I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


8. Wake up!


I swear mornings were the worst! Especially after sex....my body ached well mostly my back and my hip...only one hip though not both. I rolled over onto my stomach and put my face into the pillow, I felt a cold breeze come across my shoulders and then pulled the blanket over my head. I felt Harry crawl back under the covers and then pulled me to him. "Bee you need to get up now we have to go to that interview or at least I do but you're coming with." Harry sent chills up my spine as he touched my hips and my sides I groaned I hate getting up. "I can help you wake up?" He half said half asked "Harry I swear if you" I didn't even finish my sentence before Harry grabbed my sides and tickled me. I put the blanket in between us and then cut him off so he couldn't tickle me, but he still did. I screamed and then jumped up out of the bed "I'M UP HARRY SEE" I said and pointed to myself and then realized that I was standing naked "I can see that" he said and bit his lip I shoved his face gently and walked to the bathroom. I showered and then put on some makeup and then walked out Harry was still sitting in bed on his phone. I grabbed a maxi skirt and then a magenta lace top and a black tank top and put those on I added a brown belt to my waist to match the floral skirt. I put on brown flats too and then let my hair out of the towel to air dry. "You look beautiful as always" Harry said and smiled at me I rolled my eyes and then continued to look at myself in the mirror "Would you like me to make tea babe?" I asked and turned to him he nodded and I left to go make tea.

We met up with the rest of the boys at Louis' house. I quickly went into the kitchen and found El with her hands full there was Jenn sitting in the high chair crying and then there was Lucas who was pulling at her shirt asking for food. I picked up Lucas and El turned and looked at me "Oh it's just you" she said and then smiled but was quickly brought back and grabbed some baby food. She quickly went over to Jennifer and fed her while I was bouncing Lucas on my hip. "El go clean up let me" I said and then took the spoon from her "No I can't make you do this" she said and reached to grab it back I pointed with the spoon to the living room stairs she melted in her seat and then perked up "Be good for auntie mum will be right back" she said and then kissed Jenn on the head and did the same for Lucas. I sat where El was sitting and then made airplane noises as I moved the spoon to and from Jenn's mouth. "Here comes the air plane" I said and then Lucas would make a 'Vhoom' noise and clap, "Has your mum fed you yet?" I asked as I looked at Lucas he shook his head and then I got up and turned and saw Harry. "Oh hey babe" I said and pushed him out of the way leaving my eyes staring into his. "I want jello" Lucas said and pulled my hair "Ow come on that's not breakfast" I said and then smiled but Lucas was not having it. "JELLO" god why does he like jello so much? I ignored his screaming and trashing and looked in the fridge I took out some cheerios and then some strawberries, "I love strawberries what about you Lucas" I asked as I put the cheerios into a small bowl. "Bee wikes dem?" He asked and then pulled my nosed "Yea I do so does Harry" I said looking at Harry for help, He got the memo and grabbed Lucas from me "Yea we love them If we eat them will you....you want to be like Bee don't you?" Harry said and kissed my cheek I smiled and cut up the strawberries. I mixed them in with the cheerios and then Harry put Lucas in his high chair and he sat next to him. I went and sat on Harry's lap and fed Lucas Jenn was clapping and laughing every time Harry kissed my cheek. "Does Hawry wuv Bee?" Lucas asked as he grabbed cheerios I turned my head to look back at Harry and he put his arms around my tummy and hugged me "Of course I do...she is the best thing ever" Harry said and kissed me causing Jenn to clap and scream. I laughed and then leaned back into him. "Where's El?" I asked and then as if she heard me she walked in and took mine and Harry's previous spot "Thanks Bethany" she said and grabbed Jenn then sat back down feeding Lucas. "It was no problem" I said and turned my body to face Harry and I interlaced our fingers gripping his hand, El looked at our hands and then her jaw dropped. "JESUS HARRY!" she screeched and then picked up my hand removing it from Harry's I looked at Harry upset that I lost his touch and he went behind me and put his arms around me. 

"El it's nothing" "NOTHING THIS IS ALL YOU TALK ABOUT" she yelled and jumped I looked at Harry with a bit of a weirded out face. "El we have to go" Harry said and pulled my hand back to his El glared and him but he just smirked. "Bye Eleanor" he said and drug me out the door "BYE EL LOVE YOU" I yelled and she waved. We got in the car and of course I sat in the middle of Niall and Harry, Liam was in front and Louis was sitting next to him...Zayn was sleeping in the very back alone. I looked at Harry who was texting someone and I didn't want to be nosy so I leaned on Niall and put my head on his shoulder. Niall put his hand on my upper thigh and rubbed circles into it. I looked at Niall and then he made a kissy face. "Ni" I said softly so only he would hear, "Yea Bee" Niall said and looked at my lips, "I need to talk to you" I said and then he nodded "Sounds good babe" I looked at Harry who was glaring at us "Hey you were to preoccupied in your phone and texts" I said and held my hands up Harry looked down and Niall's hand and Niall quickly removed it. I switched my head to Harry's shoulder and put my hand in Niall's so he didn't feel too bad. Niall felt like everything was his fault when it normally isn't. "Harry we're going to get married if you think I'm going to leave now then you're crazy" I said into his ear "I know but you're beautiful and just because you have a ring on your finger wont stop some guys." he said and bit the top of my ear. I giggled and then we were at the interview place. I climbed out of the car and Harry wasted no time to pull me to him. "Well hello there" I said and he smirked at me "Let's go" he said in a annoyed tone. They told the fans that they would be signing things after the interview because we were already late. 


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