I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


20. Party

"This is beautiful" Chasity said as she looked around the garden, "Thank you" I said and gave her kisses on the cheeks. I walked over to Perrie and Jade who were off by a table sipping champagne and talking, "Hello ladies" I said and then hugged them. "You're house is brilliant" Perrie said and smiled "It is beautiful!" Jade added "Thank you girls, are the others not coming?" I asked "No they couldn't make it but we are here!" Jade said and made a weird face at me I laughed and then hugged her "Remind me to call you girls next time I'm down." They laughed and then I waved goodbye and moved onto the next group of people to say hello to. I found Niall sitting on the couch talking to Josh I went and put my hands over his eyes causing Josh to laugh. "Um Cambree?" Niall said "Cambree?! Does she do this a lot?" I asked defensively "Only sometimes" he said very nervously "Ey calm down now" Josh said laughing. "So how are you liking the house?" I asked and sat in between the two boys "It looks fantastic really" Josh said with a smile "Well thank you" I said and hugged him "You look beautiful too" Niall said smiling "Thanks you look very cute there Nialler" I said and pulled on the tops of his polo. I smiled and then remembered that Cam would be home soon. "Hey Niall" I said and he looked at me "Could I speak to you?" he nodded and then Josh shrugged at him "Oh calm down it's nothing bad" I said and then walked away Niall following behind me. "Cambree is going to be here soon and she feels really close to you so could you please make sure she is having a good time?" Niall took my hands into his and smiled "Of course I can Bethany" he said and then hugged me "Thank you Niall"


Cambree's P.O.V

"Yea I will" I said to my coach. "Okay darling could you please show me the tumbling rotation?" Chelsea asked me, I nodded happily and then looked at Kim and she was impatiently waiting "Just go Kim I'll be fine!" I yelled to her as I ran to the edge of the mat "You sure?" "Yea thanks though" I said and waved to her. She shrugged and then waved back and left the gym. I took a breath and then ran and did the tumbling rotation...the best I have. Chelsea erupted in screeches and clapping and hugged me "That was amazing!" she said and gave me a high-five "Now do that every time okay?" I nodded and then thanked her. "I will see you on Tuesday" she said and waved to me. I grabbed my bag and walked outside. After ringing Bethany I decided to try Niall.

'Ni!' I shouted into the phone

'Hey Cam where are you?'

'Oh at the gym still...um do you mind picking me up?' 

'Yea I'll be there in 5 be safe'

'Thanks Niall I'll see you soon'

I hung up the phone and then chose to go back into the gym and watch the elite team practice. They were really amazing, it was weird being a full American with the accent and everything I was the only one there aside from Cassidy who was on the elite team. She was perfect literally! She had long blonde wavy hair and the perfect body...she was my idol other than Bethany and Niall...but cheer wise she was my idol. I stood and looked on until Chelsea noticed me standing by the door. "Cambree come here" she said and waved a hand to me. I put my bag down and then ran to the floor. "Show the girls your tumbling rotation" she said and pointed to the mat I looked at her worried but she has never steered me wrong. The girls all started clapping and encouraging me. "Umm" "You can do it Cambree" Cassidy said, that gave me the confidence I needed she was cheering me on. I smiled and then ran to the edge of the mat and then took a deep breath and prepped. And right before I started Niall walks in, great. I took a deep breath in and then let it out, and went for it. It doesn't make sense but spinning through the air is a rush. I finished and then everyone started screaming and they all hugged me. "See girls this is what determination gets you...maybe one day she will be taking one of your places watch out" Chelsea said "Thank you" I said and hugged her "Have a good night Cambree" They all said as I left. I walked to Niall and then winked at him "Bet you can't do that" I said and then walked out of the gym. "I could if you taught me" he said gripping onto my shoulder as we walked to his car. He opened the door for me and then allowed me to get in "Well thank you" I said and he laughed "Anytime Princess" I liked when Niall called me princess it made me feel special, and back in New York I was nothing special. Being here in London with these people made me happy. "So how was practice Cam?" "Good, how is the party going is Bethany doing alright?" "Yea she is just fine" I nodded remembering how stressed she was about this. 

When we got home Niall helped me get up to my room with out drawing too much attention. "Thanks Niall do you want to just chill in here?" I asked as I grabbed my dress from the closet "Yea I'll wait here" Niall said and then sat on my bed. I went into the bathroom and then quickly undressed and jumped in the shower I washed my hair and then got out and quickly dried it, I put on my white skirt and pink top and then my white vans and brushed my hair. I walked out and Niall was on his phone drinking a beer. Yea he was 4 years older than me but who cares he was hot and it's not like we were related in any way or anything weird like that. I found myself staring at Niall and then quickly snapped out of it and put my clothes in the hamper. "Okay you ready?" Niall jumped up and then handed me a beer "Thanks" I said and smiled, it was cool not having to wait till 21 to drink. My birthday was coming up too anyways so I was almost 19. I took the beer and quickly drank it, Bethany and Harry didn't like seeing me drink because they didn't want me like my mom. Niall stuck his hand out and I quickly grabbed it "Ready to go princess?" my cheeks turned red and I quickly turned away "Awh Cambam nothing to be embarrassed about you're beautiful and you're my princess." God why does Niall do this to me?! We can't be together he was as old as Harry and Bethany...that might be weird. "Thanks Nialler" 




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