I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


1. Remember

Bethany has been with Harry for almost 3 years now and they are going strong. Of course there has been some bumps with Harry touring and leaving a lot and Bethany want's to start a family soon. Bethany has flashbacks a lot and is always worried that one will come to her at a bad time. The boys have come out with their new album and the fans are starting to go crazy with rage about Harry and Bethany dating for so long because they thought it was just a fling. 

Bethany's P.O.V

I sat on the couch scrolling through twitter looking at every single comment that was being said on the picture of Harry and I at the beach. Why did people have to be so mean? Harry and I are together obviously and for 3 years almost so it wasn't just a thing. I leaned back on the couch and let tears roll down my face, it's like high school all over again. I read a tweet that Cassie made telling everyone to fuck off, and then there was Niall who made a sweet caring tweet telling the fans that he was happy with Harry and I. Niall was honestly my best friend after we put aside the feelings that we had we became really good friends. Liam and Dani broke up...well for now at least.  This is ridiculous all the stuff that's being said about me! I heard the door open and slam shut "Hey babe!" I said and saw a very angry Harry. Harry came and slammed his ass on the couch next to me, "Well what's wrong?" I asked and closed the laptop. Harry hugged me and held me really tight, "Woah seriously Haz what's up?" I asked and rubbed his back he pulled away and held my hands in his, "Why don't they get it? I love you!" Harry shouted I rubbed my thumbs in his hands to clam him down. "Who baby?" I asked even though I had a pretty good idea. "The fans! I love them too but you're my world and in the beginning they were all fine but now they have changed and I'm confused and angry...You're perfect to me why can't they see that?" I smiled and kissed his hands "All that matters is how we see each other and how our loved ones see us...right?" Harry nodded and smiled "This is another reason why I love you! You always see the bright side" he said and pecked me on the lips. I smiled and hugged him "Go clean up okay?" Harry nodded and got up.

I felt bad, Harry was always getting in the middle of the fans and me...His fans were his life but so was I and he had a hard time with that. He has also been in the studio working on yet another album, so he was stressed about that. I decided I was going to be sweet and make him some tea and a sandwich. Harry came out wearing his blue onesie "What's cookin' good lookin'" He asked and I giggled he was so cheesy sometimes I picked up the tea and handed it to him. "Give me a second to finish the sandwich." I said and turned and finished the sandwich. Harry kissed me and then sat and ate his food. "Niall would love to date you" he said with a mouth full of bread "Harry talk when your mouth is empty...it's gross otherwise." I said and then picked Apollo off the counter. I cuddled Apollo and Harry looked at the cat with jealousy "Don't worry Styles you'll get some too!" I said and smiled Harry looked at me drooling over me and then cat. "AGH Harry come on eat then play" I said and he attempted to pull me to him with his feet. Then Pearl came running around the corner at the word of play "Look what you've done now you have to play with her" Harry teased. "Do you want to take her for a W-A-L-K" I asked and spelled out walk because Pearl knew the word Harry nodded and jumped off the counter. I put Apollo down and Peal and Apollo started playing. I followed Harry to our room and then stripped down, I grabbed a pink loose tank top with a built in sports bra and then some black shorts and put on my Nike frees. I put my hair up in a bun on top of my head and then looked at Harry who wasn't wearing a shirt and had on basketball shorts and matching Nike frees (to match mine) I giggled at how the pink shoes looked on his big feet. "Okay can we go?" I asked and Harry laughed "Yea let's get Pearl" he said and pulled me to him he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and smiled "You look adorable" he said and then I rolled my eyes "Harry just kiss me" He laughed and then kissed me softly. 

I walked into the living room and there was Pearl with the chuck it in her mouth. "How did you know?" I asked and Harry handed me her leash I hooked on her collar and she jumped around barking "SHH!" Harry scolded her she sat and shut up like dad told her too. "She obeys better than you do" Harry said jokingly and I punched his arm "Shut up Haz" I said. We walked out and then started running around the block talking about normal things like the album the boys my life our life together. We stopped at the usual dog park and I stood up and threw the ball while Harry sat on the bench. "So do you want kids Haz?" I asked "Yea I want at least two hopefully a girl is one of them." "Darcy yea I know" I said and laughed "Hey don't pretend like you don't want children that's all you talk about!" "Shut up Harry! You know I want them I'm just afraid of....it happening again." I felt Harry's arm snake it's way around my waist and pull me to him "It wont ever happen again" Harry whispered and then Pearl came and jumped up on him. "Drop it" I told her and she did and sat down I picked up the ball and chucked it and there went Pearl. I turned to look back at Harry but then Harry crashed his lips into mine. I laughed after we pulled away "Love you Harry" I said and then Harry dropped his arm from around my waist "Love you too Bee" Harry has gotten real attached to the Bee name he calls me his Bee all the time. I on the other hand got attached to the nickname Haz or Hazza for him because the boys always called him that. 

I looked off to the side and saw a familiar face but not a good one Ashley..."Harry it's Ashley" I said softly and Harry looked in my direction "You sure" he asked and then Ashley started walking to me and I had a flashback. 

I saw Ashley coming to me in the hallway a drink in hand. I started to walk in the opposite direction and into the bathroom. "Oh Bethany you can't run" Ashley said and handed me the drink "Drink it" she said "But Ashley will it really help?" I asked wondering if my best friend was telling me the truth "Yea don't worry it will help you loose weight" she said I nodded and took the drink "Will it be noticeable?" I asked convinced that I was fat and that I would drop weight to fast. I mean we were only in junior high. "No not at all!" she said and then I looked in the mirror and chugged the drink. I coughed and then I looked at Ash and she was video taping me. I felt my stomach rumble and then ran into the stall and threw up. I heard Ashley laugh "This is so going on youtube!" Ashley said laughing "WHAT NO!" I yelled "You think that I care...that will teach you to go behind my back and kiss my boyfriend. I own you Bethany" Ashley said and then opened the stall. I looked at her with tears in my eyes "Why? I didn't even do that?" "Don't play stupid Bethany. You're a fat whore and people don't like you...or now they wont." she said and then shoved my head to the toilet. My head hit the seat and then I grabbed my head it was throbbing. "Bye Bethany" Ashley said and then everything went black.

"Bethany" I turned and saw Harry looking at me and rolling his eyes to Ashley standing next to him. "Hi" I mumbled "Oh hi Bethany how have you been?" she said all sweetly "Fine" I said "You look good. Have you been working out lately?" she said smirking "Or have you been vomiting" she said and laughed I looked at my feet and then Harry put his arm around me. "She doesn't need your shit Ashley. We all know that you're just jealous of everything she has including a perfect body. So Shut up and leave." Harry said sternly and then Pearl caught on to the tension and stood in front of me and barked at Ashley and then nipped at her toes, I didn't bother scolding her because she was only protecting me which we taught her to do. "Whatever Bethany I know that you'll always be that fat ugly whore who screwed everyone's boyfriends." she said and walked away and held up her middle finger. I watched as Pearl continued to bark and I let the tears roll down my face not caring about the pictures that would come out of it. "Babe....BABE" Harry said when he noticed I was crying. He put his hands on my face bringing it up to meet his eyes. "Ignore her! She means nothing" Pearl nudged my shin with her face and then whined I hugged Harry and put my head into his neck. Harry rubbed my back and kissed my head saying I love you every time. "I love you to Haz" I said and then he wiped my tears. "Let's go home" I said and smiled Harry had a way of cheering me up just by flashing me a cheeky smile.

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