Magical Experience

Several years before Harry, Ron, and Hermione ever joined Hogwarts, two other young students were enrolled into the prestigious school of magic. Follow the story of the young wizard Scott, and his witch friend Zoey as they begin their magical experience of a lifetime.

*Scott's chapters are written by Pochapal, and Zoey's are by Megie Moo*


2. Private Matters

Zoey thought that she was just plain and ordinary, besides having flaming red hair and freckles, but term was starting up again and her parents hadn't told her which secondary school she was going to. On August 28th she went out shopping with her friends, Rebecca and Lucy.

"Hey Lucy, because we're going to the same school why don't we buy some cool things to jazz up our ties and jumpers and bags?" Rebecca said thoughtfully to Lucy.

"Oh yeah, that would be awesome!" Lucy replied coming out from a rack of skirts.

"I don't think that would be a good idea," Zoey said looking up from her magazine.

"Why not?" asked Rebecca.

"Because you'll probably not be allowed to do that."


After that the subject was changed for about five minutes and Lucy said,

"You don't even know what school you're going to Zoey!"


Zoey's phone rang. She answered; it was her mum.

"Um, Zoey, your father and I have something to tell you," her mum said, she sounded scared.

"Okay just tell me now," Zoey replied. "Are you okay mum?" she added in.

"Oh, yes, I'm fine but we'd rather you came home for this." Zoey could hear the babies crying in the background.

"Okay, I'll be right there; love you bye." after Zoey said goodbye she hung up.


Zoey stared up at Lucy's long golden hair and sighed, Lucy was taller than Zoey. Then she looked at Rebecca with her green eyes and her short hair. She had it cut to her jaw earlier on.

"Bye, my mum wants me to come home; I hope there's nothing wrong with the twins!" Zoey said whilst putting her magazine in her bag. She wondered if it was the twins as she ran out of the shops and started to run home.


She stopped and started to walk and think to herself, Oh, what if something terrible has happened to the twins? She thought to herself. After that she just stopped and walked over to where she used to play with Scott, her best friend, it was a bit of a hidden part of the woods.


She stepped over some nettles and sat on the log and smiled. Zoey looked down at the log and saw some carvings; they said: Zoey and Scott: Best friends for eternity, and she was close to tears. Suddenly, she remembered something. She climbed rapidly up the rope ladder and went into the tree house and saw a package. She read it; it said: To Scott, Happy Birthday from Zoey. :)


Zoey grabbed the present, climbed halfway down the ladder, jumped off, and started to sprint towards Scott's house. She tripped over the curb and brushed herself off. When she was at Scott's door she rang the doorbell. His mum answered.


"Hi Zoey, what brings you here?" she asked.

"Is Scott here? I have something for him." Zoey asked.

"Oh, sorry sweetie, but we have to talk about something private with him; you can give it to him tomorrow." Zoey heard the theme tune off a t.v show; she guessed it was his sister.

Zoey walked off and remembered something; her mum wanted her!


When Zoey got home her brother, Jack, and her sister, Laura, crawled up to her. But Zoey ignored them, and went into the kitchen.

"Sorry if I'm late mum." Zoey told her mother who was sat patiently at the table, there was an open letter next to her. Even though she looked calm, something was bothering her. Finally, she spoke up, and her voice sounded nervous.

"Zoey... I don't know how to say this, but... You're a Witch."

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