Tales of the Most Troubled ....

I have thought to do some murder series, if you enjoy please like! xx


1. When it all started

It was a cold and blistery evening in Parker Hall. Sam (the owner of the manor) was highly rich, but as a personality, he was stubburn and a royal pain. It was nearly Christmas and Sam had invited his cousins to stay. His cousins (Dave and Suzie) were quite jelous of how much money Sam owned but wouldn't said a word to absolutly anyone. Sam was Casually smoking his cigar when he heard a big 'BANG'! on his old wooden door. He got up off of his old backside and slowley made his way to the door. Getting impatient, his cousins barged thereselves past and stricly made themselves at home. Sam slammed the door behind them and left them to it. The next night The maid Hellen was searching all around the house, keeping whatever she was hiding, private. Nobody new until it reached christmas eve......






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