Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



3. Bad Boy


Justin Bieber (POV) 

Following her upto the head teachers office I knew I had gone to far with this, if anyone saw me that was it I was well and truly fucked. Hiding behind a pillar as she entered the office, I ran upto the door placing my ear on it as quietly and humanly possible, kneeling I pushed my ear closer.

‘’Justin what do you think you're doing?’’

Stuttering I spat out ‘’You know you teachers should mind your own business!’’

‘’Yeah, I was going to same the same to you, what lesson are you meant to be in?’’

‘’English , bit nosey aren’t you?’’

‘’Justin, don’t start! You either go back to your lesson or you wait here since I’m guessing you’ve been thrown out’’

’’Ding ding ding we have a winner’’ I spat out sarcastically.

With a heavy sigh and a glare that could kill, she turned on her heels and went back in the direction she came from, not that I gave a shit.

Sitting on the chair outside the office, I pulled out my phone to see 4 unread messages from Shannon.. Christ this girl drives me up the wall.

From : Shannon

Justin I’m coming to stay at yours tonight ;)

From : Shannon

I need to be with you

Rolling my eyes I deleted all 4 messages.

‘’If that doesn’t scream slut then what does?’’ I murmured to myself.

Repositioning myself on the chair I fiddled with my zip pulling it up, then back down, then back up once again. Looking up I saw her, she was just smiling down at me.

‘’Ummm Hi’’ I stuttered

‘’Hi.. He wants to see you.. I think you're in trouble’’ she smiled pointing to the door behind her.

‘’I’m always in trouble’’ I laughed winking at her.

‘’Oh, you're a bad boy?’’ she teased.

In less than 30 seconds thousands of dirty scenarios came rushing into my head.

Shaking my self back to reality and trying to hide my boner I smiled at her, turning on my heels, i headed into the office.




‘’That man couldn’t get anymore boring if he tried’’ I snapped down the phone to Shannon.

Ending the call, i began walking towards the parking lot. I saw her again, looking all sexual leaning against her car while on her phone.

 ‘’Hey.. Need help?’’ I shouted over.

Looking up, she smiled ‘’Nah I’m good See you tomorrow, bad boy’’

Opening my car door, i jumped in, smirking as i did, i took one more glance at her pefectly shaped body, before i turned on the car engine and sped off out the car park.

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