In The Computer

Chloe Dawe is a sim. A very interesting sim. A sim that has a life both in, and out of the computer...


3. Her Bedroom

Out of the Computer



"That magician guy must have had some practice on the landing!" groaned Chloe. "Wait.....w...a...i...t.....I'M OUT OF THE COMPUTER!!!!But how do I get out of the bedroom? Nope. Not cool." She needed to get out of there, and fast, she could feel her hunger, and hear the pounding of feet up the stairs. "I have to jump- no other way." she mumbled. She leaped out of the luckily open window, and landed on a holly bush. "Ouch! On the Sims, I never felt pain." She could hear the creator, in her bedroom. "Hi? Is someone there?" then slightly quieter "I thought I heard talking."

Chloe legged it down the street as fast as she could, remembering to look at the street name of which the creator lived on. "What can I do now?!" she sobbed.

"I know what you can do."

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