**Harry fanfic**
**Some of this is real**


1. Fear

I walked up to the big clear glass door of my porch, taking the cold key in my hand. It was cool crisp February, and the fear ran through my veins. I open the door carefully to my father intoxicated on the couch. "Of course" I whisper sneaking past my him. I sit at the table and start on my Homework. Feeling a warm hand on my shoulder, I begin to tremble again. "Need help with that Kaylee?" I hear in a slurred deep voice. "N-N-No" I Mumbled, voice quivering. My dad snatched my arm "I said DO YOU NEED HELP?!?!" He boomed "N-N-No!" I repeat. Shoving me he screamed back "YES YOU DO" Crying now I try to squirm away. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!" He bellowed taking his palm to my cheek with a powerful force. "L-L-LET M-M-ME G-G-GO" I say with fright. "I JUST WANT TO HELP!" His eyes scream with fire, making them look almost red instead of brown. Finally, I wiggle away. Tears pour out of my eyes like a waterfall. Quickly I dial up my best friend, Harry.






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