I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


25. Time to go

I was now 6 months pregnant and it's crazy to think how far we've all came everyone being married and having kids. Well not Niall obviously Cam just turned 19 and I did not want Niall knocking her up. Er um that's what Cambree called it her American slang has really been growing on me since Harry has been gone in America Cam and I were always together because she was out of high school and therefore off the cheer team to and transferred into a coach position more. "Come on" i yelled to Cambree "Dani and El are expecting us" I said. I still haven't talked to Cassie since she kissed Harry literally a couple weeks after we got married. "Okay okay" Cambree said and then grabbed keys and ran out the door. I followed locking the door and then walking into the car. Life was good.

"Hello ladies" I said and hugged them Dani had just had her baby girl, Amber, and Perrie had just gotten pregnant a few months ago. The girls and I made it a point to get together once a week now that the boys were in America for a month. "So how is my little girls?" I asked and looked into both strollers at Amber and Jennifer. "Me Me" Lucas said bouncing on his mum's lap. "Hey there" I said picking him up "Wow someone is getting so big" I said and then looked at Eleanor. "Yup growing up a lot he is potty trained and everything now." she said smiling "Wow nice" I said and sat down "So no Cambree today?" Perrie asked rubbing her stomach and then drinking a sip of water, I shook my head and then smiled "Nope she is training with the team today" I told them. "So how is the little thing coming along?" Dani asked rubbing my belly I laughed "Perfect couldn't be better actually. But I'm nervous for the plane flight" El laughed and same with Dani "I remember that feeling but really it was the same thing nothing that different and we will all be there so there is no worries love" Dani said smiling. "Thanks girls" "Do you want anything?" Perrie asked "No no I'm fine" I said shaking my head "When do you find out the gender?" Eleanor asked picking up Jennifer and then handing her to Perrie "Well I don't want to know with out Harry so not anytime soon" "You could do it in America" Dani suggested I shrugged and then leaned back in the chair. "I should be going I still have to pack" I said grabbing some of El's doughnut "Hey!" she shouted "Sorry I have cravings" I shrugged "Go pack I'll be there at 4 to pick you up" Dani said "Ugh so early" I melted out of the chair and stood up "Bye Bethany" Perrie said smiling "Bye girls" I walked out of the coffee shop and then to my car. My in car phone started to ring right as I started it. "Hello?" I asked very confused "Hi I'm just calling to say good morning well it's like 5 am here" Harry's voice said "Oh Hi babe where are you calling from?" I asked "One of the body guard's phone, So how are you feeling?" "Fine, nervous...why are you up so early?" I asked as I drove "Rehearsals the fans became to much and we have to come early now. Hey I'll see you tomorrow right?" "Yes Harry I'm getting on the plane at 6" "God that's early promise me you'll sleep" "Promise now I have to go! I still have to pack" I said laughing "OKay Bee I love you. I can't wait to see you! Text me when you're getting on the plane please and call when you land." I smiled at how sweet he was and yet again protective "Okay Harry I love you too. Bye" "Bye babe" Harry hung up and then I opened the car door and got out. "Damn my back hurts" I said and then grabbed my bag walking in. 


"Good morning" I said cheerfully to Dani "Why are you so happy?" "I'm excited!" I shouted and handed her my suit case Cambree trudged out of the house behind me "Morning" she said and dropped her suit case, "Well someone is awake" Dani told her then put my suit case in the trunk Cam followed and then put hers in then climbed into the back with Perrie. I laughed and then got in the car "Thank you Dani" I said smiling "No problem" Danielle said. "So how is Amber?" I asked turning to see the sleeping child in the back seat, "Tired" Dani replied "I bet this is way early for her" Perrie said grabbing her little fingers. "She is so cute" Dani said "What your child?" I asked confused "No Cambree" I turned quickly and saw Cambree's face plastered to the window her eyes closed and small heavy breath's coming out of her mouth "Oh my gosh Per take a picture" I said handing her my phone. Cambree was wearing black basketball shorts and then a black crew neck that had an Irish flag on it, she looked so adorable sleeping. Perrie snapped a picture and then handed me back the phone. To: Nialler:) ~ Look at your girl all tuckered out! ;) image.567.pg   I laughed and then sent the message "God she is just as adorable as this kid" I said "Um excuse you!" Dani said and then glared at me Perrie started laughing "Hey she is pretty cute for a 19 year old" I argued "I guess" Dani looked back and then looked back to the road "I can't wait to see them" she said "Wait are we meeting El there?" Perrie asked "Yea she is getting there soon...she said she was almost there 2 minutes ago" I said scrolling through my phone. "Well that's good because we're here" Dani said as she pulled into the Airport parking lot. Dani pulled into a spot and then got out quickly. "Well someone is in a rush" I said Perrie turned and unbuckled Amber then picked her up and carried her out of the car. "Cambree babe come on you can sleep on the plane" I said shaking her knee gently, Cambree sprung to life and then yawned I laughed "Woah calm" I said and got out of the car. "God I so want to sleep" she said getting out and then she laid on the parking lot floor "Cam get up" I said laughing "No I'm tired Carry me" "Cam-Cambree stop I'm going to pee" I said crossing my legs and holding onto the car "Cambree I'm pregnant I can't laugh this hard! I have a baby on my bladder" I yelled "Guys seriously" Dani said putting Amber into a stroller "I I can't" I said laughing still Perrie came around the car and saw what was going on and then started laughing too "Great now two pregnant tired women are laughing we are never getting anywhere" Dani said I looked at Perrie and stuck my tongue out and raised my eye brows "Oh shit that is scary" she said laughing then made a face back "You think I was scary have you seen that face" I said pointing at her face. "Please Cambree get up" Dani begged "Fine but only because I want to see Niall" she said then stood up "Well he has already seen you today" I said cracking up "What?" she asked confused "Sh-she sent a picture of you sleeping" Perrie said grabbing onto me. "Seriously" she said and we both nodded "God guys thanks can we just go" she said then grabbed her bag. "Sorry" I said composing myself I looked at Perrie who was barley laughing now . "We should just go" Dani said then locked her car I nodded then looked at Perrie and she nodded.

After security we only had like 20 minutes until we boarded. "Are you hungry Cam bam?" I asked putting my arm around her but she shrugged me off "I'm sorry I bet Niall will think it's beautiful" I said "Yea but that's not the point" "What's the point?" I asked trying again with my arm and this time she leaned into me "What if he didn't then he would leave me...like everyone else did and does." she said tearing up "Cam you can't cry here" I said and then stood up "We will be back" I told the girls and rushed off to the bathroom and into the big stall. "He wont leave you I promise it isn't like him at all I promise he would never leave you... And you are beautiful, Niall says that every day" I said "It's just me and my old life coming back I'm just scared" she said I pulled her into my chest and rubbed her head "No it's fine babe, Niall loved you" I said "I know I know" she said sniffling. "Can we get on the plane?" I asked "Yea I really miss Niall" she said I cleaned her up and then we walked out. "So who is sitting next to me?" I asked "Um I think me and Cambree" Perrie said looking at her tickets "5D?" I said "Yea I'm in seat E and I bet Cambree is in F" I looked at Cambree and she nodded "Yup then El and the kids are in a row and Perrie and Amber are in a row with someone else" she said. "Okay well I want to get on this plane" I said sitting and covering up in a blanket, "Oh yeah" Perrie said covering herself "Oh the boys haven't said anything yet have they?" Eleanor asked I shook my head as did Perrie "Well um it's kind of hard to hide it now" El said pointing at her kids "That's why I'm wearing a baggy jacket" I said and then in covered my belly for a second. "Can we just get on the plane" I shouted then stood up and grabbed my purse "Woah woah let's sit down and wait like everyone else" Danielle said pulling me back down. "Fine" I crossed my arms and groaned "I just want to see Harry for gods sake" I said to Cambree laying my head on her. She laughed and then patted my head "What do you think we want to do?" "Not be on a plane" I said laughing. "Hey this is Amber and Jenn's first plane trip" I added looking at the sleeping babies. "Yea it is" Eleanor smiled and then cradled Lucas closer to her chest. "Well this will be fun" Perrie said smiling. She was right though a first plane ride, and 3 infants, 2 pregnant people and Cambree and tired cranky teenager. Fun was only the half of it. Finally we got to board the plane and somehow Eleanor gave up her seats to sit in the back of the plane like the sweet person she was.


****OKAY GUYS! since I haven't updated in a while I'm going to try and do one more chapter but there is no telling if I cant with how much homework I have****Thanks for the support 

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