He Is Mine [ Liam Payne FanFic ]


1. How It All Began

It Was My 2nd Birthday, My Mom, My Sister And I Were Running From My Dad He Was A Crack Head And He Wanted To Get Me And My Sister To Live With Him. We Finally Got A House In London My Dad Thought We Were In America So He Was Probobly Somewhere Near The Airport. My Mom Opened The Door And Let Me Out Of My Seat I Ran Up To The House, The First One I'd Ever Lived In. My Sister Ran In The House With Me On Her Back I Saw A Pink Room With Glittery Lights Hung Around The Bed With A Big White Frame And Pink Bed Sheets And A Comforter My Name On The Wall In Black Block Letters It Read " PAYTON " I Was Amazed My Mom Picked Me Up And Kissed My Head And Told Me To Look In The Closet And Drawers I Looked And Saw Clothes And Dresses And Shoes My Astoundedment Was Interupted By A Knock On The Door, My Mom And I Went Down Stairs And Answered The Door And There Stood Our Neighbors Introduced And Liam Karen Geoff Ruth And Nicola. Liam Was My Age Ruth And Nicola Were Katies Age It Was Perfect And That Is Where I Met Him

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