I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


24. Valentines Day~2

"Is Be-Bethany with you?" I asked "No they said they would be out a bit later and wanted us to come and check on you...and I see why" Perrie said in a condescending mother's tone. Zayn came and sat in between Niall and I and put his arm around me "I just want you to know Cambree that I actually completely agree with you and Niall going out" he said into my ear, and I finially cracked a smile "There ya go that beautiful smile I love" he said and squeezed my cheek. "Ha-ha funny" I said and pushed him away "Well Perrie and I are going to finish our night we will see you two clothed tomorrow" Zayn said getting up "Zayn" I groaned "Be good you two" Perrie said and then waved pulling Zayn out the door. I got up and then locked the door pressing my back to the door. "Cambreeeeee" Niall groaned opening his arms inviting me to come into them. I dragged my feet along the floor walking over to Niall and then falling into his arms flinging my legs out on the couch and laying my head on his lap, I turned my head to face the screen of the t.v and then Niall started to play with my hair. "Can we still be best friends and dating?" I asked him resting my hand over the one that was laid on my bare belly. 


Niall's P.O.V

"Yea of course that's actually better" I told her twirling a piece of her long blonde hair in my fingers. I had pulled up her sweatshirt that she had on revealing her tanned stomach which made me really jealous. Every time she wore a swimsuit she had such a perfect body. My hand was gently resting on her stomach and her hand was on top of mine. "Guess what Niall" she said looking up at me I raised my eye brows and she smirked "I have a secret obsession" Cambree said with a mischievous smile "What might that be" I asked her rubbing her stomach with my thumb. "I really like stomachs and when people touch mine" she said her cheeks turning red as she buried her head into my crotch. "Um Cam" I said nervously trying to hold back my urges "Oh my god Niall I'm so sorry I didn't realize....god I'm so stupid" she said and put her hands to her face still she didn't remove her head from my lap. "It's fine babe...really no big deal" I said shrugging "God but that was so stupid of me" she said and hit her head with her hands "Stop Cambree if I'm fine you should be fine too" "Promise that it wasn't that stupid of me." "Hey I'm pretty sure I would do the same thing" I told her "Actually I could see you doing it" she said smiling "See" I grabbed her and pulled her up to my lap. "You can't believe how long I've been waiting for you" she said and then laid her head onto my shoulder "I know I've just been nervous" "You've been nervous??!?! You are practically 3 years older than me!" she shouted "I know but you make me nervous and weak" I admitted reluctantly "Awh" Cambree hugged me and then she kissed my cheek. "So Niall since we are dating is there anything that you might want to know?" "Is there anything I should know?" Cambree shook her head and slid off of me leaving her legs draped across my lap. "Where is Bethany and Harry?!" she groaned standing up and going up into her room. I stood up and then grabbed my phone, I dialed Bethany her being more likely to answer.

'Niall we will be home in less than um 2 minutes' 

'Cambree is just tired so I wanted to ask'

'Niall don't you dare try anything' Harry yelled probably cause he was driving

'Uh don't worry mate I wont, we're just going to try and sleep' I said and before either of them could say anything I hung up. "Cambree can I come in?" I asked and then she opened the door, "Do you want to change?" she asked as she took her jeans off. "Do you um have my sweats still?" I asked her she giggled and then went to her dresser "Yea here" she said and then handed them to me. She wasn't shy at all she just undressed in front of me but she faced away the whole time. "I'm just going to wash up" she said and then went into the bathroom. I took of my pants and then put on the joggers and climbed into bed. "Oh" she said as she came out of the bathroom, she giggled and then climbed into bed. "Night Niall" she said and then snuggled into my chest. "Night Cambree" I said and then kissed her head.


Bethany's P.O.V

I walked up to the door and then unlocked it "Come on babe" I said and then smiled pulling Harry through the door "Do we get to have valentines night fun?" he asked I laughed and kept pulling him into the kitchen. I saw the cupcakes lined up on the table and then I smiled "See" I said and pointed to the cupcakes "Awh" Harry said and then kissed my cheek. "Haz I'm tired can we go to sleep?" I asked he put his hands on my belly "I really want to feel a kick" he said and I laughed "You will" I assured him and then he picked my up and carried me upstairs. "Love you" Harry said and kissed my forehead and then unbuttoned my pants "no no" I said and pushed his hands "I'm just going to help you change...promise" I looked at him and smiled "Okay babe" I allowed him to pull my pants off and then my shirt he replaced it with a t-shirt. "You look beautiful babe" "Thank you" I said and climbed into bed. Harry climbed in and then he put his arm around me. "What about Cambree and Niall?" I asked and rolled my head over "Well we know that there is something obviously...I mean we can't stop either of them no matter how much we want to" I nodded and then sighed "But what if he hurts her?" "Really Bethany you think Niall would hurt someone? He would hurt anyone who tried to hurt her" I laughed and then agreed "Night babe" Harry said and kissed my neck.


I woke up and heard giggles and laughing coming from the hallway. I rolled off the bed and then grabbed some sweats and walked out of the bedroom. "Guys be q-" I saw Cambree pinned up against the wall by Niall and I watched the happiness fade from her face. "Oh god" she muttered "I will leave you two to it then" I said and began to turn "Wait what?" Cambree asked I laughed "If you two really want to be together who am I to stop your love" "Wait wait I don't love him" Cambree said I looked at Niall who took a step away "I mean I like you Niall but I don't love you...I can't love" she said and I knew excastly what she was talking about she couldn't love again because she was afraid. "I know Cambree it's fine I mean I don't love you either yet" Cambree laughed and then kissed his cheek "Thanks Niall" she said "Do you want coffee or tea?" she asked looking at me "No I'm fine I will see you two later" Cambree nodded and then pulled Niall down to stairs. I remember when Harry and I were like that. Crazy in love but not wanting to admit it to each other or anyone else, I missed that now we were just in love I missed the crazy.

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