I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


13. Protective

*2 months later*

Ever since that night in the ally Harry has grown really protective any guy that looked at me he glared at them. Even James sometimes. "I'm going to the store babe" I yelled and was about to walk out the door when Harry closed it "Not with out me" he said I rolled my eyes and leaned against the door waiting. Harry and I were planning on getting married a few months after Perrie and Zayn. So Perrie and Zayn are getting married in what December and it's November so that makes Harry and I are getting married in February. I tapped my foot and then Harry came back out and opened the door for me. "Thanks" I said a bit annoyed. I reached for the drivers side but Harry pushed my hand out of the way and led me to the passenger side and opened the door. He gripped my hips and pushed my up into his car. I sat and crossed my arms he got into the driver and groaned "Oh don't be bitter babe" he said and kissed my hand I pulled it out and back to my body "Just drive Harry" He sighed and then drove. When we got there he locked the doors not allowing me to get out. "Harry" I yelled and turned to him. His hands were gripping the wheel and his head was down dark curls covering his face but I could feel the tension and sadness orbiting around the car. "Bethany I only want to protect you" he said and then shook his head. I took his face into my small hand and smiled "I know Harry but you have to know that I can take care of myself" I said and kissed his nose "I need to protect you there are a lot of people that are bigger than you Bee." He looked away "A lot of people that can hurt you" I looked at him as he pushed my hand away "I'm going to go across the street to the store over there" he said and got out. I looked in the direction he was walking in and he was walking towards no where at all, just going for a walk to cool off. I sighed and got out and went into the store to do my shopping. 

"You mean the world to me" he said  we laid in bed the animals at our feet. He put his strong arm around me and pulled me to his chest. "I don't want my world to get damaged" Harry pulled my hair away from my ear as he kissed my jaw line. "I won't I promise" I said and smiled at him, he took my hip and pushed me over so that I was facing away from him. I felt Harry's body connect to mine his body molding to the shape mine was in our legs intertwined together and out fingers laced in and out of each others. "Please Harry" I said and rubbed his knuckles with my thumb "I just need less help" I said gently "Fine but the minuet something happens you're not leaving my sight" I laughed and Harry pulled done of his hands from my grasp and played with my hair. I moaned, I could picture the smirk Harry had on his face he knew that when he played with my hair it was my weak spot. He kissed my ear and then softly bit the top "Go to sleep my little Bee" he said and reached his arm back around my waist. I closed my eyes as Harry hummed a new tune to me. 


"If you wanted to come then you should've" I heard Harry yell and then fluttered my eyes open and saw Harry staring at me. "Now you've made me wake her up" he yelled and walked out of the room. I looked around and saw things lying on the ground and then I saw a picture frame face down on the carpet. My breath caught in my throat as I made myself get up and grab the frame. I turned the picture around to see a picture of me and Harry, I traced over the new cracks in it and then placed it back up on the top of the dresser. I still heard Harry's loud voice yelling at someone over the phone and I sighed. I grabbed a blanket and put it around me and walked out. "Oh Hey Bethany" Liam said and waved I looked and saw a bunch of guys in my living room I only knew a small amount of them. "Awh look she's red" one of them said and smiled I covered my body and then looked at Niall. "Guys stop" he said and they all stopped laughing "He's over there....Kev" he said I nodded knowing what that meant. Harry was yet again in a fight with his friend Kevin. I walked and saw him pacing in the bathroom. I put my arms around him and encased him in the blanket he shoved me off of him and not knowing his strength I hit the wall with a thud. I rolled my neck ignoring the pain and went back for a second try I put my small hands around his neck and he grabbed my wrist and held it in his hand looking at me. His eyes were dark green....and it wan't the good kind. He squeezed mt wrist tightly and I groaned in pain I let the blanket drop revealing my body. I put my other hand around his waist and pulled him to me "It's me Harry" I said and the tears hit his t-shirt. "Kevin just drop it" he yelled and his grip tightened around my wrist "Ow" I whimpered and Harry looked at me the dark drained from his eyes and then they were bright green again as he dropped my wrist and hugged me. "SHUT UP KEVIN" he yelled and hung up I cried into his chest clenching my wrist to my body. I didn't want him to know he hurt me so I pulled my self together. Harry's new found protective nature came with perks and not so perky his new found anger. Kevin was a guy that repeatedly tried to get with me. Whenever Harry left me alone when we were out somehow Kevin would know and he would show up, It was getting creepy how badly he wanted me. "You're friends are in the other room" I said he looked at me...this hadn't been the first time he would've hurt me and he knew what he was capable of when in his rage. "Did I hurt you?" he asked I picked up the blanket and put it back around my body "No" I said and hid my throbbing wrist. 

Last time he thrashed out was when Kevin was over and a bunch of other people about a month ago. *FLASHBACK*

I was sitting on the couch taking to all of Harry's friends. I felt Harry come behind me and straddle me, I watched as Kevin playfully licked his lips. It sent shivers racing through body and Harry felt them. He kissed my neck teasing Kevin with his prize. I was Harry's prize. He never let Kevin forget that. Harry put his hands on my shoulders and started massaging them while talking to his friends ignoring Kevin. I kept my eyes fixed on him as he looked at me in lust. Harry slowly moved one of his hands to the place where my neck connected to my shoulders and massaged there. I let out a soft moan as he found a knot and began to work at it. I watched as Kevin slyly slipped his hands to his crotch and palmed himself. I shivered and Harry's grip tightened around my neck. I now knew that Harry saw Kevin and his actions. Unknowingly he started to stop my breathing and then it started to hurt. With the little breath I could get out I softly breathed not wanting to enrage Harry more I put one of my hands to his and tried to pry it away. I desperately looked around and made contact to Niall. "Harry" I said softly and he dug his fingers in deeper. 'Please' I mouthed words not being able to come out. "HARRY" Niall yelled and grabbed his hands. I was released from Harry's grip and then scrambled away from him. I went into Niall's arms and Harry stood up and looked at me. "KEVIN GET OUT" He yelled and pointed to the door. Kevin laughed and then placed a small kiss on my hand then walked out "Leave" I heard Louis say to the rest of the people. I heard the sound of feet leaving as I grabbed my neck and softly ran my fingers over the pain spots. Harry looked at me and walked closer to me I took a step back images flashed in my head of Kevin palming himself and the pain coursing through my body. Harry sighed and then softly removed my hand from my neck. I looked around as Niall and Louis looked at Harry. I winced as Harry traced over my neck "I'm so sorry Bee" he said "I-I didn't know....I didn't know" he said softly. "It's fine....Harry I'm fine" I said and pulled his hand away from my neck. He still was looking at my neck "I'm fine" I said and pulled his face to mine.



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