I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


29. Safe and sound

"Bethany" Niall's voice sounded through the whole hospital halls. Bethany's eyes slowly opened and she looked up to me "Wonderful nap" she said sarcastically having only been asleep for an hour. I kissed her forehead and then started rubbing her arm. "I really want to go home" she said rolling over her round belly pressed against me. I laughed and then she squinted her eyes and bit her lip, "Ow" she said softly "What what?" I asked sitting up, she put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me back down "I'm fine" Bethany grabbed my hand and placed it on her stomach "What's go-" "Shh Harry just feel" she smiled and then looked down to her belly. Under my fingers I could feel little pushes and kicks, the babies they were kicking. "I finally got to feel them" I was sure that my grin was taking up most of my face. Bethany giggled placing her hands on my cheeks "I love you Harry...I can't say that enough" she sounded like she was trying to convince herself. "I know, I love you too" "BETHANY" Niall said swinging the door open "Hey Ni" Bethany said sitting up on the bed "Bethany are you okay?" he asked walking over and grabbing her hands. "I'm fine Niall thank you" she said leaning and giving him a kiss on the cheek "So what's wrong?" "I guess I wasn't eating enough and the babies were using all the nutrients and I wasn't getting any so I had no energy...and what sent me over was the kids kicked and I couldn't handle it." Bethany shrugged and allowed her hands to slip from Niall's and move into mine. "How was the after party?" I asked "Fine" he replied moving to the window and looking out of it. Bethany yawned and then laid her head back down on the pillow  "I have no energy" she said softly barley audible, seeing her so weak made me scared it hurt me and it made me weak. She was apart of me and I shared her emotions and feelings. "Well I'm going to go pick up Cambree." Niall said walking to the bed "I love you Bee please get better" he said and gave her head a kiss "Love you Ni" she said softer than before, I gripped her tightly pulling her close to me her bum pressed against my crotch. "Tell Cam....Cambree I'm I'm fine" she struggled to get out "Get rest I will" he said leaving. I rolled her over so that she was facing me and smiled "Bethany I just want you to know that you're mine and I love you...please get better" I said kissing her head. Her eyes were open but she couldn't talk she had no energy, not even enough to move her mouth. I pressed my lips to hers and gave her a soft kiss, "I-I'm sorry Ha-Harry....I I can't k-kiss y-you" she managed to push out, I put my lips to her forehead and smiled "I don't care I love your lips" I winked and she half smiled "Get rest babe I'll be here when you wake up" she nodded and then burrowed her head into my neck. "I I love you Harry" she said attempting to kiss my neck but ultimately failing. "I love you night" I felt her eyes flutter shut brushing my jaw line. I just wanted her to be better.

~3 days later~

Bethany's P.O.V

"Hey Harry" I said flipping through another channel "Hey" he said flopping down on the bed next to me "Hard day babe" I asked rolling onto my side and looking at him. He shut his eyes "You could say that" I giggled and then yawned "I'm sorry Haz I'm still super tired" he grinned his eyes still closed and then turned and pulled my into him. "Then fall asleep" he told me "No I want to be with you...all I've been doing is sleeping" "That's because you need rest" he said pushing some hair out of my face, I sighed "Hey we want the kids to stay healthy right?" Harry said knowing that now I would feel like I had to sleep "Seriously, are you even my husband?" I said sarcastically He laughed and then kissed my nose. "I love you Bee please go to sleep" "Awh Harry come on!" I shouted tracing my finger down his chest "God, Bethany stop please just rest I'll be here when you wake up" Harry said bringing his face close to mine "Fine but promise we can go out to dinner then" he nodded and kissed my nose "I am not going to sleep with out a kiss" Harry laughed and then gave me a small soft kiss "Good I love you"  I said and then put my face into Harry's chest "I love you too good night"

I woke up and Harry wasn't there, I let out a faint sigh and got up. "Harry" I called but no response, I walked into the hallway of the hotel and looked around. "Harry" I said as I put the lock on the door so I wouldn't be locked out. "Harry are you okay?" I asked as I ran up to him, he stood up quickly to meet me "Don't waste your energy Bee" he said grabbing my hands and pulling me into a hug. "Are you okay?" I asked pushing him away from me "Nothing Nothing" he said smiling but his glossy eyes told me other wise "Baby you can tell me anything" I said putting my hands on his cheeks. I traced my thumbs under his eyes "Why are you out here crying?" I asked looking around to see some body guards forming around us. "Am I a good husband?" he asked looking at me "Wh-What?" I asked shocked "Of course" I gave him a kiss waiting for him to kiss me back but he didn't so I pulled away and stared at him "Harry?" I asked pushing back tears "I feel like I'm causing all this you're energy loss I'm never there to help you" "I have El and all the other girls!" I said smiling pushing back tears "That's the problem...I want to be there" "It's fine Harry just stop" I said now getting angry, he looked up and our eyes met sending butterflies through my body "Could you actually kiss me? I mean it's not like we aren't married" I said giving a small smile. He laughed and then put his arms around my waist "I'm sorry, I promise I'll be there more" he said. I put my hands around his neck and brought him closer to me our lips connecting. "Can we please go into the room before you have to leave again" I asked "Yea of course" We walked back into the room and I suddenly had an amazing idea. "Wait here!" I said and then dropped his hands and ran out the door. I ran quickly to Zayn's room and knocked. I kept looking back to our room checking to see if Harry's head would poke out "Hi Beth-" I pushed past Zayn and ran into the room finding Perrie "Shut the door Zayn" I said and looked at him he nodded and then quickly closed the door. "What is it?" Perrie asked I smiled and then grabbed her hands and sat on the edge of the bed. "Uh Zayn....could you um go see one of the boys other than Harry" I asked smiling at him he looked at Perrie but she shrugged so he nodded and left. When I was sure that he was gone I started bouncing "Okay Per! What if we ask management if we can stay with the boys? Like for a month or so....I mean Harry feels bad about missing my pregnancy and I bet so does Zayn" I watched as a smile grew on her face and she squeezed my hands "Well let's go!" she stood up and pulled me out the door and then we went to Paul's room. I looked at her unsure and then she nodded and we knocked on his door.

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