I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?



Niall led me down the stairs and to the backyard, "Wow Bethany really planned this well" I said as Niall led me to the back of the garden. "Where are we going" I asked as I laughed him dragging me faster "I set something up too" he said and looked at me his blue orbs glowing in the available lighting. When we got to a section of the garden the lights were shut off he put his hands over my eyes and then kissed my cheek "Keep them closed" he said and then he lifted his hands. "Nialler what the hell is going on?" I asked a huge smiled plastered on my face. I felt really alone and so helpless. "Okay Niall hurry" "Don't worry Cambree I'm right here don't worry" I nodded my head and bit my lip. "You have pigeon toes." he said and I could feel his eyes on my feet and then trailing up my body. I quickly changed my foot positions "Oh Cambree, you are something" Niall said and then I felt his hands cover my eyes. "Okay open" he said and then removed his hands. "Niall" I said but almost nothing came out, he had decorated the whole place with birthday decorations and dance decorations and party decorations. "It's for everything you missed" he said and walked around the small area. "It's per-perfect Niall" I said choking on a bit of tears, how could he care this much? No one has done anything like this for me..."I'm glad you like it." he said and sat on a bench in the middle of all the decorations. I walked and sat next to him putting my hands into his "This is truly amazing Ni" I said and kissed his cheek. "You mean a lot to me Cambree, and I just want you to know that you're special and mean a lot" he said and squeezed my hands. I nodded and wiped my tears "Thanks really" I said and then music started playing, 'She will be loved' came on and I jumped up "Oh please dance with me" I said and held my hands out. "Oh um Cam I can't" he said and pointed to his feet "Shut up Niall of course you can" I said and pulled him up into my chest, "Okay now this way and then here" I said leading him to the beat. One of his hands was wrapped around my hip and the other was in mine, I laughed as he stumbled "You're getting it" I encouraged. I put my hands on his shoulders and then rested my head on his chest while he gently put his hands on my waist. "I don't mind spending eve-ry day, Out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the beautiful smile ask her if she wants to stay a while" he sang into my ear I giggled and then sang along "And she willl be loved, and she will be lo-oh-oh-oved." Niall spun me out and then back in and kissed my head "Hey I thought you couldn't dance" I accused "Maybe you're just a good teacher" he said and laughed. "Tap on my window" Niall sung "Knock on my door" I replied "I want to make you feel beautiful" Niall said staring at me. I looked at him but there was more behind that set of lyrics that he just sung. "Cambree!" I heard Harry call "Harry is probably worried sick" Niall said and smirked "This is amazing Niall thank you" I said and hugged him "I'll see you later Cambree" Niall said and then I let go of him and ran to Harry's calling voice leaving Niall looking slightly glum. 

"Yea Harry" I called and then ran into him "Woah slow down" he said and put his hands on my shoulders pushing me away. "Where were you?" he asked me looking down on me "With um Niall" I said and pointed to the garden "Oh" he said and then dropped his hands "Yea I'm going to find Bethany" I said then slipped away from him. I watched as Harry made his way to the garden entrance to find Niall probably. I walked around the whole house but I couldn't find her. "Cambree" Perrie called from behind me "Oh hi" I said and grinded my teeth together, "Have you seen Bethany?" I asked not wanting to start a conversation "No she was in the bathroom upstairs 2 minutes ago" she replied "Thanks Perrie" I said and ran upstairs. "Bethany!" I called out and then I heard a groaning coming from her room. "BETHANY" I screamed and ran into her room. "Bathroom" she said I quickly jogged to the bathroom and then saw her curled over the toilet hair slug out around her. "Aww Bethany" I said and knelt next to her. I took the hair tie off of my wrist and tied her hair up in a bun "How long have you been in here?" I asked "Not that long just go I'll be down...just morning sickness" she said and then gasped "No way" I said shocked "Shhh no Cambree you can't tell shhh" she said and then gagged I burst out laughing "Shut up Cambree" she said and playfully punched me. "Should be more careful with your words Bethany" I said and smirked "Now I've got shit on you so watch out" I said and stood up. Bethany rolled her eyes and stood up but almost fell back over "Woah" I said and grabbed onto her "Just don't tell Harry" she said and glared at me "Okay okay" I said and carried her into her room. "Just lay down and I'll go be a perfect host" I said and held up and ok sign. She laughed and then laid on the bed. "People should be leaving soon anyways" she said as I left. I went downstairs and then was greeted by Harry "Where is Bethany?" he asked confused and worried "Upstairs she got a little sick" I said and tried to hold back my laughter "Sick?" he asked "Too many beers if you ask me" I said and giggled "Cambree that's nothing to be laughing about" he said quite defensive his bright green in his eyes fading. Something I've never seen happen to him before, "Sorry" I said sarcastically "Cambree" he said and grabbed my hand and wrist all in one of his hands "God ow Harry let go" I said shaking my wrist "Be quiet Cambree you need to know that Bethany could be seriously sick" he said and tightened around my limbs "Stop Harry I'm sorry" I said and tried to hold back tears "You're scaring me" I said in a soft whimper. As if like a savior Niall came around the corner his eyes widening at the sight of both of us. He briskly walked over to us and grabbed Harry's shoulders "Harry mate, come on not now...she is sorry for whatever happened." he said Harry grunted and then squeezed my wrist tighter "Ow ow Harry please" I said another tear falling "Harry you're hurting her" he said but nothing Harry's eyes getting darker "Bethany could be hurt and you laugh" he said snarling at me "I'm sorry she is fine" I said and wiggled "Harry you're hurting her....You're hurting Cambree" he said and then a little bit of green came back but he was still scary and dark his grip only loosening a bit. Niall groaned and then looked at me "God Harry you're hurting Bethany" he said and then almost instantly I was engulfed into Harry's chest "I'm so sorry babe" he said into my hair. Niall quickly grabbed me out of Harry's grasp and into his "Do you know what you just did" Niall asked angrily, Harry looked at me and saw my grabbing my hand and wrist "No no not again" he said and shook his head Harry tried to reach out to me but I cowered into Niall's chest "Bethany is fine Harry I'm sorry I was just kidding" I said hiding my face from Harry. "Cambree you have to understand I'm so sorry..." he said and looked down almost in tears "I I don't understand" I said and gripped my lower arm. "She said this would happen" Harry said softly "Sssaid what" I asked. "Nothing" he said and then turned "I'm sorry Cambree" he said and then walked up the stairs.

"Are you okay? Can I help? Do you need anything?" Niall asked looking at my wrist "I'm fine I've been through worse" I said and laughed "We need to find Lou" Niall said and then grabbed my good hand and pulled me through the small crowd that was still gathered in the living room. "Louis" Niall said and then ran me to Louis and Eleanor and their kids. "Look" he said and held up my wrist "It's happening again" Niall shouted "Shhh mate calm down" Louis said and stood up. "What is going on?" I asked "Guys stop you're scaring her" Eleanor said "Yea what she said" i said and yanked my hand out of the boys grasp. "Cambree just go up to bed okay?" Eleanor said in a sweet motherly tone soothing me. I nodded and smiled "You'll get everyone out?" I asked calmly "Yes we will love just go sleep" Eleanor said I smiled and then turned to walk inside and go into my room. I walked up to my room and heard small almost unauidable sobs coming from Bethany's room. I walked to the room and opened the door softly and saw Harry sitting on the edge of the bed softly crying into Bethany's arms. I walked in and stood in the doorway "It's better" I said and twisted my wrist trying not to whimper to wince. Harry and Bethany smiled "I am really sorry Cam" Harry said and then looked back at his knees "I know Harry really it's okay I know you still love me" I said and walked a bit closer "But you're still afraid of me" Harry said and Bethany looked at me "Well yea but you're like my brother and I always love you...and I mean it was just an out burst wont happen again right?" Harry nodded and then stood up and proceeded to me, it took a lot of power not to step back in fear "Right" Harry said and then hugged me. When his strong arms wrapped around me I felt his pain and his sorrow but I also felt the protective feel that he gave off. "I'm going to go to bed" I said and stepped away "Eleanor and Louis are ending the party I bet they will be up to say good bye or something" I said as I stood at the door "Thank you Cambree goodnight" Bethany said I nodded and then left and went to my room. I took off my clothes and replaced them with some shorts and a crew neck sweatshirt, I was always cold at night. I turned my light off and then crawled into bed, my wrist might bruise but not my hand the worst is it would just cramp up. I closed my eyes and played with my own hair pretending that it was Niall playing with my hair. 

"Cambree" Niall said as he knocked on the door "You still awake?" he added I groaned "Yea um come it" I said. Niall slowly came through the door and then took off his shirt "What are you doing?" I asked him rubbing my eyes, trying to get a look at him with the available light. I heard Niall unbuckle his pants and then I saw them drop to the ground, my breathing hitched and it sped up. Niall gently removed the covers and then crawled into the bed. "Night Cambam" he said and rubbed my arm. I groaned and then rolled over to face him. I put my arm around him and put my head to his chest. I could hear his heard beat faster as I gently stroked his bicep. "Night Nialler" I said and smiled into his bare chest. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better....he started playing with my hair and singing 'she will be loved' softly until I fell asleep.








LOVE ALL YOU GUYS A LOT! Okay that's it have a good rest of your day/night! :) Haha :)

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