He Is Mine [ Liam Payne FanFic ]


2. Now!

I Was In Bed Texting My Bestfriend Liam. Conversation:

 From LiLi Bear<3 : Hey Babe. WAKE UP xxx

To LiLi Bear<3 : UGH NO! Come Over! xxxx

From LiLi Bear<3 : Im At Your Bedrooom Dooor Tell Me To Come In! Lol. xxxxxx

To LiLi Bear<3 : COME IN!!! I WANNA CUDDLE!!! <3 PLEASE IM COLD.. xxxxx

Then My Door Opened And I Heard Him Walk To My Bed And Sit On The Edge

" Hey LiLi." I Whispered  Knowing He Used His Spare Key Cause Everyone Was Asleep. " Hey PayBoo." He Took Off His Shoes And Climbed Into Bed. Did I Mention Were Dating, YEAH! He Put His Hand On My Hip And Turned Me Around Facing Him And He Kissed Me. Ahh I Felt Like I Was On Cloud 9. Were Old Enough To Do This Im 16 So Is He Hes 4 Months Younger Than I Am Though. But Hes Just So Magical


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