Magical Experience

Several years before Harry, Ron, and Hermione ever joined Hogwarts, two other young students were enrolled into the prestigious school of magic. Follow the story of the young wizard Scott, and his witch friend Zoey as they begin their magical experience of a lifetime.

*Scott's chapters are written by Pochapal, and Zoey's are by Megie Moo*


1. The Letter


The worn page of the book flipped as the light, airy late summer breeze blew through the open window, causing Scott to lose his place in the book. He let out an audible sigh as he placed the book on his light brown bedside desk. He knew he was on chapter eighteen, but getting to the exact page number would be a thing to do at a later time, like that evening. He had planned to finish this book series before he went back to school in September, but it was already the end of August, and chances were that he wasn't going to finish it in time.   Scott climbed off his bed, disturbing the neatly set light blue covers, and stood on the light grey carpet below his feet. It was nearly the end of the summer holidays, and he wasn't looking forward to going back to school in a couple of days' time; he was going to be starting secondary school. Coming from a tiny primary school with about a hundred children in it, the daunting population of two thousand that most secondary schools had filled him with anxiety. How would he cope with it? He felt out of place around small crowds, let alone a massive school full of people older than him. He would go from the top of the tree to the bottom of the heap the moment school began. But at least he would have Tyler with him.   Shaking away these thoughts, Scott walked across his bedroom, and opened the cream coloured door of his bedroom, twisting the brassy metallic handle in his left hand. It opened with a slight creak, and revealed the upstairs landing, the dull red carpet with a green floral pattern adorned on it shining in the afternoon light filtered through the window. Scott walked along the landing, stopping in the middle of it, where a flight of stairs descended to the lower floor was directly to his right. He turned to face them, and walked down them, holding onto the slightly loose banister as his footsteps caused the stairs to creak. They were actually quite old, but Scott's grandparents had said that they were made of a sturdy wood that was built to last. His grandparents were quite odd in that sense; they seemed to always go on about odd things that he normally wouldn't think about.   He reached the bottom of the staircase, landing on the downstairs hallway below; it had the same carpet as the upstairs landing above it. Scott then walked across the hallway, and opened the shut door at the other end. Instantly, the sound of the television playing incredibly loudly reached his ears, and he saw his younger sister, Mariah, sitting on the plush green sofa, fixated on the large screen in front of her. "Do you know where I put the relic?" The small cartoon girl on the screen asked to the audience, blatantly unaware that it was right behind her. "Behind you! Behind you!" Mariah yelled, before giggling as her light blonde hair bounced with her movements. "Oh, it's behind me! Thank you so much!" The cartoon said, before bursting into a light hearted song, and the ending credits began to roll. As the show ended, Mariah turned to face Scott, smiling wildly. "Scott, mummy and daddy want to see you!" She exclaimed as she ran up to him, hugging him tightly. "They do?" Scott asked, trying to push Mariah off of him; it didn't work. "What do they want?" "They said something about big school," Mariah responded in a bubbly tone, "They're in the kitchen!" "Thanks," Scott replied, kissing her lightly on the forehead, and walking out of the room, back to the downstairs hallway.    Scott walked across the hallway, to the wooden door on the other side. It was a light brown colour, with stained glass windows, so Scott couldn't clearly see into the kitchen. What could his parents want? All he knew was that it was about secondary school. But they had already sorted that all out, so it was a rather odd thing. Perhaps they had changed which school he was going to; the possibilities were endless.   Taking a deep breath, Scott grabbed the shining handle, and turned it, pushing the door open. The smell of dinner- lasagne- being prepared reached Scott's nose instantly, and he took a moment to take it in. "Hello, Scott." Scott turned to face his mother, who was sat at the large wooden dinner table, his father next to him. She was holding some sort of piece of paper in her hands, and was looking anxious. "Come, take a seat." "Okay," Scott replied, unsure of what to do. Tentatively, he walked across the room, and sat at the table, opposite his parents. His mother was running her free hand through her light blonde hair nervously, whilst his father was anxiously tapping his finger on the table. Whatever was about to happen wasn't exactly going to be brilliant. "So, what is it?" "Well," His father began, before trailing off, looking at the note. "Just look at this." He said finally, motioning to his mother. After letting out a nervous sigh, she pushed the letter across the table, and Scott grabbed it.   It didn't look particularly out of the ordinary; the paper was slightly aged, but other than that, it was an ordinary letter. "I don't understand," Scott said quizzically, "Is there something odd about it?" "Look at the other side," His mother replied, "Read what it says." "Okay then." Scott said, and turned over the slightly golden looking paper.   To Scott Barkley   The letter had his name, address, and other obscure details on it that Scott found odd to be on a letter; the bedroom on the far left hand side, and other precise things. But what Scott managed to find extremely odd, and at the same time, fascinating, was the neat little seal on the envelope. The gold letters seemed to glow, and Scott looked closer at them, before letting out a surprised gasp at what the tiny words said.   Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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