Boyband? Nah.

Nathan, Louis, Keaton and Josh are at their final year school together. They do not know any of the others. When somebody mysteriously enters their names into the school talent show, they have two weeks to learn a son and to perform. Will they succeed? Or will their reputations be ruined? [Not 1D]


2. Note Discussion

Louis' POV

Yeah, so our names are all signed up for this contest. And I'm just like- How the heck am I going to be able to sing in front of anyone. I don't have any experience, unless you count that embarrassing moment, when I was six years old, standing in front of my whole year two class and sang 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', and accidently peeing on the last 'Twinkle.'

I'm happy I've moved away from Canterbury.

I'm glad, that now I live in London.

I'm annoyed that some bastard signed our names up for the contest, and don't even have the courage to confront us. Idiot.

I guess, being the jokey type, I'm not used to being annoyed. And it's weird, I'm actually annoyed. God I sound insane.

Nathan keeps following me. In a really demented way. I think he, is a little, bit... Gay. Yeah. Nath is gay. 

We had Science after lunch, which was pretty cool, since we were dissecting this bullfrog. Josh's frog had some sort of an 'egg' explosion. Josh, turned really red, before grabbing a cloth and began wiping up. The whole time this happened, everyone else was laughing at him.

And I finished first.

Mine had a shrimp in it.

Well the rest of the day blew by, and it was time to meet the rest of the 'victims'.

"So, um. Get in the van." Josh said, indicating to his massive pick up truck. 

"You aren't kidnapping us are you? I mean, big white van? A massive truck thing for a guy like you?" Keaton asked, incredulous. Josh winced, and I saw his hand move over his back pocket, as if he were hiding something. 


Nathan's POV

Things are really hitting off with Louis. I think he might actually like me. Well maybe not. He probably thinks I'm some weird, smarmy creeper or something. I probably act like one, so I guess I brought it on myself. But anyway. I had other things to do this afternoon, instead of going into the unpopular kid's van and talking about that stupid contest. I don't even know what we have to do. Sing? Dance? Magic Tricks? Comedy?

I'm useless, at all of those things. Except maybe singing. I'm better at that than anything else. It's like my personal skill. Nobody thinks you're cool if you can sing. No. You have to be a really hot, football [Soccer] player. Not some gay person that can sing.

Life's hard as a gay person. I hope that Louis will help change that, since he's one of the popular kids. Correction: He is the most popular, smartest kid in the school. No. All of London. He's not a nerd. Just hot and smart and brilliant. Crap. I've started fan-girling. 

Anyway. As I climbed in the van, I accidentally (On purpose) tripped. As I fell towards the concrete I grabbed onto the hem of Louis' shirt. He clawed randomly at the air, before crashing onto the concrete on top of me. "Ahhh." He moaned.

"Sorry, mate. My bad." 

Keaton pulled Louis back to his feet, while Josh clambered into the front seat. I was still lying on the ground. "Um. Keaton? No help?"

He glowered at me, before reluctantly pulling me to my feet. I think he knows my secret. 

Well. Keaton and I got into the back of the van. Let's just say, after the ride to Josh's house, my bum was throbbing and I felt sore all over.

Keaton's POV

I really hate Nathan. Gay ass.

Yeah, falling over your own big feet and grabbing onto someone else (Your crush) and dragging them down with you. Personally, I think his brain is addled. Throughout the whole day, he was making snide comments about my accent. Just because I'm from America. And I'm apparently different.

Well. Another reason why I acted the way I did back there, was because I saw her. The chick of my dreams. My crush. At least I'm not cheesy when it comes to girls. Not that I'm calling Louis a girl. The only thing I do when I see her is go all tough and surly. Habit actually. I've dated heaps of girls, all of them prefered me with a bad temper, so that's what I do. Well, with her beautiful blonde hair and stunning blue eyes, I can't resist. 

I'm a player.

I'm the hottest guy around. Except maybe for Louis.

Josh is a bit of a twerp. But he's got a nice pad. 

His room is bigger than my apartment. His whole house is bigger than my grandmother's bathroom. And that's pretty darn big.

He's even got this mini recording studio in the corner of his room, complete with a microphone. It's connected to his laptop. 

Josh has got a massive king-sized bed and an on-suite bathroom. 

He's freaking rich.

"So, Whatcha think?" Josh said, observing us closely. Almost nervously. 

"Holy crap." 

Josh's POV

Keaton likes it. He really likes it. YES.

Louis and Nathan are a little bit too close together. But anyway. It's time. 

"So. Um. Take a seat. Get all comfy." They all dove onto the bed, so I walked casually over, so I was in front of the bed. I cleared my throat. "So-"

"Get to the point. Are you a man or a mouse?" I winced, as Keaton glared defiantly at me. "Mouse." He whispered. I could feel furious tears threatening to overflow. I cleared my throat again. "I found this in my locker, after lunch." 

I chucked the note at Louis, who caught it. He unfurled it and read aloud.

The talent show? That's nothing compared to what I have planned for you. 
You're going to win it. And if you don't... let's just say it wont be a great experience
for your face, and the toilets. You think you can lose? Well, get ready to have shit
in your face for the rest of the year.

"Really? 'Have shit in your face for the rest of the year'? Creative. Very creative. But no. I don't know who wrote this. It's not anyone in the graduating class. I know almost everyone's handwriting." Louis muttered. He passed it to Nathan, who caught it. Nathan looked at it as if where a new born baby. "Well?" Louis prompted. "Recognize it?"

"Nope." Nathan, rather unwillingly passed it to Keaton. Keaton narrowed his eyes. I saw something dawn in his eyes, but he covered it up. He glared at me, before turning to Louis. "No. No, I don't."


He knows.

Keaton knows.

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