to gay bars, and the reason i'm always hanging out with Stefan is because.... we're a couple." He rushed through his words wanting to get it over with already. 


My jaw dropped, my eyes widened. Am i dreaming? Did he just say he's gay? This day is just full of surprises. What am i suppose to say to him? Never in a million years would i have thought he was gay, the amount of girls he's fucked. 


"Say something, i feel like you're silently judging me." Ryan whispered. 


I opened my mouth but no words were coming out, i didn't know what to say to him. I'm not against gay people, but Ryan? Gay? Is he high? 


"...cool." I managed to choke out, trying to sound suttle. 


Ryan knitted his eyebrows together looking at me like i had something on my face. "Cool? Does that mean you're okay with me being gay?" 


I shrugged. "I guess. Just a shock that's all. Would have never clocked you as a gay boy." 


"Don't say it like that. 'Gay boy' " He winced at the words. 


This is a big step for him, admitting that he's gay. It must be hard for him to have hidden who he really is. 


I gave him a reasuring smile. "It's cool man, i'm happy for you." I truly was, but it's still a big shock. 


A smile formed on Ryan's lips. "Thanks."


He's told me his secret, i think it's only fair i tell him mine. I sighed to myself and licked my lips. "Now, i have something to tell you." 


Once again, Ryan knitted his eyebrows together. "What?"


My eyes trailed down to the white tiled floor as i tangled my fingers together. "Me and Brooklyn, we're dating." I then laughed a little to myself remembering that she walked out on me earlier. "We we're dating, i don't know what's going on now. Can't exactly go see her right now."


I could feel Ryan's eyes burning a hole in the side of my face, i chose to ignore his secret judgement and carried on. 


"She's pregnant... " I hesitated. "But, it might not be mine." It still hurts to think that the baby could be Sam's. 


Ryan's face expression was just the same as mine when he told me he was gay, shocked and speechless. 


He was about to open his mouth to say something when the door opened, a nurse walked in and smiled at the both of us. 


"How are you feeling Mr.Bieber?" She asked as she checked the heart monitor and the tubes in my arms. 


I kept my eyes locked on Ryan. "Fine." 


The nurse fiddled around with the tubes and checked the chart hanging on the end of the bed, and with another smile, she left the room leaving me and Ryan in an awkward silence.


Then finally he spoke. "Damn, Justin. The fuck were you thinking? You could get in big trouble for this."


"I'm already in trouble. I'm going to jail, man." I shrugged. "I thought you outta know." 


"Can't believe you've been fucking Miss.Pierce." He said shaking his head slowly. He then looked at me and a grin formed on his face. "She must be good in bed then." He joked. 


I couldn't help but roll my eyes. typical Ryan. 


"How long has this been going on?" He asked. 


"Not long. We've been on and off. I just wanna go see her." My eyes trailed down to my hands. 


"Let's go then." Ryan said as he stood up.


I knitted my eyebrows together as i looked up at him. "What?"


"I'll go get a wheel chair and wheel your ass down to see her." 


"There's cops outside the door." I sighed. 


"So? I'll just say you're getting some fresh air." He placed his hand on my shoulder. "You're going to jail once you get better, this maybe your last chance." 


I nodded my head slowly. I don't want to go to jail knowing Brooklyn hates me. 


5 minutes later, Ryan came back into the room pushing a wheel chair towards the bed. "Cops said it's okay for you to get some 'fresh air', but you only got 10 minutes." He said as he rolled his eyes. 


Fine by me.


I pulled the tubes out of my arms and took the sticky heart monitor tubes off my chest. Once again the monitor started beeping like it was going to have a meltdown, i ignored it while Ryan carefully helped me into the wheel chair. I winced as pain shot through my stomach, but i chose to ignore it and concentrate on Brooklyn. 


Ryan wheeled me out of the room and down the corridoor. Nurse's and doctor's were walking around, talking in corners and rushing into rooms. I've always hated hospitals, who doesn't? They smell funny, the food is awful, the doctor's and nurse's are constantly breathing down your neck telling you to 'take it easy' when you just want them to leave you the fuck alone. 


We turned a corner and there was 3 doors, one on the left, one on the right and one in the middle. 


"Chaz said she's in room 64." Ryan said as he scanned the numbers on the door. 


I pointed to the door in the middle with room 64 in bold letters. 


"Oh yeah.." Ryan said as he wheeled me towards the door. 


"I think i can take it from here. Just wait out here for me." I said. 


Ryan stopped pushing. "Okay man." He said as he sat down in a vacant chair near to the door on the right. 


I opened the door infront of me and then placed my hands on the wheels and steered myself into Brooklyn's room. 



Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


I might aswell live at the hospital the amount of times i've been here. I woke up to a nurse whispering my name, telling me that i was in hospital and that i had collapsed. I had tubes going into my arms. Is this really nessasary? i only fainted.. and then i rememberd why i fainted. I had Justin and Shannon making out pictured in my head, Justin grabbing her ass, Shannon smiling as they kissed. How could he do that to me? After everything we've been through, i thought he loved me, he's just another Tyler. Speaking of Tyler, he had come to see me, he stayed with me for a while, we talked, i think we patched things up. He told me how sorry he was for cheating on me, i finally forgave him, i just want to forget the past. He decided to stay in L.A a little longer, he figured i would need him around when Justin goes to jail. He's wrong, i don't need him, i need Justin. 


I played with the tube that was stuck in my hand. My eyes started to blur as tears formed, thinking how everything has turned to shit. I rested my head on the white pillow and my eyes gazed at the walls infront of me. My head then snapped up towards the door as i heard it open and Justin came wheeling in on his wheel chair. I seriously don't need this right now. I turned away from him, my back facing him. 


The squeeking of the wheel chair wheels got louder as Justin came closer to the bed. 


"Brooke?" He said. 


"What are you doing here?" I whispered, but loud enough for him to hear. 


"I came to see how you are. Chaz told me you collapsed. Are you okay? The baby?"


"We're fine." I said blankly. 


"But you ain't. There's gotta be a reason why you collapsed." 


Justin's make out session with Shannon flashed into my mind again, i squeezed my eyes shut trying to block it out. 


I heard Justin sigh. "I know you must still be mad at me about earlier, i don't blame you-" 


I cut him short. "I saw you."


"Saw me?" He voice racked with curiousity.


"You and Shannon, i saw you both...." I trailed off. 


"Shit." I heard him whisper to himself. 


I opened my eyes and turned my body so now i was facing him. I stared into his eyes as his face turned into a frown. 


"You gotta know that it meant nothing, i was just ... you walked out on me, i thought we we're over, Shannon was just there... i didn't think." He said as his voice cracked at the last part. 


"That's your problem, Justin. You never think." I didn't want to hear his excuses. A tear leaked out of my eye and down my cheek. "Just go."


"What? No, Brook-" I cut him off. 


"You've fucked everything up! That's all you ever do! You've fucked up your life, you've fucked up our relationship, you should've just stayed away from me from the beginning, cause we wouldn't be in this fucked up mess right now!" I snapped. 


I sat up and bowed my head. "There's nothing you can say to fix this. You kissed her, plain and simple. Unless she forced you, which i doubt. You're a kid, Justin, i was outta my mind to we could work out." 


I could feel Justin's eyes burning a hole in the side of my face as i fiddled with my fingers in my lap. 


"Don't say that, i was just upset and confused. She mean's nothing to me. You gotta believe me." Justin pleaded. 


"No. I'm done. I risked my job for you and you just throw it back in my face." 


Justin was about to say something until Ryan walked in. "Justin, we gotta go. Cops are getting impatient already." 


Justin ignored him. "I'm going to jail and you want to leave things like this?" 


I looked at him and his eyes were glossed over with tears that threatened to fall. "Just forget we ever happened." And with that i laid down and turned my back to him. 


Bit harsh? Right now i don't care, i'm so angry with him. Everything he's put me through, killing Sam infront of me, i'm gonna have god damn nightmares about that! Kissing Shannon like our relationship meant nothing! He's ruined everything, this wasn't how i thought my life would turn out. It was trouble from the get go. 




After Justin left, i cried myself to sleep. Nurse's came in and checked on me, they said i could go home tomorrow, they just want to keep me in for tonight for obsivation. 


I needed someone to talk to, i decided to go check up on Stefan. I slowly walked into his room and he was sat up in the bed texting on his phone. Probably texting Ryan. He looked up from his phone and looked at me with sympathtic eyes. 


"Sweetie, come here." He said as he put his phone down beside him and held out his arms. 


I walked towards him and climbed into bed next to him and wrapped my arms around his waist as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and gave me a reasuring squeeze. 


"What's wrong?" He whispered. 


I could feel the tears building already. "Everything's fucked up." I whispered. I burried my head in the side of his neck and squeezed my eyes shut. 


Stefan then un-wrapped his arms from me and placed my hand in his. I looked at him. "Tell me what's happened." 


I gulped down hard. "I broke up with Justin." 


"What?!" Stefan snapped which caused me to jump a little. "Are you crazy?! You two are perfect for each other!" His sudden outburst shocked me. 


"I caught him kissing Shannon." I whispered but loud enough for him to hear. 


"What?!" He snapped again. Once again, i jumped at his outburst. 


"Can you stop doing that?" I huffed. I licked my lips and then sat up straight as my eyes trailed down to the tiled floor. "He was kissing her.. i don't get it. He was just... kissing her like old times when they were dating." I knitted my eyebrows together. "It's like he forgot i even existed."


Stefan sat up aswell and stared at me with sadness in his eyes. "A guy like that isn't worth your time."


I put my head in my hands and ran my fingers through my hair tugging on the ends. I was trying so hard not to break down right now. When me and Justin first got together, i thought we were going to be happy, raise this baby and be a family. I feel stupid and pathetic for believing that. 




Justin Bieber (POV)


I lay in this hospital bed staring up at the ceiling day in and day out. There's nothing else i can do around here. I'm alone in this small room, alone with my thoughts which is not good because the only thing i was thinking about was Brooklyn and how heart broken she was. Her face was still plastered in my mind, the look she gave me cross between angry and hurt. I don't blame her. She's right about a few things, i do fuck everything up. When i feel like things are getting serious, i just back down. I've never felt this way about a girl before, Brooklyn is my whole life and i threw it away like trash. She doesn't want anything to do with me anymore which breaks my heart. 


I haven't seen her since she said all those things to me 3 days ago. I'm now recovering really well and found out i will be taken to jail tomorrow afternoon. I can except that. Until then, i've got my bestfriends Chaz and Ryan to keep me company. 


Chaz was sat on the sofa in the corner texting on his phone. Ryan was sat beside the bed looking bored. 


"Dude, if you wanna go see Stefan then go. Don't let me stop you." I said. 


"Nah. You're going to jail tomorrow, he isn't. He can wait." 


"Fair enough." I shrugged. 


"What's going on with you and Brooklyn?" Chaz asked from across the room, his eyes still glued to his phone. 


"I don't wanna talk about it." I sighed. 


I could feel Chaz and Ryan's eyes burning a hole in the side of my face as i looked away from them. 


"You can't just leave thing's between you like that. You're going to jail for god sake. Who know's when you'll see each other again." Chaz said.


"He has a point." Ryan spoke. 


"She broke up with me! She basically said that i'm no good for her, which is true. I fuck everything up, if she doesn't wanna see me again, i don't blame her. So can you guys just drop it?!" I snapped as i looked back and forth at both of them. 


The room fell silent as Chaz went back to texting on his phone and Ryan went back to looking bored. 


My head then snapped towards the door as i heard it open, hoping it was Brooklyn, but i knew that was a long shot. I mentally rolled my eyes as Shannon walked in with a big grin on her face like she had just won the lottery. 


"Hey guys!" She beamed. 


What the fuck she so happy about? 


The guys ignored her and so did i, but that didn't stop her from walking over to me.


"Hey babe." She said as she kissed my cheek. 


The fuck she doing calling me babe? "Don't do that." I snapped. 


"Do what?" 


"Kiss me!"


"You weren't complaining the other day." Shannon smirked.


I felt the urge to slap that smirk right off her face. "What you doing here?"


She sat down beside me on the bed and leaned her head on my shoulder, but i quickly brushed her off me. 


"What's wrong with you?" She asked as she looked at me with knitted eyebrows.


"You!" I snapped which caused her to jump a little. "Because of you i've lost the best thing in my life!" 


"Because of me?" She repeated as she jabbed her finger into her chest. "And who the hell you talking about?" Her voice started to get loud. 


"Brooklyn! Who else?!" 


"You're blaming me?! You didn't exactly push me away, did you?!" She began to yell as she stood up from the bed. 


"It was a mistake!" 


"Why did you let it happen?" 


"Because...." I hesitated. "I was upset, i needed someone, you just happened to be there." I shrugged.


Shannon scoffed as she folded her arms across her chest. "Gee, thanks." She said sarcastically.


"Just go." I sighed. 


"You're still the same asshole you we're months ago! I hope you rott in jail!" And with that, Shannon stormed out the room, slamming the door shut behind her. 


I groaned loudly and threw my head back onto the pillow. "I don't need this shit right now!" I spat to myself. 


Ryan coughed awkwardly as he scratched the back of his neck. "Erm, i'm gonna go check on Stefan." He said as he stood up. "I'll come back in a little while." 


I nodded my head slowly. 


"I'll come with yah." Chaz said as he stood up. 


I guess they figured i needed time to myself. 





Today's the day, today i go to jail. I didn't get much sleep last night, i was to worried. Not worried that i'm going to jail, but worried about Brooklyn. I'm leaving her alone to raise a baby by herself, i'm so selfish. I don't think about my actions until after i've done them, and it's already to late. I need her to know how sorry i am for everything i've done. 


My mum had come to see me earlier, her emotions were everywhere. She hugged me for about 10 minutes, i was afraid she wouldn't ever let me go. I told her i was going to be fine. She asked if she could come visit me in prison, i said no. I don't want her to see her son in a place like that. It's best if she stays away, i'll see her when i get out. 


Chaz and Ryan arrived early this morning, we talked, laughed, played games on Ryan's Xbox. I'm gonna miss these guys. There were two cops waiting for me outside the door as i was getting ready to leave. I decided to go casual today and wear dirty denim jeans, white supra's, a white v-neck top and a dirty denim jacket.


"Let's go, Bieber." One of the cops said from behind the door. 


I rolled my eyes and then headed for the door. I opened the door and Chaz and Ryan were stood there. 


I gave them a little smile. "Guess this is it guys." 


"Take care of yourself." Ryan said as he gave me a quick hug. 


Chaz stared at me and nodded his head slowly. "We'll come see you soon." He said as he held out his hand for me to shake. 


"Yeah." I said as i shook his hand. 


One of the cops then put my hands behind my back and slapped cuffs on me. The metal felt cold against my skin which made me shiver a little.


"Couldn't you have atleast waited till we got outside?" I groaned. 


"No. Now get moving." The moody cop said. 


I looked at Chaz and Ryan. "Keep an eye on Brooklyn for me would yah? Help her out a little when the baby arrives." I choaked. 


"Course." Ryan said softly. 


"No problem." Chaz said. 


I bit down on my bottom lip and took a deep breath. "Alright, get me outta here." I said. 


The cops then grabbed both my arms and escorted me towards the hospital exit. 


"Wait!" I heard someone shout from behind me. I could hear the sound of shoes hitting the floor as they grew closer. I turned to see Brooklyn stood infront of me out of breath. 


"Brook.. what you doing?" I asked. 


She didn't say anything, she just wrapped her arms around my shoulders and squeezed me tight. I wish i could hug her back, but my hands are a little tied up right now. 


She burried her head into the side of my neck as little sobs escaped her lips.


"I thought you hated me?" I whispered. 


She took her head away from my neck and looked into my eyes. Her's glossed over with tears as she bit down on her bottom lip. 


"I don't hate you. I was just angry." She whispered. 


"Does this mean you'll wait for me?" I asked as a little smile formed on my face. 


Brooklyn rolled her eyes. "Can't promise that." She shrugged. "Just.. take care of yourself, okay?" She said with such hurt in her eyes. 


My eyes trailed down to her stomach. "Take care of that baby." 


She nodded in agreement as i nodded back to her. 


The cops then tugged on my arms, signalling me to start walking. I stared into Brooklyn's eyes and wanted nothing more than to kiss her with so much passion, but i don't think the cops would apreciate that. 


"Bye." I whispered after turning away from her and continuing walking towards the exit. 


I could feel Brooklyn's eyes burning a hole in my back. I decided to take one last look at her before i disapear behind the door and not see her for years. 


As i turned to look at her, she was already gone which made my heart sink. She must be relieved to finally get rid of me. 


We made our way outside into the cold, we got to the police car and one of the cops put me in the back. 





The prison was what i expected, loud, messy, convicts shouting abuse at one another. Security guards were crawling around the place, keeping an eye on everyone. I was walking in a line with new convicts holding a pillow case and bed covers in my hand. We were being escorted to our cells. 


I was getting dirty looks from other convicts, looking like they wanted to kill me already. I didn't fear them, i was expecting this. As the cops escorted each convict to their cell, it was then my turn. 


A cop stood infront of me with a clipboard. "Justin Bieber?" He asked as he looked at me blankly.


I nodded my head slowly. 


"Cell 20." He said as he pointed to the cell. "I'm sure you and your cell mate will get along really well." He smirked. 


What did he mean by that?


I walked towards the cell, the cell door was metal and rusty. What else was there to expect? I walked into the tiny cell and saw a bunk bed, the top bunk already had pillow cases and bed covers on it, so i'm guessing the bottom bunk was mine. I placed the pillow case and bed cover on the bed and scanned the room. 


The walls were grey, there was a little sink and toilet in the corner with a mirror on the opposite side and a little window with black metal bars. It hit me that i'm going to be spending years in this cell. I deserved this. 


"Hello, Justin." A voice stopped me in my thoughts. That voice, i reconise that voice, that voice sent a chill down my spine as i slowly turned around. My eyes widended as my mouth flew open. The guy i had been having nightmares about for years was standing right infront of me. 


"....Dad?" I gulped down hard.



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