Teachers Pet

Brooklyn Pierce newest history teacher at Temps Valley High School.

Justin Bieber 16 year old student.

Affair. Love. Heartbreak. Drama.

"I just wanna love you right,

let me do some things you like,

let me please your body like you never did, is that alright?

I just wanna kiss you up, down, up, down.



18. And that's where everything turned to shit.

Brooklyn Pierce (POV)


Someone was pounding the fuck out of my door, and i mean pounding. I could hear the door coming off its hinges. Who in the fuck was this trying to smash down my door? If it's Tyler, i swear to god i was for sure going to pound on his face. It's 10pm at night for fuck sake! Swinging the door open i was stunned to see my gay, bestfriend, Stefan who i left back in New York to take this teaching job standing right infront of me with his hand on his hip, leaning his weight on his foot as he looked at me like i had done something wrong. 


"Bitch, what took your ass so long?" He asked, giving me the full Kirk from Glee attitude.


My mouth flew open. "Oh my god! What are you doing here?!" I shrieked. I ran towards him like a Belieber running towards Justin Bieber. Wrapping my arms tight around his neck, i squeezed him tight, i missed him so much. He's been my bestfriend since i was 11 years old. He's 21, has the attitude of a 15 year old though. 


"Duh, i came to see you!" He beamed as he wrapped his arms tight around my waist and squeezed back. 


I looked up into his big brown eyes, oh how i've missed those eyes. He's always been there for me when i've had problems in my life, he would joke and make me laugh and then get all serious going Oprah Winfrey on me. He's timing couldn't be more perfect, it's almost as if he knew i had problems going on right now. 


He then took a few steps back and scanned my face like he was looking for something. Gosh he's so beautiful. Perfect black hair, big brown eyes, perly white teeth and a smile that would make you want to drop your knickers. I swear, if he wasn't gay, i would have pounced on him a long time ago. What the hell am i saying? I'm getting horny here! Hormaones..? 


I waited for him to say something, but he just kept staring at me with a confused look on his face. "What?" I asked curiously. 


"There's something different about you, can't put my finger on it." He said as he bit down on his bottom lip with the confused look still plastered on his face. 


"Have i mentioned i'm pregnant?" I shrugged. 


Here we go... 


His jaw dropped to the ground, not literally but yeah y'know what i mean. His eyes buldged from his eye sockets, almost like he had just seen Taylor Lautner in the nude. His arms dropped to his sides. "GUURRRLLL, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" He squealed. 


I took a step back from him because i actually thought he was going to rugby tackle me. "Yes..." 


I could see tears strolling out of his eyes and falling onto his cheeks. "Oh my god," He said as he fanned himself. Drama queen. "We gon' have a baby?" He chocked. We? Aww he's so cute. 


I'm like a sister to him, so knowing i'm pregnant, i think has tipped his emotions over the edge. I then noticed his eyes trailing down to my stomach. You'd think he thought i had a massive bump by the way he was eyeing my stomach. "I'm like 10 weeks gone, so no baby bump yet." I said as i patted my stomach and smiled. 


"I can't believe it!" He beamed then his face hardened. Uh-oh.. "Back the fuck up! You've known for 10 weeks, and i'm only just finding this out now?" He put his hand to his chest. "That hurts." He wined with a pain look on his face. 


I know he was only joking, but really, i should have told him when i found out. But, how could i? What was i suppose to say? Hey, Steffy! Just to let you know i'm pregnant. Oh, but i slept with 2 different guys and i don't which of them is the father of my baby. And ontop of that, 1 of them is a women beater and the other is a 16 year old student, who i think i'm falling for. Yeah, cause that would go done well with him. He'd pass out on the fucking floor. But i knew i had to, he's my bestfriend, we don't keep secrets between us. I can't talk to anyone about this and it's killing me, i don't want to be telling Tyler, he's the last person i would want to tell. We didn't end on good terms and i know for a fact he'd just drag me to the police station and make me blurt it out to the cops. 


I faked a smile and laughed awkwardly. "Yeah, sorry. It's... complicated."


"Well whose the lucky guy? How old is he? How long have you been dating? Is he hot? Does he have a friend?" Stefan asked as he wiggled his eyebrows and smirked.


I will tell him the truth, just not now. Not while he's standing infront of me, i'll wait until he's back in New York. I'll tell him over the phone, that way he can't strangle me. I had to think of something quick. "Erm, like i said.... it's complicated. We're not together, not anymore." I sighed as i got to thinking about Justin, but my thoughts were stopped short once i realised i was staring into space and Stefan was waving his hand infront of my face.


"Earth to Brooke, hello?" 


Shaking my head, i turned towards the house. "C'mon, let's get you inside." 




Stefan had asked to stay with me for a couple of weeks, i immediatly said yes as i didn't want to be alone right now, epshally with my thoughts. Tyler. Sam. Justin. Those 3 specific people runing through my mind. UGH. He's taking a break from uni, he missed me that much he skipped uni for me. He made himself at home in the spare bedroom, and he really did make himself at home. His clothes were spread across the floor, his belts, hats, shoes, hair products. He had already eaten half the food in my fridge, i didn't mind though. But, how he manages to stuff donuts, chrisps, popcorn and all over junk food in his mouth and stay thin, i will never know. 


Stefan was in the bath, i could hear him singing Carly Rae Jepsen's- Call me maybe song through the walls. Knowing him he's singing into his hairbrush. I laughed at how high his voice was going and then laughed even more when he started to cough and splutter, trying to make his voice go higher than he knew his limits. That boy never fails to make me laugh. 


As i cleaned the emtpy donut boxes off the kitchen counter, Stefan, still the same. Never cleaning up after himself. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, as i pulled it out, my heart skipped a beat when i saw Justin's name flashing on the screen. Why is he calling? I took a deep breath as i tapped answer and put the phone to my ear. 


"Hi." Justin spoke softly down the phone. 


Oh his voice, it made me shiver. "Hi." 


He coughed awkwardly down the phone. "How you doing?" 


How am i doing? AWFUL. My ex boyfriend is back in town, not to mention my Carly wannabe bestfriend, which i didn't mind, i'm more horny than i've ever been thanks to this pregnancy and the truth is Justin, i think i'm fucking falling for you! That's how i'm doing! Obviously i didn't just tell him that, but i wanted to. I didn't want him to worry though or flip out about Tyler. "I'm fine." I sighed. 


"You sure? You don't sound okay." 


I just wanted him to get to the point as to why he called me. "What do you want, Justin?" I tried not to sound rude. 


I could hear Justin sighing down the phone and shuffling sounds in the background. Sounded like he was walking. "I know you must think i'm a total prick, the way i treated you, calling you a slut.... " He trailed off. 


I could feel my heart beating faster as Justin tied to get his words out. I could sense an apology coming. 


"I'm sorry." Move over Mystic Meg!  His voice was filled with sadness. 


Ohhh Justin. I'm sorry too. Sorry for hurting you, sorry for nothing admitting my feelings for you from the start, sorry i'm ruining your life. I could feel the tears surfacing. I tried to keep it together, i don't want him knowing i'm crying. "It's okay." I whispered. 


"But it's not though. You shouldn't have to see that angry side of me, i don't want you to thin of me that way. The guy who punches everything in site when i get a little angry, the guy who calls you a slut when you're not! I just.... i'm sorry." He trailed off. 


I could hear the hurt in his voice and it just hurt me. He was breaking down. I don't blame him, everything he's been through, i'm surrpised he didn't break down sooner. I guess it just takes little old me to do that. I really wanted to hug him at this point, tell him everything's going to be okay and that thing's will get better. 


I was just about to talk when i heard Stefan sturring upstairs. "Justin... i .. i gotta go." I said quickly cause i could hear Stefan's footsteps coming down the stairs. Before Justin even had the change to utter one word, i hung up. Stefan walked in with a towel wrapped around his waist, water dripping from his hair to his muscles and down to his 6 pack. Seriously, if you wasn't gay, i would pounce! ... Okay wtf, stop! He's your bestfriend! Your GAY bestfriend! Fucking hormaones. Damn i'm horny! 


Stefan raised his eyebrow at me as he did the famous Kirt from Glee pose, placing his hand on his hip and leaning his weight to one side. Oh great, here we go... 


"What's going on? You look upset. Has someone upset you while i've been in the bath?" Is he reading my mind or...? I love him dearly, but all these questions, it was annoying me. I decided i had enough for tonight. 


I got up from the couch and headed over to Stefan who was still half naked, stood in my living room door way. "I'm just tired. I'm gonna get some sleep, gotta get up for work tomorrow." I smiled. What i really wanted to do was slap him around the face and shout "SHUT UP WITH YOUR QUESTIONS!" 


"Okay huni. I'll see you in the morning." Stefan said as he kissed my cheek then headed towards the kitchen, no doubt to stuff his face again. He must have a personal trainer or something. 


I dragged myself up the stairs, Justin's call run me down. I felt sad, i shouldn't have hung up on him when he was bascially breaking down. He was saying sorry to me, sorry for being a prick and i hung up on him before he could say another word? Now i felt like the prick. I reached my bedroom door and leaned my forehead against it. I took a moment to breathe. Squeezing my eyes shut, i just wanted to disapear. Tyler. Sam. Justin were swimming in my head again. 


I finally opened my bedroom door and headed straight for my bathroom. I slipped off my clothes and grabbed my pj's when i heard a scuffling sound coming from my bedroom window. What the fuck? I slowly walked towards the window and almost jumped out of my skin when i saw pop up. He had climbed up the side of my house and onto the balcony. Opening the window, i stuck my head out. 


"What the fuck are you doing? Are you crazy?" I snapped in a low tone so Stefan wouldn't hear. 


Justin's eyes trailed down to my chest, that's when i realised i was just in my bra and underwear. Oh. 


His eyebrows shot up as he looked down at my body. He's seen my body before, why's he looking at me like he wants to pounce? Is it so bad that i wanted him to pounce on me right now? My hormoanes are going crazy. 


"What you doing here?" I asked as i stepped back to make room for Justin to climb through the window. 


"Came to see you." He said as he stood up straight and stuffed his hands in his jean pockets. 


Well duh he's came to see me, but why the hell did he just climb up the side of my house? Must be importaint. 


I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for Justin to continue. "You hung up on me, i couldn't wait till tomorrow to tell you." He said.


"Tell me what?" 


Justin's eyes trailed down to the floor as he licked his lips, which turned me on. He let out a deep breath, but didn't say anything. We were stood there for over a minute in silence and i was getting impatient. "Spit it out, Justin! I haven't got all night!" I snapped. 


He threw his arms in the air. "I fucking love you okay?" He blurted out. 


Well, i always knew he cared so much for me, but love? HE loves me. I don't know what to say to that, my feelings were so messed up. Having Tyler walk back into my life, i just felt rage. But when Justin said that, my heart just melted and the butterflies in my stomach started forming. I just stood there staring at him like i just seen a ghost. I tried to talk but nothing was coming out, i was all chocked up. Just when i thought he hated me, he goes and tell's me that and i never felt so happy. 


"Say something." Justin whispered but loud enough for me to hear. 


Still, nothing came out of my mouth. And my body grew hot when he started walking towards me. Oh god, please don't. I wanted to pounce on him. Should i tell him i love him back? Last time i said, i got my heart broken, i don't want to go down that road again. But i was curious.... 


"What's bought this on?" 


Justin stopped just inches from my body. I could feel my heart beat twice as fast as his hot breath hit my face. "Everything. I've been an ass and i just want you to know how i feel." And there was me thinking he hated me... "It's okay if you don't love me back, i don't expect you to fall for a stupid kid like me-" He then got cut off by the sound of footsteps coming towards my bedroom door. Stefan! 


My eyes widened. If he found Justin in my room, he'd ask questions, which would lead to his age. I can't have him knowing about Justin, not yet. I grabbed Justin's arm and dragged him towards my closet. "What are you doing?" He asked in confusion. 


"I can't have him knowing you're here!" I said quitley, trying not to sound panicked. 


Justin then stopped in his tracks. "Who?" 


I turned towards him. "I'll explain after he's gone." I said as i opened my woredrobe doors. "Just get in there and shut up!" 


"You serious? You want me to hide in your closet?"


"Yes!" I shrieked. I grabbed his arm again and stuffed him in the closet, not caring if i was hurting him because right now, i didn't care. I closed the woredrobe doors and waited for Stefan to enter my room. "Ow shit!" I heard Justin snap from behind the doors. I guess he hurt himself.


"Everything okay?" Stefan asked as he stepped into my room. 


I was praying to god that Justin doesn't utter another word. "Yeah. Why?" I asked trying to act casual. 


Stefan scanned the room. "I thought i heard voices."


"Probably just me.. i talk to myself sometimes..." I lied. 


"Sounded like a guy's voice. Do you have a man in here, Brooke?" He asked as he raised his eyebrow and smirked. 


I bit down on my bottom lip. Yeah, i do have a man in my room, actually, a kid, and actually, in my closet! "No." I said blankly. 


Stefan didn't look convinced. He was scanning my face. He can tell when i'm lying. He then smiled a little. "Okay, just wanted to check everything was okay." He then kissed my forehead. "Cute undies. Goodnight." 


I looked down at my body and once again remembered that i was just in my underwear. "Night..." I blushed.


The second he walked out my room and closed the door, i rushed over to my closet and swung the doors open to see Justin standing there with his hand on his forehead and a painful look plastered on his face. "Did you hurt yourself?" I asked. Stupid question. 


"You smacked me with the door when you closed it." He said as he rubbed his forehead. 


I couldn't help but laugh a little. I tried to contain it but Justin heard the snigger escaping my lips. He dropped his hand and i could see a bruse forming on his forehead and i laughed even more. I know it was wrong to laugh at someone whose just been hurt, but this was all pretty funny. Him climbing through my bedroom window like he was Romeo, when a normal person would just use the front door, and then having to hide him in my closet from my gay bestfriend. "Sorry." I managed to choke out.


Justin just rolled his eyes and stepped out the closet, looks like he didn't see the funny side to it. "Who was that?" he asked as he montioned his finger towards the bedroom door. 


I could see a hint of jealousy in Justin's eye and i won't lie, i liked it. "My bestfriend, Stefan. He arrived here today. He's staying for a couple of weeks." I thought i outta put him out his misery.


His face relaxed. "Oh." 


"So...?" I said awkwardly as my eyes looked down to the carpet. 


I could feel Justin's eyes burning a hole in my face. The butterflies in my stomach started to form again. I could feel Justin's body getting closer to mine. My body started to shake. The way he make's me feel is totally different to the way Tyler use to make me feel. I looked up into his eyes and stared into those chocolate orbs. Totally different.


"I meant what i said, i do love." Justin said as he took hold of my hand. "I'm in-love with you, Brooklyn." Once again, i chocked up. I gulped down hard. His eyes slowly trailed down to my lips and i knew what was coming next. I felt like a kid on christmas morning. I could feel his hand on my bare hip which made me shiver. I couldn't take it anymore, he was teasing and i was horny. I grabbed a fist full of his jacket and smashed his lips to mine. The kiss was just like our first kiss, i could feel fireworks going off around us, my heart wanted to leap out of my chest and the butterflies were growing. I slowly moved backwards towards the bed and Justin followed as we were still kissing. Once the back of my legs hit the bed, i laid down and Justin hovered ontop of me placing his hands on either side of my head. 


I ran my fingers through his soft hair as he closed his eyes to my touch. "I love you too." I was sure of my words. I do love him, i just didn't want to admit it. No one is going to except our relationship. Why would they? He's a kid, i'm a teacher. But at this moment in time, i didn't care.


Justin's eyes snapped open, he couldn't believe what i just said. Like he wasn't expecting it. "You do?" He asked. 


I nodded my head slowly and a smiled formed on my face. "I really do." I whispered. 


Justin leaned his forehead on mine. "Thank fuck." He said as he let out a small laugh. I laughed along with him, not to loud, i didn't want Stefan to come bursting in my room to find a guy ontop of me, he'd faint or complain that i'm getting action and he isn't. 


He then slowly leaned down and we connected our lips. This kiss was different then to the other kisses we ever had. It was with passion, with love. Our tongues tangled together. Justin then softly bit down on my bottom lip and looked into my eyes. "I love you." He whispered.


He then slowly trailed his kisses down to my neck as his hand was on the other side of my neck. I leaned my head back to give him more room. I was going weak at the knees at this point, i never realised how much i missed this until now.





I heard the faint sound of Stefan singing in the spare bedroom next to me. Does that boy ever stop singing?  I fluttered my eyes open and looked at my alarm clock which read 6:30am. What the hell is he doing singing at this time of morning? He should still be asleep. I groaned to myself as i sat up i looked to my side and saw Justin sleeping peacefully next to me, his arm was wrapped around my waist and i couldn't help but stare at his beauty. The butterflies made another apparance in my stomach, i felt like i was on cloud 9. Trailing my fingers down the side of his face, i leaned in and gave his cheek a little peck. 


I have an hour to get ready for work and i have to sneak Justin out the house without Stefan spotting him, or he could just climb out the window. I gently shook Justin's arm tying to wake him but he wasn't having any of it, he just groaned and mumbled. "Justin..." I must have said his name over 9 times and still nothing. Okay now i was getting annoyed. I would have shouted at him, but i didn't wanna risk Stefan hearing. I then leaned over Justin and started kissing his neck and when that didn't wake him up, i sunk my teeth into his flesh, not so hard that blood was pissing out but hard enough that his eyes snapped open.


"Ow! What the fuck, Brooklyn?" He said in shock. 


"Oh good, you're awake." I smiled. 


Justin sat up and rubbed his neck. "No shit! You just fucking bit me." 


I shrugged. "I said your name like 9 times and you wouldn't wake up. I had to do something." 


"Next time just slap me round the face or something, i'm sure it'll be less painful." He laughed a little as he continued to rub his neck. 


"Sorry. I gotta get ready for work and you need to go before Stefan see's you." I said as i forced myself out of bed. I grabbed my clothes out my dresser but stopped once i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. "I'm still your dirty little secret?" Justin whispered huskily into my ear. My knees started to tremble as he softly kissed my cheek. I wrapped my arms tight around his arms, i felt safe in his arms. 




After half an hour of trying to get dressed, making out with Justin and hearing Stefan break out into song to Don't stop believin' from Glee, we were dressed and i was ready to sneak Justin out the house without Stefan catching him. Justin wasn't really bothered about Stefan catching him, but i was. I don't want people to know yet. It's bad enough that i'm pregnant and don't know who the father is. 


"Shhh!" I whispered to Justin as we crept down the stairs. He was trying to make noises on purpose, he wanted Stefan to find us right then and there. He was teasing me now because he kept tugging at my skirt. "Justin!" I smacked his hand away and continued tip-toeing down the stairs. Once we got to the front door i felt relief wash over me, thanking god that Stefan didn't hear us. 


I took Justin's hand in mine and pulled him close to my body. "Don't tell anyone about us yet." I said as i looked into his beautiful brown eyes.


"Not even Chaz or Ryan? Awh c'mon." Justin wined but i knew he was just kidding around. 


"Just go." I grinned. 


He rolled his eyes and groaned. "Fine." but not before placing his hand on the back of my head and giving me the most sweetest kiss i've ever experienced. I felt like my body was about to float away. And that's where everything turned to shit..... 


I opened the front door to find Tyler stood there with his hand was balled into a fist just above his chest, i'm guessing he was just about to knock on the door until i opened it. I froze once again when i saw him stood there, but this time it was much worse, Justin standing next to me with a confused look on his face. 


"Who are these huni's?" Stefan asked as he walked down the stairs, having a smirk plastered on his face. 


My bestfriend, ex boyfriend and current boyfriend all together and by the looks on their faces, they wanted answers.

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