The girl with the blue hair (Luke brooks fanfic)

Morgan Freeman, aged 17, in one of the biggest bands at the moment- The Moth Police, they are a 'alternative rock' band that has been in the charts for 5 weeks.
What happens when her jaw breaks by 'accident' and meets Luke, Jai, Beau, Skip and James.
Will there be love?
Will she run away from her ex (who is also in the band)?
Will her mates hate her forever?
Will Luke leave her for the same whore her ex did?


1. Chapter 1


Hi I'm Morgan Freeman.

I'm in a band called The Moth Police which is a big succsess, as much as a rock band can be in today's modern society.

Our band used to do performances in small clubs and became famous'the hard way' and everyone in the band ACTUALLY has talent unlike justin bieber, nikki manarge (how much I care for her I spell her name wrong) and the boy bands. One direction is the ONLY stereotypical boyband because they have some rock songs (rock me's a rock song right;))

Band members:

Morgan (me): Pastel blue hair, bright blue eyes and my hair style is actually quite girly, my side fringe is always brushed back and its layered.

Alex: dirty blonde hair swooped across his forehead,blue eyes and he plays bass and backup sings.

Joe: light brown hair up in a small quiff, brown eyes, plays guitar and is the lead singer.

Sam: bright red hair like Alex's but he has it so its more like he just woke up where his hair is messed up at the back, he has grey eyes and plays drums.

I'm a back up singer and play guitar.

Me and Joe have this... thing, we are a couple in secret and we don't want to tell anyone. Alex and Sam found out by walking in the tou bus while we were kissing.

"babe we have rehersal at 10" Joe yelled to me as I was in the tourbus bathroom.I looked at my phone and it was 9:30.

"willl we even make it?"

"Morgan, were here" he said like I was an idiot. I walked out and poked my tongue out at him.

"your so adorable, how are you in a rock band?" he asked

"because I'm not adorable" I said then kissed his nose

"no your fucking hot" he said wrapping his arms around my waist

"STOP BEING WEIRD!!!!" Alex shouted from behind Joe

"Yeah get a room!" Sam agreed

"Come on then" Joe said pulling me to the bedroom where there were 2 bunks but I usually slept next to Joe.

He started to kiss my neck.



"not now and defiantly not here!"

"tonight then" he whispered while winking

I giggled then started to kiss him softly then the door opened.

"wow frigid!" Sam said

"sorry we don't fuck each other all the time" I said implying to his last relationship.

"I'm going into the bathroom to get changed for the 'dress rehersal' were totally in a play!" I said with bunny ears and went to get changed.

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