Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



13. Dark Side

Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


I still can't get my head around what happened yesterday. Not only did Justin find out about me being pregnant but also finding out it might not be his baby and then punching Sam! My life is so fucked! I thought to myself as i walked into the hospital entrance. Today is my scan apointment and i'm scared.What's going to happen. Do i really want this baby? Am i ready to be a mum? Can i have this baby not knowing who the father is? 


Walking over to the reception desk, a women was sat at her desk, tapping away on the keyboard. I rested my arms on the counter and took a deep breath. "Hi, i'm Brooklyn Pierce. I have an 11am scan apointment." 


Tapping a few more things on the computer, the women looked up at me and smiled a little. "If you would just like to take a seat miss.pierce, nurse tucker will be with you shortly." 


Smiling a little i headed towards the waiting room. 


"Are you okay?" 


I had asked Ms.Smith a.k.a Jenny to come with me. She's my closest friend at the school and i feel like i can't do this without her. She's so kind and gives me great advice and she doesn't judge me, but she doesn't know the full story about my pregnancy. I've missed out the part where either Sam or Justin could be the father. 


"I'm fine.." i said as i sat down in the waiting room, Jenny took a seat next to me. 


"It's okay to feel scared y'know. It's your first baby." 



That's not what i'm scared of... 


I haven't spoken to Justin since yesterday. After he punched Sam the police arrived at school asking questions, interviewing people who saw what happened. Sam had to get taken to hospital because Justin broke his nose. Justin walked out of school but was caught by the police and spent the night in jail. My guess is that the principal is going to kick him out of school, Sam's going to press charges and Justin's gonna end up in jail and it's all my fault!


I shouldn't have assumed that he knew i was pregnant when he joked about it, i mean, i told no one so how would he have known? But i panicked, thinking he did know. I should've known he was joking. 




I looked up to see a women holding a clip board while she was scanning the room. I'm guessing she's my midwife. 


Standing up, i took another deep breath and followed her into a small room with Jenny following behind me. I scanned the room looking at the hospital bed, the scan machine. 


"If you would just like to hop onto the bed, we'll get started" the nurse smiled. 


I did as she said and hopped onto the bed and laid down. Jenny sat down on the vacant chair next to the bed. 


"I'm nurse tucker. I'll be your midwife through out your pregnancy. Will the father be joining you?" 


Which one? i thought to myself as i slowly shook my head at her. 


"i'll be the father for the day." Jenny laughed.


Shooting a little smile at Jenny, i turned my head towards nurse tucker. 


"I'm going to put this gel on your stomach." she said as she held up the tube of gel. "lift your top up for me."


I lifted my top and tucked it under my bra as the nurse squeezed the cold gel onto my stomach. 


Rolling the scanner over my stomach, nurse tucker looked at the monitor screen. "How far gone are you?"


"I'd say about 10 weeks...." even though i wasn't really sure. 


As she continued to move the scanner around my stomach, she stopped once she heard the heart beat. "There it is." she smiled as she slid the monitor screen around so it was facing me and Jenny. And there it was, my baby right in-front of my eyes. I could see it's little heart beating, it was so tiny, like a peanut. Tears built up in my eyes as i continued to stare. 


"My guess is that you're 9 - 10 weeks pregnant." nurse tucker said. 


If only she could tell me who the father is... 


"Oh my god, Brooklyn." Jenny said as she wiped tears that were flowing down her cheeks. 


I was now in-love with my baby, as soon as i saw it's little heart beating, i knew i couldn't get rid of it as i was thinking about it when i found out. I'm keeping this baby and i'm going to love it unconditionally. 



Justin Bieber (POV)


I spent the night in a jail cell which was no surprise as i'm use to being locked up. The police asked me questions about what happened but i wouldn't tell them. Even though i'm angry at Brooklyn, i can't have them knowing we were in a relationship. 


As morning rose, a police officer came into my cell and led me to the interiview room. As i sat down at the small metal table infront of me, 2 officers walked in and sat down infront of me. I know these officers. Officer Burke and officer Lee. I've had trouble with them in the past when i was living with my mum. 


"So, Justin. Are you ready to tell us what happened yesterday at school?" Officer Burke asked as he folded his arms across his chest, waiting for me to answer.


I leaned back on my chair and folded my arms across my chest. "Like i said yesterday, i'm not telling you what happened! You're waisting your time with me."


"This is serious! You assaulted a teacher! But it's not the first time you've assaulted Mr.Shore is it? Didn't we deal with this sort of thing a few years ago?" Officer Lee asked as he knitted his eyebrows together. 


"Yeah so? He pisses me off. He knows how to push my buttons." i snapped.


"How are those therapy session's going?" 


Therapy sessions? This asshole thinks i have time to sit in a room with a stranger spilling out my problems to them when really they don't give a shit? 


"It was a waste of time. I stopped going over a year ago." i shrugged.


"Well i think it's time you started going again. Let what you're feeling out." Officer Burke said.


"I don't need therapy! I don't need people knowing about my fucking problems! And i don't need you two telling me what to fucking do!" i spat. 


"Calm down, Justin. We just want to know what happened. Why you hit Mr.Shore. Did he say something to upset you?" 


"Course he did! He hates me, like i said, he knows how to push my buttons." i said as i ran my fingers through my hair. 


"What did he say?" 


"I am not going over this with you again! I just wanna get the fuck outta here or am i being charged? Either let me go or throw me back in jail! I'm done talking!" i yelled as i slammed my fist onto the metal table as the thud echoed the room. 


Officer Burke and Lee both looked at each other. Breathing out, officer Lee looked at me. "No, Mr.Shore isn't pressing charges." 


Really? After what i did? What's that fucker up to? i thought as i knitted my eyebrows together. 


"You're free to go. You were lucky, Justin. But i'm warning you now, anymore trouble out of you and you could get sent to jail for a long time. And listen to us when we say go back to seeing your therapist. You know you need the help." Officer Burke stated. 


Do i fuck! I rolled my eyes as i stood up. "Stay out of trouble." Officer Luke said as i walked out the room. 





After going home, having some food, showering and changing into some fresh clothes, i made my way back to school. Arriving back, i knew everyone was still talking about what happened yesterday because all eyes were on me as i walked down the corridoor. Students stood at their lockers, whispering to each other and pointing towards me. Why don't you come say it to my fucking face you pussys! I knew i was in deep shit with the principal and would most probably be kicked out but i didn't really care. I'd be happy to get kicked out of this shit hole! I hate everyone here! Everyone except her.... I'm still so angry at her at how she could be so careless and stupid but i still care so much about her. 


"Mr.Bieber, my office now!" 


Great. Turning on my heel, i followed the principal into his office and sat down infront of his desk as he sat opposite me. Feels like i'm back in the fucking police station! 


"Now, i understand you were arrested last night?" the principal asked as he took his glasses off and laying them down on the desk. 


Well done captain obvious. "yeah.." 


"Mr.Shore didn't press charges, meaning you got lucky." 


Where's he going with this? 


"I would like to speak with you, Mr.Shore and Miss.Pierce so stick around after school and wait outside my office."


Knitting my eyebrows together, i got to thinking of Brooklyn. Why does he want to speak to her? She wasn't even there when i punched Sam. "Why...why do you wanna speak to Bro- Miss.Pierce." i corrected. 


"Because, this thing between you and Mr.Shore seems to evolve around Miss.Pierce. Something's going on between the 3 of you and we need to sort it out." 


"There's nothing to sort out, she had nothing to do with this. You know how i feel about Mr.Shore. I've never liked him and he's never liked me. You know our history." I wanted to keep Brooklyn out of this, like she hasn't got enough shit going on in her life. 


"Just be back here after school please." the principal said. 


"Arn't you going to expell me? Last warning remember?" 


"I spoke to Mr.Shore, he wants me to give you one last chance. I don't know why, but i agreed. You use to be a good lad, Justin. What happened? What went wrong? What's got you into this state?" 


Brooklyn..... "Nothing... this is just the way i am." i shrugged. 


"I don't believe that. You need to sort out whatever is going on in your life. Deep down, you know it's true." 


Who are you? Jeremy fucking Kyle? I don't need this shit! Not from anyone! "Can i go now?" i asked as i bit down on my bottom lip, stopping myself from saying something i'd probably regret. 


"Yes. You got off lucky, Justin. Don't screw it up." 


I stood up and left the room. What the fuck is Sam up to? Saving my ass like that. He hates me to much to do that for me, i know he's up to something. 


As i made my way down the corridoor towards my locker, Shannon stood infront of me stopping me in my tracks. My day just got 10x worse. 


"Not now Shannon, i am not in the fucking mood!" i said calmly. 


"Why'd you do it? Why did you hit Mr.Shore?" she asked as she folded her arms across her chest. 


"I don't see how that is any of your fucking buisness?! Stay out of it!" i spat.


"You need to control that anger of yours, Justin. Could get you into a whole lot of trouble."


"And who the fuck are you to tell me what to do? I've had annoying cunts like you thinking they can control what i do! You and the rest of those cunts can fuck off! I'm done." i spat as i pushed past Shannon. 


I swear if one more person talks to me, i may have to knock them out! As i was lost in my thoughts, my body crashed into someone. "God! Watch where you're fucking going!" i spat, as i looked up seeing who it was.


"Oh good, they let you out." Sam smirked.


Scanning his face i noticed he had a brused nose with stitches going across the middle of his nose. I laughed to myself.


"What's your game? Not pressing charges, telling the principal to give me another chance. What are you up too?" 


"I'm just being kind. I don't know why you hit me yesterday, but.. i forgive you." 


He's crazy! "I don't believe that shit. I know you better than anybody here! I can see right through you." i said slowly. 


"Why can't we be friends?" 


"Have you completley lost your fucking mind? You know damn well i don't wanna be friends with you! Whatever you've got planned for me you better re-think it cause you know i'll do more than give you a broken nose!" i snapped. 


"Touch me again and i will press charges. Face it Bieber, i won." 


Won? Won what? Does he think this is a fucking game?! "What the fuck are you talking about?!" 


Sam slowly walked towards me as if he wanted to whisper a secret into my ear. "Look at it from my point of view. Brooklyn now thinks you're a sycopath, that you talk with your fists and not your mind. But knowing i've not pressed charges on you and saved your ass from being kicked out of school, she'll think i'm a saint. She'll see me as the good, mature person while she see's you as the little sycopathic kid with an attitude. She needs a man, not a boy, which is what you are." 


"So this is about Brooklyn? You want her to come rushing into your arms? And what? You'll both live happily ever after? And you're calling me the sycopath?! You're deluded. Brooklyn doesn't want you! You think cause she fucked you once that she's into you? She was drunk, she can't remember what happened that night! I wouldn't be surprised if you spiked the vodka we were drinking that night just so you could have your way with her!" I moved myself closer to Sam so that our bodies were touching distance of each other. "Now you listen to me... You stay the fuck away from Brooklyn. I'll make her see what a crazy fucking prick you are! And when i do, i'll be the one whose "won". I'll make sure of it." and with that, i pushed past Sam and contiuned walking down the corridoor. 


This means war!



Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


Walking back into school, i clutched onto the picture of the baby scan. Nurse tucker asked if i wanted a picture and i emmediatley said yes. Seeing my baby on the screen was incredible and seeing his little heart beating made my heart melt. 


As we hugged, i thanked Jenny for coming with me to the scan then i made my way towards my classroom, but was stopped when Sam stood infront of me. Staring at the stitches on his face, i could tell Justin hit him pretty hard. He must be so angry at me which upset me. 


"Hey." he smiled.


"Hi... are you okay? That look's pretty bad." i said as i pointed to his nose with a hurt expression on my face.


"Oh i'm fine. Nothing i can't handle. I just don't understand why Justin done it. I've done nothing to him." 


If only you knew.... "He's a troubled teenager." i shrugged. 


"Nevermind him, how've you been? I haven't seen you all summer? You've been ignoring my calls. Is everything okay?" 


"I'm fine." i lied. "I asked you to leave me alone for the summer remember?" 


"But why? Is it because what happened before the summer? Look, i'm not going to tell the principal about you and Justin. You have nothing to worry about. I just want to put this all behind us." he said as he moved closer to me. 


I moved back a little, not wanting him to come any closer. "Yeah me too. Erm, do you know what's happening with Justin?" i asked raising an eyebrow.


"I haven't pressed charges. Like you said, he's a troubled teenager. He has anger issues. He doesn't need all this hanging over him. The principal wanted to expell him from school but i persuaded him to give him another chance. He needs help and i just want to make sure he get's it." 


Erm... okay.... You hate Justin but now you want to help him?.... 



"Oh great.. well, thank you." 


"Are you two still... together?" Sam asked curiously. 


Like it's any of your buisness! "It's complicated right now... " i trailed off. 


"You don't deserve all this stress.. he doesn't deserve someone as beautiful and smart as you." Sam said as he rested his hand on my shoulder. 


"Thanks...." Getting creeped out now... "I better get to class... " before i could walk 2 steps, Sam stod infront of me once again. 


"We have to be in the principals office after school. He wants to talk to you, me and Justin." 


"Why?" i asked knitting my eyebrows together.


"Cause of what happened yesterday. He think's you have something to do with it. But like i told him, you weren't even there yesterday.. " 


Still looking confused as ever, i gave Sam a little agreeing nod and headed for my classroom. 


Well fuck. 





The school bell rung through the classroom. it was the end of the day, students got up from their desk's and left the room talking about things they were gonna get up to this weekend, like teenagers do. 


While i was teaching all i could think about was what the principal wanted to talk to us about. I wasn't there when Justin punched Sam.. It just didn't make sense to me. Has he found out about mine and Justin's relationship? I'm always thinking that everytime the principal wants to talk to me. I'm on edge and i'm afraid one day that i'm just going to crack and blurt it out to him. 


Making my way down the corridoor towards the principals office i took a deep breath. Trying to block out all the negative comments my mind was putting together. Oh shit... not now! I could feel the sickness building up inside me. I felt the need to gag. Why the fuck do they call it morning sickness?! It's the afternoon! Slamming my hand over my mouth, i rushed to the girls bathroom and rushed into one of the cubicals and as i like to say.... puked my guts up. 


After puking for what felt like a year, i washed my mouth and hands. Staring at my reflection in the mirror i wondered where everything went wrong in my life. I guess it all started when i starting teaching here. If i never got into a relationship with Justin, none of this would be happening. To late now.. 


Feeling better now that i had puked my guts up, i headed to the principal's office and knocked on the door. 


"Come in." i heard the principal say from behind the door.


Gripping the handle, i took another deep breath and walked in. Seeing Sam and Justin sat down opposite the principal just made my heart beat like crazy. Sam looked at me with a warm smile but Justin stayed facing the principal, leaning back on his chair with his arms folded over his chest. He can't even look at me... he's still mad. I thought as i could feel my heart sink. 


I sat down in the vacant seat next to Sam. Fucking great... 


"Now, i'm sure you're wondering why i've called you in here." the principal said as he looked at me. 


"Something to do with what happened yesterday?" i asked.


"Yes. We do not tolorate that sort of behaviour in my school, espeshally towards a teacher." the principal said as his eyes shifted towards Justin. 


"What does this have to do with me? I didn't see what happened yesterday.." i stated.


"I know, but i have a feeling it had something to do with you."


"What make's you say that?" i asked knitting my eyebrows together. I could hear the beating of my heart blasting through my ears, i literally felt like passing out. 


Justin then cut into the conversation. "Just because i hit this douche bag" he said as he jabbed his thumb towards Sam. "you think it had something to do with her? Like she said, what make's you say that?" 


Is Justin sticking up for me? why? he hates me... doesn't he?


"Okay, if i'm wrong then why don't you tell me why you punched Mr.Shore?" the principal asked as he leaned back in his chair waiting for Justin to answer. 


"Because he's a douce bag! I'm sure i'm not the only one who wants to punch him every second of the day! He pushes at my buttons and i just snap. I didn't think... " Justin said.


"That doesn't answer my question....what made you want to punch him? want made you take the risk of going to jail or getting expelled from school?" 


"Like i said, i didn't think. He just pissed me off, that is all." 


I wanted to blurt out the truth. I wanted to stand up and shout IT'S MY FAULT! IT'S ALL MY FAULT! I WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH JUSTIN AND NOW I'M PREGNANT AND HE WENT CRAZY WHEN I SAID IT MIGHT BE SAM'S! IT'S ALL MY FAULT! just to make things better but it wouldn't though, would it? I'd just make things 10x worse than it already is. 


"Justin-" Justin cut the principal off by standing up from his chair and slamming his fists down onto the desk. "I didn't tell the police why i did it so what make's you think i'm going to tell you?! I've had enough of this bullshit for one day! This is pointless!" he snapped before storming out the office, slamming the door shut behind him. 


"I think i need to give his mum a call." the principal said as he reached for the phone on his desk. 


Why do you need to bring his mum into this? What if he tells her the truth?


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