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Its About Alex Who Belonged Who A Rich Family Of Vampiers .. He Have Turned 19 The Last Month And This Family Are Trying Get Him Married To A Person He Doesnt Know ,, Will He Marry Her Or Marry One Of His Best Friends Who He Liked Lately ?? You Will FInd Out. Follow Me On Instagram If You Have Any Comments Or Wanna Keep In Touch c: @jiadawn


1. Alex POV

i was in my room,playing games! yeah i was bored...being here all day alone in my room while sam was away OH how i missed him! yeah we both were best buddies! we both belonged to very rich families! we both were the youngest sons of their parents and yeah he was my far far far cousin in relation but my best friend! we both were best buddies yep!

"Master Alex, your mom wants to meet you" Said Mary,our maid.

"Do you know why is she calling me?" I said as I walked towards the door

"Sorry master Alex she did not mention why she needs you but she said that call master Alex,your father and both brother and sister are there too master" Was all she said and went!

"Oh okay...." I muttered.

I walked downstairs to our living room,yeah exactly what Mary said...My older twin brothers Steve And Tommy and younger sister Annie were sitting as well as mom and dad....

"Oh Alex Flynn welcome! We have been waiting for you" Said my mom

Yeah my father's name was Jonathan Flynn and he was very rich,yeah by very...I MEAN VERY!

" both wanted to talk to me I guess...." I said

"Oh yes my boy yes!" Said my mom telling me to sit 

"Ummm so I think we shall talk..." I said, I was rather nervous, God knows what she wanted to tell me.

"Oh yes, as you know we are really worried about you,you have to get married soon! As you are 19 now!" Yeah typical mom! From the past one month since I have turned 19 she was bugging me! well umm by 19 I meant 130 years old in vampire language

"Oh umm...which gi...." Before I could speak she interrupted me

"Oh Well You Know We Wont Let You Marry Natasha,I Have Found Another Girl" Natasha Was My Girl Friend Well Yeah She Was One Of My Best Friends Actually But She Kept Treating Me Like Her Boyfriend And I Pretty Liked It! I Liked Her Attention..or Maybe I Liked Her? BUT WHAT MORE IMPORTANT WAS WHO THE F*CK DID SHE FIND FOR ME?!?!



"Oh....Well..." I Said Looking At The Floor

"Oh And Here's Her Picture!" She Said Showing Me A Picture Of H....Her...

She Was Beautiful,She Had Brown Hair...Like Light Brown And Her Eyes Were Blue She Was Fair Not Tan,And Gosh She Was So Slim..She Was With Her 5 Friends! So They Were A Group Of 6People.Mhmmm 2 Boys 4 Girls,They All Were Looking So Happy And There She Was With A Boy Who Was Kissing Her Cheek, More Like They Were Posing For The Picture.....

i was lost in my thoughts when mom said...

"Shes An Angel Isnt She? Mom Said

"But Does She Know We Are Vampires? Mom?" I Said...Yeah I Was A Vampire..

"No..." Was All She Said

"Oh" Seriously?!?! OH? Was All An Answer?

"Well I Am Going To Bring Her Here Day After Tomorrow And We All Are Gonna Go Meet Her So Be Ready" Was All She Said And Went With Dad..

Now I Was Left With My Two Brothers And One Sister Looking At Me With Smirks On Their Faces

"WHAT?!?" I Said

"Nothing We Were Just Thinking Something" And They Went...WOW STUPID LIFE

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