I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


30. Stay with me

Paul opened the door and he had the look of worry like he normally does whenever we come to his door. "Come in ladies" he said and then let us in. We smiled holding hands and sat on a couch, Paul sat across from us in an arm chair "So what are you wanting to ask me?" I looked at Perrie and she smiled and then ushered me to talk "Well you know how I'm 6 months pregnant of course and how Per is like 2 almost 3 now?" I asked looking at his expression he nodded and I felt my heart beat pick up "Well umm, the boys feel bad missing so much of our pregnancies and I mean I just found Harry in the hall crying about it" I said "What?" Perrie asked confused "Yea I know..." "Weird I found Zayn in the bathroom all teary about it the other day" "Ladies what's your point?" he asked and leaned forward in his chair "Well um we were wondering if we could stay for another month or so...?" I asked rubbing my hands together,he rubbed his chin and then looked down and groaned "You realize that if I allow this you'll have to deal with management and Perrie your management...and paps and they still wont be around 24/7 and" "Paul we get it and my management is much easier than theirs" she said smiling and then putting her arm around me. "What about El and Danielle? They have kids how will they feel?" "Oh shush, Eleanor has been with Louis for whole tours some times and Dani used to be with Liam everywhere as a dancer it's our turns" I looked at Perrie and nodded in agreement "Yea, I mean Harry and Zayn will be much happier" I said trying to convince him. "You know I love you girls...as my own" I took a deep breath and and sighed knowing that he was going to say no. "So, I will allow it and since I love you girls and I know how much happier and how much better the boys cooperate with us when you two are here. But you girls can not be that much of a distraction and you both have to take it easy especially you Bethany" I jumped up and hugged Perrie then we ran and hugged Paul "Thanks Pauly!" I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Perrie did the same and then we hugged each other. "Wait wait!" I said and they both looked at me confused "We should surprise them!" I said smiling "How?" Perrie asked.

~1 week later~

Today was the day, the girls were leaving. Except me and Perrie of course. I was sitting in a van tapping my foot waiting to arrive at the airport where the plan would start. I got out and Paul smiled at me, Harry grabbed my bag and then grabbed my hand with his free one and laced his fingers through mine. "Love you" I said and smiled at him "I love you too Bee" we walked through the fans and then through the airport until security. "Bye Harry I'll see you soon" I said and hugged him winking at Perrie who was too hugging Zayn. I pulled away and gave Harry a short kiss knowing that we would be kissing again soon. "Wait wait I want more" shit I thought of course I still had to act like I wasn't going to see him in a while. I grabbed his hands and then place my lips to his. I refused to allow him to slip his tongue into my mouth. "Hey I'll see you soon" I said our foreheads plastered together "Yea in like 3 months" he groaned "It will go by quickly okay...we just gotta stay positive." I kissed his nose and then went back onto my flat feet. "Come on!" Eleanor shouted "I'll be right there" I said turning back to Harry "I have to go babe...but I'll see you soon. We can see each other every night" I said smiling "You look beautiful" he said softly gripping my hips, I giggled and then rose to my toes again "I love you Harry" "I love you too Bethany" I gave him another kiss this time tilting my head so he could deepen it but still not allowing tongue. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him then I let him slip from my grasp as I walked through security. I waved to him and then I disappeared out of his sight. "Okay let's go Paul can only stall for so long" Perrie said picking up her bags and then dragging me away. I smiled at Eleanor and Danielle and then blew me kisses before we left through a back way. Perrie and I met up with Miguel and Sam who took us to the back an into a van. "We need to hurry" I said rubbing my legs "What if they are already there?" Perrie asked nervously. "They aren't...they haven't even left yet" Sam said turning back from the passenger side. I let out a sigh of relief and then slumped down into the seat. "Isn't San Francisco so pretty?" Perrie asked looking out the window at the buildings, of course she would be talking about the city at a time like this. "It calms me to look at the landscape" she argued noticing my contained giggles. I looked out the window and I could agree with her my body felt calm and less tense. "Okay girls you'll have about 1 minute to get into the hotel while we distract the fans." "And how are you going to do that?" Perrie asked "By this" he said and then held up two backstage passes "Management will kill you" I said looking at him "Well we are already in deep shit" he said and I laughed "Okay get ready" he said. I grabbed my purse and put it on my shoulder and then grabbed the handle of my suitcase, Perrie did the same. Sam jumped out and then he started talking and then Perrie and I jumped out and ran around the side of the building and to the back. We got in and then went into the elevator and up to the 6th level of the hotel. "I can't believe it worked" I said smiling and then pulling out the key card to Harry's room. "Me too I'll see you soon" she said and then disappeared into Zayn's room. I heard the elevator beep and I quickly opened the room and shut it. I threw my suit case behind the side of the couch and then I sat on the bed out of site. 

I heard Harry fiddle with the key card muttering profanities before I finally heard the door open. I gripped the sheets of the bed before standing up and waiting to see his mop of curls come around the corner. "I already miss you" he said grabbing the telly remote and flipping it on. "Well I miss you too" I said he spun around his green orbs meeting my brown ones. He had the face as if he saw a ghost and then she smiled his mouth still opened. "Well hug me!" I shouted and he laughed then I was engulfed in his warmth. "Okay don't kill me or the kids" I giggled and then put my hands around his neck. "How?" he asked I shook my head and then kissed him this time I allowed his tongue to enter my mouth. I heard a shriek come from down the hall and I giggled. "What was that?" Harry asked looking at me "Probably Perrie and or Zayn" I said with a smirk "Again How?" he asked me smiling "I'm just amazing" I said and shrugged "You're right you are amazing" he responded then brought our lips together again. "So Mr.Styles what would you like to do today on your day off?" I asked him smiling "Hold you forever?" he asked I giggled and then hugged him tighter "That would be amazing babe" I responded placing my lips on his chin, he tilted his head down and lightly brushed out lips, "I love you" I told him. "I love you too...and them" he said placing a hand on my belly, "I can't wait to finally meet them" I nodded in agreement and then pulled him to the bed "I'm sure they'll love you" I said laying in his arms "I'm sure they'll love you Bee" he said and then kissed the top of my head. "You're all my world now" Harry said into my hair, "Never leave me".

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