I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


31. The day

*3 months(ish) later)

Bethany's P.O.V

"He is coming home guys!!!" Cambree shouted as she pranced around Harry and I's new house. I looked to Dani who was playfully poking Amber's nose, I turned to find Lucas and Jennifer on the floor pulling on Pearl's tail, she has become very tolerant of the kids the one time she growled and Lucas began to cry Pearl quickly realized that she couldn't act like that. "Oh my gosh guess what I just realized!?" Cambree shouted jumping on the couch in between Perrie and I "What?" Perrie asks smiling at me. "You're due in a week!" she says slamming down on the couch and pointing at me. "I am indeed" I said with a smile and then rubbing my stomach. I'm still conflicted I loved Harry of course but my sparks I just tried to much to force them and now I put them out. They have to come back...they have to...right? "What's wrong love?" Cambree asked noticing my tears I heard shuffling and soon everyone was around me. "I don't feel sparks." they all laughed and then moved away "What?" I said giggling wiping my tears "We thought it was the baby or something...and you're sparks will come back you just have to think of something to light that flame" Perrie said making a fire with her hands. I laughed and then suddenly my stomach jolted and I gripped it, I looked up worried and made eye contact with Eleanor. She told me what it would feel like but I didn't think like this. I heard Cambree screech and then jump up "BETHANY YOU'RE WATER BROKE!" she shouted I furrowed my eyebrows and shut my eyes tight. "GET THE BAGS!" Perrie yelled and Dani quickly put Amber in a stroller and the ran off. I stood up but was quickly joined by Cambree and Eleanor under my arms. "Kids" Eleanor said looking back I assume to Perrie. Next thing I knew I was being shoved into a car, the short quick flashes of pain getting me every time. I grabbed my phone out of my purse and quickly dialed. "Pick up" I said repeatedly as I gripped my stomach. Everyone looked at me worried as the van sped down the streets, "Pick up Harry" Cambree shouted and on cue the phone clicked.

"Hey babe can't wait to see you just got off the pl-"

"Oh Harry shut up!" I shouted gripping my stomach

"Whoa are you okay?" he asks worry clearly in his voice.

"Yes...well no but yes..." I said as I shut my eyes tightly "Just tell him we are almost there." Perrie shouted

"What tell me what?!" Harry shouted his voice shaking

"It's time Harry. They are coming." I screamed as pain took over my body again.

"Okay baby just breathe, remember deep breaths I'll be there soon. Just in and out. Stay with the girls. Don't move too much okay? I love you. Calm down okay love I'll be there soon." I giggled but the shut my eyes tight groaning again. 

"I I love you Harry...hurry please." I said. I could just feel him shoving his way through crowds of girls the screaming and then the boys rushing after him. I heard the boys yelling and girls screaming. 

"MOVE MOVE!" Harry shouted "SHE IS IN LABOR MOVE!" he shouted again and I winced. 

"I can-can't stay on the phone really Harry it's difficult. I'm getting a headache."

"Okay baby I love you breath I'll be there soon..." there was a pause "I'm going to be a father" he said and the line went dead. I shivered and then laid my head back. "Don't get too comfortable we are almost there." Perrie said with a smirk "I don't think that comfortable is in my vocabulary at the moment." I tried to laugh but was in pain so it sounded forced. "Is Harry on his way?" Eleanor asked "I hope so." I said softly.


Harry's P.O.V

"What was that about?" Louis asked as the boys quickly jumped in with me "Hospital" I said and then the boys knew. "She is early like a week?" Niall said worried, "I know that Niall" I said sternly gripping my legs tightly "Don't worry mate it will be fine." Liam says as he ruffles my hair. We stop at a stop light and I flip what if I'm not there in time...she will have our children without me...alone. I told her she would never be alone. I shook my head and felt Louis pull me into his warm comfort. "It will be okay Hazza I promise." he says as he rubbed my back. I looked ahead of the stop light and there was loads of traffic bumper to bumper it would be at the least an hour if not 2 maybe 2 and a half. "Is there a quicker way?" I asked the driver but he turned and shook his head "Sorry but no unless I go the resident streets but that will take the same amount of time." I slammed my hands into my face and began to cry "No no no...I need to be there" "its fine Harry we will get there I promise." Niall says as he leaned into Liam. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I quickly grabbed it out...it was Bethany's brother. 

'What is it?' I asked worried

'Where are you mate I'm about 10 minutes away...this traffic is hell' James said and then I heard a scream 'Go James!' it sounded like Bethany's mum 'Sorry the light turned and mum is a bit well on edge.' he chuckled but it was a serious chuckle

'Yea me too mate...the worst part is we just left the air port 10 minutes ago maybe less.'

'What? It's going to take you an hour or more Harry!' James shouted

'I know I don't know what to do.'

'You know Bethany she will not let those kids come out until you're there...' he paused and huffed 'No offense but I really don't want to replace you in the delivery room.' 

'You won’t have to mate.' I said and hung up "its okay Harry I promise Liam said rubbing my shoulders.”I know its okay." I said moving closer to the door "Harry no we will get there I promise" Louis said as he grabbed my hand. "Louis I'm not missing this..." I paused and grabbed the door handle "What would you do?" I asked as I jumped out of the van and began to run the way to the hospital. Honking coming from every direction and I was beginning to get scared what if I really didn't make it? "Harry!" some girl yelled and then more and more started coming and I was blocked on the sidewalk. "Please" I said and a tear fell then the fans stopped "What's wrong?" one asked they were older and looked not that stupid...meaning they didn't maul me. "Bethany is in labor I need to go." I said and began to walk away "Wait!" one shouted I turned and she was walking to me with her electric scooter "I guess if I wanted someone to have it ...it would be you." she said and handed it to me. "If you wait outside of the hospital I'll give it back... please don't tweet about this." I said and sped off "Wont!" she said.


Bethany's P.O.V

"WHERE IS HE?!" I shouted as I gripped the bed, I was already dilated 8 inches and anymore the doctor said I wouldn't have a choice but to give. "On his way baby." Perrie said as she rubbed my head "I ca-can't Perrie" I said and groaned "GET HIM!" I shouted and she nodded then walked out of the room. James replaced her and then grabbed my hand "Not a good idea James" I said to him as I squeezed. "I its fine Be-bethy" he said struggling. "Bethany you're going to have to push soon" my doctor Stacy said as she paced in the room. "No please he will be here he can't miss it." I rolled over and looked out the window; the bed was right next to the window because the outside calmed me a bit more. I looked at the people down on the sidewalks the traffic was horrible. I saw a guy scooting around through people and then I realized...Harry, following him was bouncing blonde hair and then behind him was bouncing brown quiff. I looked further back and I saw Zayn on Liam's back Liam running as fast as he could. This was quite a site for me until I felt another contraction. "BEETHHANNYY" James said as I squeezed harder "OUTSIDE HARRY SCOOTER THE BOYS!" I said and pushed him to the window. My mum looked out the window and low and behold she smiled "Quite the man you've got their baby girl" she said. I tried to smile but I was in so much pain. Stacy ran out of the room "GET HIM GET STYLES IN A SUIT NOW!" she was yelling I giggled and then screamed again "BABY BABY" I heard Harry yell "That's my cue." James said as he left. "Mom when is the last time you smoked?" I asked her she sighed "This morning." I shook my head "I'll see you after okay?" I said and she nodded then left. I didn't want my kids meet their grandma while she was high. "HARRY!" I shouted and gripped the bed "no no no you are not happening" I said as a nurse came in followed by Stacy. "Harry?" I asked and then he burst through the door still putting on the little shoe things. I giggled and then his hand was in mine "I missed you" I said and the squeezed his hand "Shit babe" he said and glared at his hand "Soeerryyy baby in labor and about to push two fucking watermelons out." I said and then looked down and Stacy was moving my legs. "Harry I need you to hold this leg and her hand...you're strong enough for that right?" she asked with wink "I think so" he responded placing his hand on my leg and then my shoulder. "Okay when you feel a contraction feel free to push” Stacy said and then the nurse was on my other side in the same position as Harry. I took in a deep breath and looked at Harry, his hair was pulled back into one of the hair nets and the only thing that was showing was his black jeans. I felt one coming and I took in my breath and pushed. Surprisingly it hurt like a bitch…well that was no surprise but what was a surprise is the fact that there was still more pushing I mean damn it feels horrible I just want the kids to pop out. After a few more pushes the girl was out and I saw Harry’s eyes light up as he carefully watched her cry. “Cut it” I said still knowing I had another damn baby inside of me, Harry went over and carefully cut the cord and I let out a sigh. “Okay you ready to do it again?” Stacy said sarcastically but was completely serious at the same time I nodded my head and then began to push this time only taking two pushes apparently he really wanted out. Harry cut the last cord and then I noticed how the girl had stopped crying and the room was only filled with the baby boy’s cries. I looked at Harry nervously and he had the same expression as me. “Dar-Darcy?” I said looking at Harry he intertwined our fingers and kissed my hand “Of course…Darcy” he said smiling but was soon distracted by Stacy walking over “Well good news the boy is fine but the girl is having trouble breathing so we will have to take her away for a bit I’m going to do everything I possibly can okay?” I nodded my head and then the nurse came over and handed me the baby boy who was still nameless.  The boy was bawling his eyes out and I could tell he was upset I already felt his feelings, when the nurse placed him in my arms he stopped crying and I swear he smiled. This is mine…this life is mine.

“Come here” I said and scooted over so Harry could come and lay with me on the bed. He put his arm around me and then is other arm under mine which were holding the precious package.  “What are we going to name him?” I asked as I carefully placed a kiss on his forehead “Well I named the girl you should name him.” I nodded my head and then looked around the room names suddenly leaving my mind. Then as if like a diamond in the ruff I found it “Spencer” I said and looked at Harry “He looks like a little Spencer.” I giggled “No he looks like a little watermelon right now.” I said smiling and giggling. “Want to hold your son?” I asked and then looked at Harry “No no I might drop him or something.” Harry said and I couldn’t help but laugh. “He is your son you’re going to have to hold him at some point.” Harry shrugged “Keep your arms under mine the whole time okay?” I nodded my head and then carefully handed him to Harry. “Spencer this is Daddy.” I said as I handed him to Harry, “Daddy” Harry muttered smiling. I couldn’t help but cry this was our family and it’s the best one I could wish for. “OH hey it’s a baby” Louis said as he ran in and then to the bedside. “SHH” Harry scolded and glared at him then softened his face and looked back to Spencer. “Oh hey there cutie pie” Eleanor said as she set Jennifer on the bed at the end Lucas soon following and then Amber. “Baby Baby” Jenn said as she crawled up to me and carefully sat in between Harry’s legs. “Yes baby its Spencer.” I said and rubbed Jenn’s head, Lucas walked up and sat in the middle of Harry and I’s legs leaning forward over Spencer’s head. “He looks funny.” Lucas said and gently rubbed his tiny hands. “Darcy Darcy” Amber said clapping her hands. I looked down to Spencer and smiled and then laid my head on Harry’s shoulder. “Where is Darcy?” Lucas asked “With the doctors.” Harry responded with a shaky voice “What’s wrong?” Louis asked picking Jenn up and placing him on one of his legs.  “She was having trouble breathing.” Harry responded again for me. “It’s just like you Jenny” Eleanor said trying to explain to the kids what was going on in a way they would understand. Dani and Liam walked in followed by a very jumpy Cambree. “Where are the buggers?” Cambree asked and looked around the room like an explorer I laughed but was soon glum again remembering Darcy. “Where is the girl?” Niall asked concerned and then walked and sat in the chair to my right Cambree soon sitting on his lap. “Can we not?” I asked into Harry’s ear my tears willingly falling to his little mint doctor shirt. “What happened?” James asked as he barged in and grabbed Amber and pulled him onto his chest then replaced her spot and sat on the end of our bed Amber carefully rested in between his crossed legs. I paused and turned my head away from the group hiding it behind Harry’s back. “Guys please this is a tough day.” Harry said he wiggled probably to try and comfort me but remembered that Spencer was in his arms. “Just wait till everyone is in here and we will tell…I don’t think it’s best for Bethany if she hears it over and over again.” Harry said and then I reveled my face but still laid it on his shoulder. Perrie came in with a shit ton of stuff “What is this?” I asked confused “UM CLOTHES!” she yelled and rolled her eyes then came and gave me a kiss on my temple. “Where are they?” she asked and then her eyes fell on the baby in our arms “Aww he baby boy. How are you? Good I’m glad. Hey I got you loads of clothes…just to let you in on a secret you will never be unfashionable between your mum and your aunts we’ve got you and your sister covered.” Perrie said and then I looked at Spencer as his eyes gently opened and then closed again. “Oh hey got a response guys I’m the favorite” she said and threw her arms in the air smiling. “Wait where the other little one is?” Perrie asked taking a seat on the couch next to Zayn, I sighed and took Spencer into my arms “She wasn’t breathing well and they had to take her.” I said softly and I heard Cambree and James gasp “No this isn’t true?” Cambree said clearly tears threatening to fall. “Can we not talk about it she will be fine she has to be?” I said softly and then laid into Harry.


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