I miss you baby.

A letter to my beautiful girl Daisy.


1. Sweet Dreams.


Hi baby. 

I miss you. I miss your beautiful eyes, your barking, your pink tongue and your silky-soft fur.

I miss that you always were happy, and even though you were old, you were like a puppy.

You were in so much pain, but you didn't show it because you wouldn't make us sad. You did for us. The people who loves you. 

You loved us all so much, and you never bite or snarled at us. You were so kind and good. 

I will miss the long walks, the hugs and kisses, the long conversation I had with you alone, and the way you always put your head on my knee. 

I will miss you. Just you and the way you are. Because you are the best dog in the world. 

I miss you Daisy, and I love you so much. 

Sweet dreams my beautiful girl. Sweet dreams. 

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