Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



20. Enough is Enough

Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


I left the house leaving Stefan confused as hell, i didn't have time to explain my nightmare of a life to him, i had to go to work. I can't believe Justin just left me to deal with them. I know he's angry at me for not telling Tyler and Stefan that we're dating, but how can i tell them that? He's my student for christ sake. 


I decided to worry about all that after school was over, otherwise i'd be an emotional wreck all day which would lead to teacher's asking me if i'm okay. 


I groaned in annoyance to myself as i walked through the school corridoor and headed for the staff room. I immediatley froze when i saw Sam heading for his classroom. What in the hell is he doing back? He's been suspended. It's to early for him to come back. My eyes locked on him as he entered his classroom. I turned on my heel and headed in his direction. 


I swung open the door as he was sitting down at his desk. Once he saw me, he stood back up and shot me a toothy smile. 


"Brooklyn, good to see you." 


I knitted my eyebrows together. "What are you doing back?"


"I've sorted things out, i'm better now, so i'm back." He smiled. 


"You got suspended like 2 days, how could you get things sorted out so quickly?" 


"I bounce back quickly i guess.." 


Something wasn't right here, he hasn't been gone for more than 2 days and he he's already "sorted things out"? The whole point of being suspended is to not come back after 2 god damn days.


I turned to leave the classroom when Sam stopped me. "We need to talk."


I turned towards him. Talk about what? I've got notting to say this women beater. 


"About what?" I huffed in annoyance. 


Sam then pulled something out of his coat pocket and held it up.


I squinted my eyes together and looked closley to see that he was holding my scan picture. My eyes widened. 


"What are you doing with that? That was in my desk draw, did you go through my things?" I asked, i could feel the anger building inside of me. 


"Yes, i did." He admitted. 


"You went into my classroom, rummaged through my stuff and took my scan picture? What the fuckis wrong with you?! Do you do that with the other teacher's?! You're not allowed to do that, Sam!" I snapped.


Sam was acting so calm like he's done nothing wrong. 


He ignored my outburst. "What i want to know is...it says here..." He looked at the scan picture. "You we're 10 weeks pregnant. This scan is dated a week ago, meaning you must be 11 weeks pregnant by now?"




"Are you forgetting what happened between us 11 weeks ago?" 


"Nothing i can remember." I spat. 


"You're pregnant with my baby and you we're never gonna tell me we're you?" He asked as he placed the scan picture down on his desk. 


"This is none of your buisness! This is my buisness! I'll be telling the principal that you think it's okay to go through other people's private things!" I yelled. 


I turned towards the door once more and grabbed the handle when i felt Sam grab my wrist. I snapped my head towards him and he had an angry look on his face which scared me a little. 


"Why'd you keep this from me?" He seethed through his teeth. 


"Why do'u think? Cause of the way you are. You're not stable enough to be a parent! I wouldn't want you anywhere near my baby. And plus, the baby might not be yours." 


Sam's face expression changed from angry to confusion. "What? It has to be, we had sex 11 weeks ago.." 


"I also had sex with Justin, unprotected. There's a chance he could be the father." I knew that would piss him off. 


"You fucked that sycopath?!" Sam spat. His grip on my wrist tightened and i winced in pain. 


"The only sycopath around here is you! Let go of me! You're hurting me!" I yelled. I managed to free my wrist from his grip. I bolted out the classroom before he had the chance to do anything else. 


I rushed towards my classroom, but decided to take another rout as i could sense Sam following behind me. I walked as fast as i could down the corridoor, pushing past students who were hanging around their lockers. I didn't bother to apoligise. 


"Brooklyn! Get back here!" Sam's voice roared through the corridoors causing students to stop what they were doing and turn their attention on me and Sam. 


"We're not done talking!" He spat. 


I could feel his presence getting closer, i picked up the pace and rushed up the stairs towards the staff room. I had barley reached the door when Sam grabbed my elbow and spun me around to him. He pinned me up against the wall, placing his hands either side of my face so i was caged in and couldn't run. 


His eyes were cold, his breathing was heavy, his face was turning a light shade of red. He was hella pissed. 


"Now i know why you kept this from me. Because it could be his baby, you think i'm gonna tell the principal, don't you? Were you ever gonna tell me, huh?" He spat quitley. 


Was i ever gonna tell him? No. Why would i want to tell him that i might be having his baby? I can't stand the thought that i could be carrying his child, it make's me sick. He was a one night stand. If i could go back to the night when we had sex, i would change it. I was praying to god that the baby was Justin's. 


"I am not arguing with you! Not here! Not now!" I harshly whispered.


I tried to push him out the way but he didn't move. I grabbed his arm and yanked it away from the wall and took my opitunitey to speed off into the staff room like road runner. But, once again, he grabbed my wrist and spun me around to him. 


"We are talking about this now!" He yelled. 


"Get off me!" I screamed. Teacher's rushed out the staff room and they gasped in shock at what they were seeing. 


Me and Sam struggled with each other. I yanked my wrist away harder than i thought, causing me to fall down the stairs behind me. I hit every step and everything went dark after i hit the last step. 





I fluttered my eyes open and immediatly shut them again as the brightness of the lights were blinding. 


"Brooklyn?" I could hear Tyler's voice. 


I snapped my eyes open and saw Tyler stood over me with a worried look on his face. 


"How are you feeling?" He softly asked. 


Why the hell is he hovering over me? Where am i? What the fuck happened? Then reality hit me. Sam caused me to fall down the stairs. MY BABY! 


"Is the baby okay?!" I shrieked. I quickly sat up but fell back down against the pillows behind me as i felt sharp pains all over my body. 


"Take it easy, you had a pretty nasty fall." Tyler said.


I scanned the room and found myself in a hospital room. Tubes were going in my arms, the heart monitor next to the bed was beeping fast to the rythem of my heart. 


"What's happened to my baby?" I whispered. 


"The doctor is still doing tests..." 


"What does that mean? Is my baby going to be okay or not?!" I snapped. 


I needed to know if my baby was going to be okay. I can't loose this baby. 


"Just... rest. Calm down, breathe. I'll go talk to the doctor." Tyler said as he headed for the door. 


I knitted my eyebrows together. "What are you doing here anyway? How did you know i was here?" 


Tyler stopped in his tracks and turned to me. "I called your phone, i felt like we needed to talk... then some chick called Jenny answered and said you were being taking into an ambulance." 


Good one Jenny. 


"I'll be back." He gave me a warm but worried smile and then left the room. 


I don't want him here. I just want him to get out of my life. Like i don't have enough men in my fucking life right now. 


My eyes slowly trailed down to my flat stomach. I placed my hand ontop of it and rubbed. "I can't loose you." I whispered as a tear spilled down my cheek. 


I then looked to the side of me and saw my mobile on the draw cabinet. Jenny must have given it to one of the doctors or something.. I grabbed it and typed in Justin's number. I called him numerous times but he wasn't picking up. I really needed him right now. Just when i thought things couldn't get worse, Stefan burst into the room..... Drama queen in 3..2..


"Oh holy jesus christ! Sweetie, are you okay?" He cried as he rushed towards me. 


"I'm... fine." I lied. I knew if i showed i was breaking down he would just turn into an even bigger drama queen and i couldn't deal with that. 


"I was in the middle of getting a spray tan when Tyler called!" He said as he wiped a tear from his cheek. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tight. 


"Ow shit! Watch it Stef, i fell down the stairs remember? My body is fragile." 


He quickly pulled away. "Sorry." He said as he took a seat in the vacant chair next to the bed.

"Since when does Tyler have your number? You 2 fuck buddy's now or?" I asked raising an eyebrow.


Stefan waved his hand dismisivley. "Girl, you no it ain't like that." What does that even mean? 


He took a deep breath."Are you gonna be okay? What about the baby? Is the baby okay?" 


To many question's! 


I looked away from him, i couldn't stand him looking at me like i was some sick patient. "I don't know... the doctor's are still doing tests" I chocked.


I could feel Stefan's hand ontop of mine as he gave it a comforting squeeze. 


"Oh sweetie, i'm sure everything's going to be fine." I could sense he wasn't sure of his words. 


I could loose this baby and it's all Sam's fault. I swear to god, i was going to kill that fucker. 





2 hours had passed, i had been contantly calling Justin like my life depened on it but he just wasn't picking up. Was he still mad at me? Seriously this is so immature. The doctor had told me that the baby is going to be okay, that we were very lucky. I broke down and cried for atleast an hour, i was so happy. Stefan shrieked like a little girl, Tyler gave me a comforting smile and a wink which i didn't really appreciate. I had asked them to leave so i could get some rest. Stefan said he would come visit me later, after his hot date. He was telling me about it. How he met a guy in a club and they "hit it off" I wanted to puke to be honest, all the boyfriends he's had, he could make Taylor Swift jealous. 


I tried one last time at calling Justin and to my luck he picked up. 


"Hey." He said quickly down the line. 


"Hey." It was so good to hear his voice. 


"What's up? Everything okay?" He asked, sounding a little concenered. I guess he could hear the cracking in my voice. 


What happened today was all to much, i almost lost my baby. I didn't care that Justin could hear me, i just broke down crying. 


"Brook you dont have to explain you dont have to tell me everything I dont need to know everything" He said trying to put me at ease, but i didn't care about what happened earlier at the house. 


"No it's not that... i- i'm in the hospital." I stuttered.




He's gonna wanna know why i'm here, i can't tell him that Sam caused me to fall down the stairs, he would kill him, he would get arrested and i'd be having a relationship with him between a glass window. I'm pretty sure Sam has been arrested and will hopefully be sent to jail for what he did, there's no point in getting Justin all fired up about it. I had to lie, i couldn't risk him flipping out and loosing his way again. 


"I fell in work today, i thought nothing of it then later on i went to the toilet and there was blood....i'm sorry." 


The phone was silent, i thought Justin might have hung up or we'd been cut off, i was about to ask if he was still there. 


"Which hospital?" He asked sounding worried.


"Justin, i don't want you to see me like this." 


"Brook, i'll go to every damn hospital if i have to!" 


"Justin just-" and with that the phone line went dead. 


I don't want him here, seeing me like this, all cut and brused, i look like shit. On the other hand, i do need him here. I need him to tell me everything's going to be alright, i need to feel his arms around me. 


10 minutes went by, it felt like 10 years. My attention then turned towards the door as i heard voices. 


"Visiting hours are over sir, you need to leave. Come back in the morning."


"Fuck that!" I reconised that raspy voice. Justin's here. 


I couldn't help but giggle a little, he doesn't let people tell him what to do. I knew he wouldn't leave this hospital until he knew i was okay. 


The door then swung open and Justin stood there with a relieved expression on his face. He looked hot in his baggy denim jeans which hung around his ass, with his red supra's, red v-neck t-shirt, black leather jacket and red snapback.


A doctor was stood behind him shaking his head slowly. He must have searched the whole hospital for me. The doctors wouldn't have told him, as they were trying to rid of him. Justin turned to the doctor. "I'm staying, call security if you want, i've been working out, i could take them." He challenged.


I laughed a little. "Justin.." 


He then snapped his head towards me. The doctor was just about to say something but Justin slammed the door in his face before he could. He walked over to me with a worried look on his face.


"Are you okay?" He asked. 


"I'm fine."


His eyes trailed down to my stomach. "And the baby?" 


"It's fine, we're both fine." I smiled.


He then leaned down and gently kissed my forehead, longer than i expected. "I was so worried." He mumbled into my forehead. 


"Don't worry, i'm fine..." I repeated. 


He then sat down in the chair beside me and held my hand in his. His eyes trailed down to the floor as his face turned to sadness. 


I placed my hand ontop of his and gave it a comforting squeeze. "Don't be sad. I'm still breathing ain't i?" I laughed a little. 



"This ain't a laughing matter, Brook.... you could've died, you don't know that.." He said, his voice filled with sadness. "What happened? How did you fall?" His eyes met mine. 


I had to think of a good lie, i couldn't tell him the truth. My eyes stayed glued on him, i knew that if i turned away that he'd catch on that i was lying. 


"I tripped on the stairs... i fell... that's about it... " I shrugged, trying to sound convincing. 


"You just... tripped?" He asked knitting his eyebrows together.


I nodded slowly. "Pretty much..." Okay, so falling down the stairs wasn't a lie, but tripping down the stairs was. 


We talked for a good 2 hours until i ordered Justin to go home and get some rest. He protested at first, but gave in eventually. 


"I love you." He said as he kissed my cheek so sweetly. 


A grin formed on my lips. "I love you too."


I watched as he headed towards the door. He opened it and took another look at me and smiled before disapearing down the corridoor. 



Justin Bieber (POV)


I was relieved that Brooklyn and the baby were fine. I had been going out of my mind ever since Brooklyn called me and told me she was in the hospital. I was thinking all sorts of things. I rushed to the hospital as soon as i hung up on her, the doctors wouldn't tell me what room she was in so i made my way around every room in the hospital while the doctors annoyingly told me to leave. Fuck that, i wasn't going to leave the building until i knew Brooklyn was okay. I can sleep soundly tonight knowing her and the baby are doing fine. 


I headed for the exit and must have been in my own little world because i dumped into someone, not paying attention to where i was walking. I looked up to see the guy i had seen earlier outside Brooklyn's house. He seemed to reconise me too because he stopped and scanned my face. 


He pointed his finger at me. "Hey, i know you." He said.


"Yeah, i know you too. You was at Brooklyn's house earler..." My eyes trailed down his body, what he was wearing made me want to puke. Blue shorts? A white tank top? And oh god, are those tennis shoes? This dude needed a serious talk with Gok Wan.


"I'm Tyler." He smiled. "Brooklyn's ex boyfriend." He held his hand out infront of me, waiting for me to shake it, then awkwardly dropped it once he realised i wasn't going to shake it. 


My eyebrows shot up. "Brooklyn's ex? Your her ex boyfriend? Funny, she's never mentioned you." 


Tyler laughed a little. "Yeah, well, we didn't end on good terms... " He shrugged. 


I stared at him waiting for him to continue. 


He let out a little breath. "She walked in on me fucking her sister."


I wanted to punch him square in the face right here, right now. How could he do that to Brooklyn? And with her sister? Really? I hate this loser already. 


I let out a little fake laugh and then turned serious. "You're an asshole, dude." 


Tyler let out an awkward laugh and then knitted his eyebrows together. "Yeah.... i guess... " He then scratched the back of his neck. 


"What you doing here? It's past visiting hours, Brooklyn's tired." I said blankly. 


"Who are you?" 


"Justin... a friend of Brook's." I lied.




Tyler then held up a plastic which looked like it was filled with clothes. "I'm just bringing her a couple things from her house, Stefan would have done it but he's out on a date or something..." He shrugged. "And to tell her that Sam has been let out on bail. She isn't going to be happy about that." 


My ears perked up as he said Sam's name. "What? Out on bail? He was in jail?" I was completley confused.


"Yeah... didn't Brooklyn tell you?"


I shook my head slowly. I'm sure i was getting wrinkles on my forehead from all the frowning i was doing. 


"Oh...well, the teacher from the school she works at, Sam... he basically pushed her down the stairs." 


I could feel the anger building inside me, everything i had tried to block out from my last therapy session just came boiling to the surface. My hands curled into fists. Brooklyn lied to me! And since when was Sam back at school? He fucking pushed her down the stairs, i'm going to rip his fucking throat out. He could've killed her, not to mention he could have killed the baby. He has gone to far this time. It's one thing to beat on my mum like she was a punching bag but now, pushing my girl down the stairs, he's gone way past the line this time. 


"Are you okay man?" Tyler asked in confusion. 


I squeezed my eyes shut but quickly snapped them open. "I'm fine..." I breathed out. "Tell Brooklyn i'll be back to see her tomorrow. DON'T tell her that you told me bout Sam." I warned. The last thing i wanted was for Brooklyn to be constantly calling me telling me not to do anything stupid. 


Tyler nodded his head slowly and then brushed past me. 


I stood there for what felt like forever, trying to get my head around what i just heard. I then finally rememberd how to walk again.. I stormed out the hospital and headed for my car.


I'm going to kill Sam Shore once and for all. Enough is enough!


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