Falling in Love

This story is about a girl called Jessica who goes to a meet and greet for her cousin(she's ill in hospital)!!! And starts a new life. In the first chapter the Jessica doesn't like 1D bu opinions change! :) enjoy P.S. I will only update when I have done chapters!!! xx


2. At the Meet and Greet

When I arrived at the meet and greet in London. The meet and greet is going to be held in small book shop which is a bit unusual for a such a popular boy group. Once I finally found the bookshop there was people queuing out the door and down the street, I'm so tempted to push in but there's a few police officers on the other side of the road. So I gave the ticket thing to the book shop assistant who then let me join the Que.. All there is here is a load of screaming pre-teens, teens and kids. I 'm practically an adult so I look a bit out of place stood by myself since everyone's in groups. A few minutes later an announcement came out from the book shop manager and he said "The wait may be a little bit longer since the boys are really taking there time to talk to everybody!" I couldn't help but think his voice sounds funny because the mega-phone he was speaking through. As soon as he said it I was like well my life sucks! So I started texting Connie and Yaz because Olivia never replies or has credit what if there's an emergency and she has no credit then or something happens to her we wouldn't know! But anyway I texted Connie: Hey sozzy bout waking u up dis mornin! didn't mean 2 :) Xxx         I then forwarded the same text to Yaz anyways, I think they may be together so only one would reply(most likely) . Unsurprisingly it was Connie to reply: hey babz dw with Yaz and Olivia's @ work where r u? Xxx            Before replying I thought about why we all put Xxx on the end of every text but I decided it looks nice and says you care or something also everyone else loves One Direction so I'm not sure if I should tell them where I am because of that and they'd be jealous of me when I'm just so unhappy being here right now. But I don't really know where to say I am so I replied: Waiting in a line for a meet n greet with 1D.        I wonder if Connie will notice that I didn't put Xxx?

~#About 30mins later#~

I received a text from Connie saying: You little BITCH why don't you love me anymore!?!

So obviously she did notice so I replied: Well your one of my besties so yeah of course I love ya babz.

I was almost at the front of the que when one of the girls infront of me fainted and paramedics rushed in, oh great another delay!:( Although they just carried the girl off on a stretcher and carried on with the meet and greet, as I way getting closer I say that the meet and greet was in a private room. 

A few minutes later I was the the next person to go in the room and meet One Direction. The security guard was just staring a me and shuffling around on the sport with his arms crossed. The man called me in and I couldn't help but feel sorry for all the people dying to meet One Direction, then there's me who doesn't even like them.

I slowly walked in the room and said "Hey I'm not going to annoy you like most girls I'm just going to ask for a signature from each one for my cousin who's in hospital." The boys automatically pulled a synfetic face and sighed. One of them turned red and grabbed a cushion and placed it over his crotch. Maybe he likes me I thought to myself sarcastically. They then ran out the room with the cushion still over the crotch. "I think Liam likes you" one of the boys said, so thats what he's called Liam such a pretty name kinda, if he likes me then atleast he's rich. 

"Sorry about this but what's all your names?" I said trying to smile to make it better.

The same boy that had just spoke said "That's Zayn, that's Louis, that's Niall, the boy that ran out is Liam and I'm Harry." Ok so my cousin likes the one with curly hair I thought to myself.

"Can I get all your autographs with Harry's name the biggest, my cousin likes you the most no offence?" I said sort of knowing that they would say yes. Not to my suprise they said                                 "Sure, just wait for Liam to come back" Niall said "He might be a while, he looked pretty excited"  I started laughing and said "okay"

A few minutes later the security guard came in and said that "Her times up she needs to leave" he was deadly serious it scared me, no wonder he's a security guard. The boys rushed into say "Noooo!" which was good for me but they sounded like a whining baby. The security guard huffed and walked out shutting the door behind him. Putting see through glass on part of the door was not smart because looking out i could see all the people they still have to meet, I feel sorry for them but they chose to become famous.

~5 mins later~

"Are you sure he's okay?" I asked trying to be worried.   

Harry then said "You go check, if your worried"


I slowly walked towards the room he's ran into on the door an a male and female sign on it I walked in seeing it was only one toilet and Liam stood there with an erection! I didn't smirk or anything because I don't want him to think I'm like that. "You okay?" I asked him being as synfetic as I could.   

"Why did you come in?" Liam looking embarrassed.

"Harry said I should if I'm worried" I said trying to not make him mad at Harry-Friends should never be angry at eachother. Liam huffed and so I walked up to him and hugged him round the waist hoping he woudn't mind. Liam not saying anything about that I stood behind him and rested my head on his back to see if he's reply which he did- "Not really helping my situation" 

"Sorry" I said whilst letting go to stand behind him he could see me in the mirror though. 

~5 more minutes later~

Liam was sat in the corner at this moment his erection finally gone down as I said to him "All better?"

"Yeah lets go back to the meet and greet room"

"Okay" I gave him my hand and pulled him up and we both walked out.

Zayn said "Hope you don't mind we started the signatures without you, Liam you need to do yours"

Liam replied "Okay" He then signed it and handed it to me and said "we finsh this at like 9pm do you want to meet us for dinner at Nando's?"

"Sure!" I replied with slight excitment.

The security guard came back and said "Alright you really need to go now!" So I slowly walked towards the door when Liam said "See you later" slightly grasping on my hand.


Some fans looked angry as I walked out since I guess they wanted more time in there like me.



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