In The Computer

Chloe Dawe is a sim. A very interesting sim. A sim that has a life both in, and out of the computer...


2. The Chance

In the Computer

While she was on maternity leave with Tiff, Chloe was always bored so she would just watch the telly for a bit. There was one program she watched where this famous magician made himself real - like out of the computer real. Yeah, real! None of her family would like it, especially her Young Adult daughter, Pippa. "Hey! That magic dude turned himself back into a sim aswell!" Chloe realised.She brought her special notebook out of her inventory. In this, she wrote everything in Sim-Speak (the sims 2 language) that interested her. She flipped through the many scribbled on pages, and found her page. "Toronto the!" she read. "To get yourself Out-of-the-Computer-Real say these words: ..." Then it says a whole load of words that I can't be bothered to try and spell. "... While holding your nose and closing your eyes." Chloe continued reading the page. "Here goes..."

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