I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


11. Trouble

"I can't wait any longer all I've done is sleep on your side of the bed because I miss you and sleep with your jackets and clothes all around me because I needed you. I don't know what to do with out you." Harry said and looked at me. I took my hand and wiped his tears I smiled and ruffled his hair. He smiled and then wiped my tears "Will you please come home?" he asked. "Okay Harry." I said and smiled I felt right with him and obviously we had no idea what to do with out each other. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and put it back on mu finger. I smiled and grabbed his face and kissed him "I missed your lips" he said and kissed me again. I stood up and packed all my things up and then I found Harry in the bathroom holding the blade that still had my blood on it. "Harry" I said and took the blade from him "Bethany did I cause that?" he asked and grabbed my wrist, I didn't answer but rinsed the blade and put it in my makeup bag and then packed it. I put on a jacket and then grabbed my bags but Harry took them from me leaving me to carry my backpack and purse. Eleanor was smiling as we walked down the stairs and then so was Louis "Finally the love duo is back in action" Louis said and patted Harry and then kissed my cheek. "Thanks El" I said and then she hugged me "Anytime" we put my bags into Harry's car and then I got in mine and Harry got in his and we left. 

I got to the flat first and I walked in. I saw my clothes laying everywhere and then I walked past a wall with a hole in it. I traced the hole with my fingers and put my hand up to it and fit my hand through...my hand was no comparison in size to Harry's. I dropped my bag and saw a bunch of broken glass and pictures. I walked past them all and they were all beer bottles and other alcohol bottles. Then the pictures were pictures of me and Harry but he burned himself out of them. I picked one up that was from the interview and I looked at the ring on my finger, the way I was looking at him was like he held my heart and he looked at me the same way. We held each other's hearts. I walked into the bathroom and it was a mess too. But when I walked into the bedroom I broke. His side of the bed was perfectly made and my side was all messy and my clothes laid around the bed he had pictures of me laid out his side of the bed and all over the floor he had pictures of both me and him. "How bad did this hurt you babe?" I asked as I picked up the pictures. I ran my hand along the bed and the outline of Harry's body he hadn't moved from this spot very much either. I picked up my clothes and folded them and put them away I took the sheets off the bed and carried them into the washer. I grabbed the pictures and put them in a box and then went to the main room and picked up the burnt pictures in there and put them in the box. I walked back over to the hole and this time I noticed blood. "Harry" I said softly and rubbed the wall. 

Harry came and took my hand away from the wall. "Why?" I asked and started at the wall "I thought I lost you" he said and held me tighter "Sorry" "It's my fault" "No Harry it was both of our fault" I said and hugged him. "Please never leave me" Harry said I smiled and nodded. I pulled out of Harry's grasp and kept picking up the pictures and the glass. I felt Harry's hands on my hips as he pulled me up "Harry stop I have to clean this up" I said and pushed him away from me I put the box on my hip and picked up the last of the pictures. I walked over to the storage closet and put the box in the back. I grabbed the dustpan and broom and swept up the glass. I went into the main bathroom and cleaned up everything in there. "Is that everything?" I asked more to myself that Harry but he came and looked down to me. He was always towering over me and it scared me because I knew that if he got mad and there wasn't a wall to punch I would replace that wall. I know that he wouldn't mean to but he would and I don't know what I would do then. Harry pulled me into the already cleaned bedroom and looked around shocked "You you already cleaned it all" I nodded and then grabbed some new covers from the closet and put them on the bed. I walked over to the wardrobe and picked out some black shorts and a green v-neck. I walked over to the bed and crawled in. "I've missed sleeping next to you Haz" I said and moved my hands over his spot signaling for him to come. He took off his jacket and his shirt then crawled into next to me "Pant's Harry" I said as his rough jeans rubbed against my legs. Harry nodded and pulled his pants off and threw them somewhere. I cuddled up to him and felt his hand on my thigh. "Harry really" I said and he stopped moving it higher. I found his lips in the dim lighting and connected them to mine, "Just hold me close to you" I said and he smiled on my lips and pulled me close to him. I traced my hand over his chest and traced his v line. I closed my eyes leaving my hands on his torso and fell asleep.

*3 months later*

I was in the bathroom getting ready for Zayn and Perrie's engagement party...more like Hey we're getting married and like to party so come to the club...I laughed at my joke and then heard my phone buzz I grabbed it and looked at the text From: Harry<3 ~I'll be there in 5 to pick you up.  I smiled and then went back to straightening my hair. I put on my make up and then grabbed the pink and black tight dress from the bed and put it on I grabbed my black strappy pumps and my bag and walked to the living room. "Hey baby girl" I said to Pearl and rubbed her ears, we had just gotten Pearl and Apollo back from Harry's mum because she didn't want to give them up. Harry had stayed longer with his mum and I went home early so he could have some time alone with his family. I heard Harry knock on the door and I ran to the door and opened it and planted my lips on his. The kiss didn't feel like Harry's though and I pulled away to see Liam "Now I know why Harry kisses you all the time." I'm pretty sure I was bright red "Oh don't be embarrassed ..Harry just said he was going to be late and wanted me to take you" I nodded my head and closed and locked the door. Liam led me to his car and opened the door and put his hands on my hips I jolted but Liam laughed "Calm down babe I'm just helping you up" Liam said as he lifted me into his car. He closed the door and then got in and started driving to the club.

When we got there Harry still wasn't there. I sighed and followed Liam through all the sweaty bodies to a place in the back. They had a spot all made up with wedding decorations and I laughed they could try but it still looked like a club. I sat on the booth's edge I grabbed what looked like a fruity drink and drank it all quickly. "Someone is thirsty" Liam said as he slid next to me. "Yea I guess so" I said and drank another one and added a shot into the mixture. Liam laughed and scooted closer to me "Liam personal space" I said and put my hand on his chest to push him away "Mate come on" Harry said from behind me and Liam got up. I turned and stood up "Hey babe" I said and wrapped my arms around his neck. I planted a kiss on his lips and he smiled. Then Zayn and Perrie walked in hand in hand smiling "There's the happy couple" Louis said and pulled El under his arm. I smiled and as Perrie walked by she smiled and hugged me and kept on her way to the very back of the booth.

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