I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


27. Sexes

After getting to the hospital, Harry and I we were quickly put into a room, Harry being Harry and all. "So you want to know the sexes?" the doctor asked "Um Yea" I said nervously looking to Harry, "Yea we are" he verified gripping my hand. "Great I'm glad you came here" she said grabbing some gel "So why didn't you two do it back in London?" she asked tapping buttons on the little thingy "Touring" I responded quietly "I've been on tour and away, she well this is the first I've heard of twins and I'm anxious" Harry said bouncing in his seat next to me. "Well we can get to it, this is just the gel it will be a bit cold" I nodded and then gripped Harry's hand. The doctor looked at the screen and rubbed the little cord thing around my belly "Well there is one of em'...there is the other" I was too afraid to look so I shut my eyes tightly, "Oh come on babe please" Harry begged "Bu-but what if" "No what if's they will be perfect no matter what, I love them no matter what" I nodded and kissed his hand then turned my head to look at the screen. "Well lookie here" the doctor said "This one is a boy" she said smiling I looked at Harry knowing he wanted a girl badly and I was afraid that he would be upset. "And this one....seems to be a...girl" "Oh Harry" I said tears starting to brim my eyes, "This is so great" Harry said squeezing my hands "I'm going to go get the pictures I'll be right back" she said leaving the room. Harry got me the towel and I wiped off the rest of the gel and pulled my shirt down. "Baby this is amazing" I said hugging him tears now flowing out of my eyes. "Thank you Bee" Harry said pulling away and holding my hands "For what?" I tilted my head and raised my eyebrow in confusion "You've brought me them I can not thank you enough for giving me more that I could've ever wanted" Harry reached up and wiped my tears away "I love you Bethany" he said placing a small soft kiss on my lips. 

I giggled as I sat back in the chair next to Eleanor who was holding Jenn rocking her while she slept. Lucas was kneeling in between my legs drawing designs into my belly. Perrie was asleep on the sofa her legs on Dani's lap. Amber was asleep on top of Perrie's small baby bump. Cambree insisted on watching the boys practice so she was out there. "What is their names?" Lucas asked me now playing with my belly button "I'm not sure sweetie, Harry and I haven't decided" I told him ruffling his hair which El had quiffed to look like Louis because of course Lucas wanted to be just like his dad. "I want to help!" Lucas screamed "Shh" I said putting my finger to his mouth he giggled and then poked my belly "Hey ouch" I said and then one of them kicked back "They are kicking back" I said grabbing his hand and placing it on my belly "They are playing with me" he said smiling up to me. "When do I get to see them?" he asked me "Well, in about a month or so" I said smiling and then picking him up and placing him on my lap. "Do you still love Niall?" Lucas asked me "Do I what?" I asked looking at Eleanor who shrugged "Well I do love him but not the same way I love Harry." I responded smiling nervously "But daddy says that Uncle Ni waited for you in a hospital...why don't you love him?" I shockingly looked to Eleanor and Dani searching for answers "Yes he did, but hun he just wasn't the one." I told him "Now Cam is with him and they are in love like mommy and daddy" I nodded my head "You and uncle Harry are different does he love you like you love him?" I was shocked a 2 year old was asking these questions but maybe he was right, Harry and I have lost a bit of the spark we weren't anything like Eleanor and Louis or Cambree and Niall, or any of them for that matter. "Why are you crying Auntie?" Lucas asked sitting up and wiping my tears and smiled and set him on the floor. "It's just my crazy emotions" I said "I'll be back I'm going to go out for a quick walk."

I walked out the door and through the hallway stupidly I walked into the stage area now bawling my eyes out. I caught Harry's eye and then started to run, I couldn't let Harry see me like this especially if I was questioning how much we loved each other.  I defiantly was not fast at all, I heard the crashing of chairs and then loud foot steps getting closer. "Babe" Harry said pulling me into his chest. "I'm sorry Harry I'm so so sorry" I sobbed "For what Bee?" Harry asked running his hands through my hair and massaging my head "Do you love me Harry?" I asked hugging him tightly "Of course I do Bethany." Harry told me kissing my head "Do you love me or do you love me because we're having kids?" I asked biting my lip and looking up at him, "I love you, I've loved you. What is this about?" Harry asked suddenly defensive "Nothing Nothing it's just my crazy emotions sorry" "Bee it's not just your emotions, now please tell me what this is about." Harry kissed my forehead before pulling me into a tight hug "Lucas and I were having a conversation about the babies and he asked if I loved Niall, and I responded no of course not like I love you and then he said Cam and Niall are together and are in love like his parents." I said biting my lip not wanting to finish the rest of the story "And? There is nothing wrong with that?" Harry paused and then looked over my shoulder but before I could follow his glance he crashed his lips into mine "Do you love Niall?" "Hell no Harry I love you!" I shouted "Shh Shh Shh" I said pressing his lips against mine "Then what is this about babe" "Well after that Lucas proceeded to say 'You and uncle Harry are different, does he love you like you love him?'" I looked down and away nervous for Harry's response "Well of course I do love you the way you love me, or I wouldn't be here" "You really would leave me?" I asked shocked "Well I wouldn't want to force a love that wasn't there." he stated gripping my hands "But Bethany it is there, I can feel it every time I see you, those little sparks and butterflies. Every time we touch I get this feeling where my stomach drops and I'm suddenly nervous...Bethany you make everyday better than the last...even if I loose my temper" I smiled tears yet again coming from my face. I looked at our hands and I had butterflies but no sparks I mean Liam and Niall gave me butterflies sometimes so, was it me? Did I not love Harry like he loves me?


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