In The Computer

Chloe Dawe is a sim. A very interesting sim. A sim that has a life both in, and out of the computer...


1. The Start

In the Computer

Chloe was bored. That's the way she almost always is. She was extremely hungry. Why won't her creator let her eat? Well, because she wants to kill Chloe. That's right, if you hadn't guessed, Chloe is a sim, created to be killed. Why? Because it is fun. "Seriously! C'mon girl! Simon is eating!There is a fridge just there!"she cried "And where's the toilet? You probably think this is funny." Of course this was all displayed as a mix of red and white speech bubbles. No words, nothing to communicate Chloe's sarcasm. Just beyond her cage of white-picket fences, Simon, her boyfriend was cooking Maceroni Cheese, which he was going to feed to their daughter, Tiffany. "Why me? All I have ever done is work, bear children, clean, feed Fido and been a loyal sim! What have I ever done to be starved?" Thought Chloe. Fido barked at her and wagged his tail. She loved him. She loved Tiff. She loved Simon. She loved her life. "I've got to get out of here. I can't just die. I have an idea! It could work...perhaps...maybe not...but a chance to live is better than certain death right?"

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