I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


32. The Fire

The days past, night and day night and day. The days all molded together, people coming and leaving the nurses coming in to tell us that they are still trying and there is hope, doctors coming in to check on me and Spencer. Harry spent as much time as he could here but he still had to work on their album and all the other things and merchandise they were working on. I was getting little to no sleep, between stress, worrying and Spencer I had no time to sleep. Almost on cue he started wailing, I walked over to his little crib that they had set up for him and picked him up. Instantly he stopped crying and laid into my arms, literally all he wants is attention all the time. I walked back over to the bed and laid back on it putting a pillow under my arm and laying him on the pillow with my arm around him. I grabbed my phone from the table next to the bed and looked through my messages, mostly from my mom asking when she could come back and then some from Harry and some from Jake. Harry should be here soon it's almost 8pm and I kinda wanted to go for a walk but I couldn't really without him. I deleted my twitter since fans were giving me so much shit about having a child and then killing another and being a bad mother, I couldn't take it. I looked down to Spencer and his cute little hairs that were coming in were exactly Harry's color, he was actually the spitting image of Harry as a baby. That reminds me Anne is supposed to come today, she was my mom no doubt about it. Ever since my mom came back and then started into drugs I completely like cut her off, no that' not true she is still my mom just not at the same time Anne is more so my mom. I heard a knock on the door which dragged me out of my thoughts. "Come in." I responded tracing my fingers around Spencer's face, "He sweetheart how are you doing? Harry told me what happened." I nodded my head and started sniffling "There hasn't been a day when I haven't cried Anne." I responded wiping the tear away with my free hand. "It will be okay, she is getting better Bethany. Who knows maybe you'll get to take her home tomorrow or something?" Anne suggested rubbing my back, I nodded my head and looked back down to Spencer. "Mrs. Styles?" the nurse said as she carefully stepped into the room, "Yes?" I asked confused "Are you close family miss?" she asked looking at Anne "Yes that's my mother in law." the nurse nodded and then stood at the foot of my bed. "Well your daughter seems to be doing much better, she is stable now and we are going to bring her in to see you." I sobbed I was so happy this is what I've waited for seeing my daughter our daughter. "This is great Bethany, here sweetheart let me take Spencer." I nodded and happily handed Spencer over to Anne. The door opened and then in came the nurse holding Darcy, she was gently placed into my arms and opened her little eyes. "I love you Darcy" I said and kissed her nose, "She is alright. When can I take her home?" "Well since she is stable probably tomorrow, anytime. All that you have to do is keep an eye on her at all times. She can not be alone! Because if she stops breathing then you have about 20 seconds to giver her this and get her to start breathing." I nodded my head and Anne took the little breathing applicator and set it down in the baby bag. "She is beautiful." Anne said rubbing her small head, "She is isn't she." I smiled and then Darcy reached up and grabbed my finger. Perfection. 

My phone started ringing and I carefully reached over and picked it up "Hello?" I said a smile still plastered on my face.

"Hey beautiful. How are you? How is she?" Harry's sweet songbird voice rung through the phone.

"Perfect. Everything is just perfect Harry." I said now crying a bit.

"What's wrong? Do I need to be there?" he asked worried.

I giggled and put the phone in between my ear and my shoulder and used my hand to gently rub Darcy. "Yes. You do need to be here. Now Harry." 

"Is she okay? Bethany is everything all right?" 

"You just need to see it for yourself Harry...please hurry, I don't want to share this moment alone." I heard and huff and then the line went dead. "Is Harry alright?" Anne asked "Fine, I just think he should be here now. So I didn't give him much information. Allowing his mind to wander." I giggled and then looked back down to the miracle in my arms. 


Harry's P.O.V

"What was that about?" Niall asked as I put on my jacket "I'm not sure...she didn't tell me much, what if Darcy is dead?" I asked looking at all of the boys "She is fine I bet. No need to worry mate, here we will come with you." I nodded my head and willingly accepted Louis' grasp. 

When we got to the hospital I went to her room already expecting the worst. "Babe I'm here." I said knocking on the door and opening it, there she was laying in her bed still looking like an angel, even though I know all of this was taking it's toll on her. She was holding what I assume to be Spencer but I noticed the pink blanket wrapped around the baby. I walked over and saw the little girl's eyes open and then shut again "Harry it's Darcy, She is okay!" Bethany said smiling but crying. "What?" I asked confused running over to the bed and looking at the baby. It was Darcy, it was my sweet baby. 


Bethany's P.O.V

"Harry she is okay." I said again looking at him, he chuckled and wiped my tears "This is amazing love." I looked back down to the miracle in my arms, Harry reached under my arms with one of his and put the other around me. I felt warm and happy, Darcy light my spark. She was our fire both of our kids. I love Harry and I love my family. Nothing can be better than this. 


***Hey guys last chapter! Hope you liked it, I'm not sure if I'm going to write another one...SO tell me what you think, If enough of you want me to then I will. Thanks for reading. 

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