Falling in Love

This story is about a girl called Jessica who goes to a meet and greet for her cousin(she's ill in hospital)!!! And starts a new life. In the first chapter the Jessica doesn't like 1D bu opinions change! :) enjoy P.S. I will only update when I have done chapters!!! xx


1. Going to the Meet and Greet


First of all my name is Jessica Dacosta, I am 17 years old. I have light blonde hair which is long, naturally my hair's wavy but I straighten or curl end normally. I live in Hampshire in England it's not a bad place to live but I'd rather live in London or somewhere hot since I don't like the cold!


I wake up to the sound of the my phone ringing, it better be an urgant call since it's 7:30 am on Saturday :( . But I thought I better pick it up so I rolled out of bed which is on my floor since I don't have much money and I can't be bothered to get one, I'd much rather use my money on new clothes like Hollister, Jack Wills and Ambercrombie & Fitch.

I then leaped up and ran around my flat my roomates now screaming at me because my phone's so loud. My roomates are Lauren, Connie, Olivia and Yasmin they are really good friends Lauren, Yasmin and Connie are like the cook of the flat which is lucky because me and Olivia cannot cook at all.

Eventually I found my phone down the crack of the sofa. I didn't even see who was calling, to be honest I don't care I only just picked it up as it was going to voicemail. So I said "Hello".

The voice replied "Hello" I could tell it was my little 12 year old cousin who's in hospital. "Ummm can you maybe go to the One Direction meet and greet for me since I can't???"

Instantly I thought shit I hate One Direction they sound rubbish!!! But she has cancer so I can say no so I simply said "Yeah, sure!" in a really enthusiatic voice so I didn't sound like it was a chore. She replied "Thank You so much, make sure you get there signatures especially Harry's"

Once again I thought my life sucks!

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