I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


26. The Crazy


"Come on Bee we have to go" Perrie said shaking me "Wh-what?" I said rubbing my eyes "We are here" Cambree said sarcastically slow. "Got that" I yawned and then grabbed my bag then stood up "Wait El" I spoke out stopping in the middle of the isle "She got off with Dani already" Cambree said pulling me "Well why didn't you wake me?" I complained "Because we couldn't" Perrie said laughing. We got off the plane and quickly found Spencer, a body guard, who lead us through fans and paps. We put our stuff in the back of the van and then we arranged the kids then we were off. As we got closer to the stage Cambree was jumping out of her seat smiling "Calm down" I said pulling her shoulder down "Hey it's her first time being away from him and then seeing him" Eleanor said checking on Jenn. We pulled up to the stage and then Cambree shot out of the car and through the fans with ease. She was gone before we even unbuckled. I burst into laughter  and then the babies started to kick and I put my hand on my belly giggling. "What?" El asked unbuckling her kids "They're kicking" I said smiling. "OH I want to feel" El said leaning over the back of her seat and placing her hand on my belly "See" I told her she nodded and smiled "We should go girls" Dani said hopping out of the car and then putting Amber into the carrier, I smiled and then grabbed Lucas and put him on my hip. "Thanks" I said and Sam, a body guard handed me the stroller and we put Jenn in. El grabbed a carrier and her baby bag then we started to go through the fans. "You got the bag Per?" El asked behind me but I had no idea what they were talking about so I just kept walking in. The boys were practicing on the stage so we quietly took some seats on the side. "Daddy!" Jennifer yelled putting her hands out and then jumping out of the stroller "No No Jenn!" I said and put Lucas down, I ran after Jenn and Lucas followed "Jenny come back" Lucas yelled "Daddy" she said again Eleanor had just came through the door with Perrie to the sight of me grabbing Jenn and then Lucas pulling on my pants. I gave her a small grin and then walked to her Jenn yelling for Louis. "AWh baby Daddy will see you soon" Perrie said stroking her cheek. "Daddy, Mommy I wanna Daddy" she said crying I handed her to Eleanor who took her into a back room, Lucas followed her mum closely like a duckling. "So much for not being distracting" I said with a shrug "Don't worry Cambree has got distracting covered" Perrie said pointing behind me. I looked behind me and she was pacing around the venue stopping and waving to Niall every so often. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Perrie "Where is Danielle?" "In the bathroom changing Amber" I nodded and then pulled her up to sit in the stands and watch.

After about 10 minutes of Jenn crying Louis couldn't take it and they had to call a break causing Louis to jump off the stage and run into the back. You could hear Jenn crying from out here, I could only imagine Louis' pain, I mean if that was my child I would be crying on stage not able to do anything. "Per! they're kicking again" I said she laughed and then put her hand on my belly. All the sudden I heard chairs falling and crashes and I looked up to see Harry jumping and leaping through chairs. I giggled and then Harry jumped up and over the railing and planted his hands on my stomach. I looked at him and sighed "You'll get to feel it sometime babe" I said and stroked his hands with my thumbs. He groaned and then sat on the floor "Hey I promise you'll feel it, I mean I've felt it million of times!" Perrie said trying to be helpful but not helping. I went onto my knees in front of Harry groaning as I bent down "Bee don't hurt yourself" Harry said putting his arms out to help me down "I'm fine Harry" I told him, "He babe" Zayn said giving Perrie a kiss on the cheek "Here let's let them be alone" she said pulling Zayn away, I gave her and wave as they went out of sight. "So anything new?" Harry asked putting his arm around me "No just more back pains and my bum hurts from sitting on this floor" I smiled at him and he stood up then helped me up. Harry led me in a back dressing room and sat me on the couch "Here let me" he said going behind the couch and then rubbing my shoulders. "Ahh thank you Harry" I said and arched my back "How is the baby doing?" he asked kissing my ear "Good, healthy....." I said nervously, I had to tell Harry sometime that we were having twins but I mean I was nervous come on! "You alright?" Harry asked confused then came around the couch and sat next to me. "Um yea fine" I said looking away, Harry took my face and placed a small kiss on my lips. I leaned back in tracing his soft lips with my tongue "Don't try and distract me" he said on my lips "Fine, I need to tell you something." I said leaning back "Anything baby" Harry placed his hand on my knee. I took a deep breath and then looked up to Harry "Harry, we...um...we are having twins" I said smiling nervously, "That's great!" Harry said wrapping me up in a hug. "Oh man I got to tell the lads!" he said jumping up and running out of the room "I'm having twins!" his voice echoed through the halls and the whole building. I walked out seeing him run from room to room shouting "I'm having Twins" I rolled my eyes and then followed closely behind him.

"Harry I'm pretty sure the whole place knows" I said grabbing his shoulder, "Not the fans" Louis said walking from the bathroom and into a dressing room. I rolled my head looking at Harry "They don't know Haz" I said clearly upset "I'll tell them soon" "Harry I'm 6 months pregnant, it's getting hard to hide this belly!" I shouted rubbing my stomach "I'll tell them just calm down" "Promise me" Harry leaned in "Promise" he said before planting a deep lustful kiss. Putting a hand into the back of my hair where it connected to my neck and one on my hip kissing me harder. "Too bad I have this huge thing separating us" I said on his lips "Nope that's a good thing!" Louis shouted from inside his room. I laughed and then put my head into his chest, Niall and Cambree came out of a dressing room laughing and holding hands kissing each other with every other step and then disappeared into the family bathroom. "I miss that Harry" I said looking at the bathroom door. "What? Sex in bathrooms?" I punched Harry in the chest "No! And they are not having sex Harry" I said correcting him. "Uh huh so what do you miss?" He asked pulling me back into his body "I miss the crazy" I softly said into his chest, "Hey we can have that! Once you have the twins we can have sex in any bathroom" "Harry seriously, we don't do anything daring or crazy anymore...are we getting old? I mean we're only 22 and well I miss it I didn't think I woul-" I was easily shut up by Harry's lips connecting to mine. "So do you know the sexes yet?" he asked his hands around my back rubbing slightly into my lower back "No I wanted to find out with you" I told him "Well let's go before the show!" he said pulling me out "No Harry" I argued dragging my heels into the ground "Come on you said you missed the crazy babe" he said laughing. "Fine" We got a few of the body guards to come with us and then we pushed through the crowd Harry all giddy and smiley. "Harry where are you going?" one fan asked I looked at Harry and he smirked "To find out some big news" he responded and then kept me behind him close my belling into the lower arch of his back concealing my bump. "Harry is Bethany pregnant? She has gained weight" another fan asked "She is perfect no matter how much weight she gains" he said and winked at me the pulled me up into the van.

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