The girl with the blue hair (Luke brooks fanfic)

Morgan Freeman, aged 17, in one of the biggest bands at the moment- The Moth Police, they are a 'alternative rock' band that has been in the charts for 5 weeks.
What happens when her jaw breaks by 'accident' and meets Luke, Jai, Beau, Skip and James.
Will there be love?
Will she run away from her ex (who is also in the band)?
Will her mates hate her forever?
Will Luke leave her for the same whore her ex did?


2. Chapter 2

Joe's POV

I walked into the main room and sat with Alex and sam.

"frigid!" Alex teased

"what ever, she wants to take it slow"

"savour every second" Sam mocked her

"the only bad thing is that we can't be open to every one, not even our parents now" I lied

"tell the press"

"maybe when the band stops being so public"

"public?" Sam asked while sipping his drink.

"No.1 and being on magazines stuff like that which we get now"

"it's the perfect time!"

"how?" me and Alex said at the same time.

"how what?" Morgan said creeping up behind us.

She wore a flowie T-shirt with a skeleton hand and loads of little symbols on the seperate bones, black studded short jean shorts, plain white heels and her hair was done so her fringe was clipped back into an almost quiff.

"Joe your staring"


The tour bus door opened and the air filled with screams.

"great" she said sarcastically

"I love you and only you, Keis is just a cover it's nothing" I lied again.

I didn't love Morgan anymore it's getting old, I'm all over Keis.

Keis was a girl who was my 'girlfriend' and management said I couldn't break up with her- good! :D

"It's fine" she said with no emotion 

"babeyyyyyyyyyyyyy" I heard Keis squeel.

Then Morgan breathed heavily and walked off to a different room rudely.

"what's that bitches problem?"

"SHUT UP YOU CUNT!!!!!" Morgan shouted back then the boys started laughing, Morgan then walked out to a red faced keis.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" keis shouted back

"I can do what I want" Morgan said back at her and stepped closer

"What. are. you. gonna. do. about. it?" Morgan said pausing between each word and poking keis with her index finger.

"your gonna let her treat me like this?" Keis asked me

"No" I said then slapped Morgan hard and to kick her when she's down I spoke up and said what I ave been wanting to say for weeks.

"oh and what ever we had is over"

"yo think?" she said walking out the front door and calling Alex to go with her.


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